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Chapter 46

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 46: A Deal

    The blade inside the apple reflected with a chilling light. He subconsciously licked the apple juice that had splattered on his hands. The man was startled while tasting the slightly sour juice that was stimulating his tongue, not sure what to think.

    He just looked at her expressionlessly, keeping his mouth shut. If his men outside the room had seen him in this way, they would definitely have been dumbfounded—oh man, Boss was so scary!

    Qianmo, however, completely ignored him.

    This guy was never truly fierce in her previous life. He looked aggressive, but he was mild inside his heart. At least, that was how he treated her, as long as she pulled out the stick that could be used to tease him.

    “Still silent?” She had asked twice, fiddling with the blade in a meaningful way, conveying her intentions.

    One second later, Yu Changmo yielded.

    “My mother’s enemy! He has been dead for years already and has left no family behind. He has nothing! His family grave is located abroad. What do you need all of these for?!”

    What was she planning to do?

    “How many years exactly? When did you notice your problem?” How come she didn’t notice this problem in the previous life?

    “Maybe got it around two, and I detected the problem in my teens.”

    Qianmo instantly burst into anger.

    “He did this to a one-year-old toddler?!”

    Very well, very well. It was time for her to go abroad.

    Even if he was dead, so what?! Hehe!

    Did he have a grave? Did he have ash? Oh, if his body was complete, that would make everything much easier…

    She didn’t seem to feel disgusted, so Yu Changmo’s hope rose… could it have been…

    That the god still treated him well so that he could be given a wonderful result?

    Could it possible that she didn’t detest him?

    “You don’t detest…” Me?

    Before he could spill out “me”, she snapped back.

    “What’s the point of detesting? Any detestation without actions means cowardliness. He should have foreseen the consequences if he dared to do whatever he did before. Didn’t he have a family? Didn’t they apologize to you after he did such a disgusting thing to you?”

    No apologies meant accomplices. If they were in this together, she was going to deal with them altogether!

    “I mean, I was asking about me. I am sick and you…”

    “Get yourself cured if you are sick. What are you nagging here for?”

    In other words, she meant that she was okay with him.

    Seated in the bed, Yu Changmo still looked quite fierce on the surface, maintaining his facade. Yet, inside his heart, he felt excitement arising—she didn’t detest him! She didn’t run away because of his weird behavior and problem! She was not sickened!

    She had even thought of protecting him like a mother hen, asking him about the criminal in such an intimidating way. However, why did she still look so pretty even while claiming that she was going to kill every last one of his enemies?

    “Listen to me carefully, Yu Changmo.”


    She peeled the last section of the apple skin and revolved the blade in her hands before scooping out a paper to wipe off the blade. He had totally forgotten what he was going to do next, just staring at her as if hypnotized.

    Yu Changmo was wholly mesmerized by her. She was so bewitching and had such a good personality, and she was even good at playing with a blade! She was indeed fascinating with such strong principles—she would directly kill if she was not able to get the answers after asking three times.

    “From now on, I’m going to be your personal therapist. I’ll take care of you and treat your mental problem. During this time, you are not allowed to turn to anybody else for treatment, no one. Answer me if you understand what I just said.”

    “You won’t be able to cure me…” Even his mother and grandfather had failed in the treatment.

    “What follows will be me establishing rules for you. You must listen to me carefully when I talk, and I hate it when people talk slow and stammer, understood?” She flung the lid of the lunch box, and the seemingly complete apple was scattered everywhere on the top.

    He saw the scattered pieces of the apple on the lid of the lunch box, and he instantly grasped what he was going to confront if he didn’t obey her. Then she picked up a slice and passed it over into his mouth.

    “Do you understand what I mean?”

    “Yes.” Yu Changmo was fiercely shocked by her so much so that he even forgot about his mental problem. Instead, he gulped down the apple fed to his mouth, dumbfoundedly.

    He seemed willing to eat the apple, even if it might have been poisoned like the one the Queen gave to the Snow White.

    “Glad that we have come to an agreement. Well, let me introduce myself again. I am your personal therapist, Chen Qianmo; you can call me Mo. Nice to meet you, Black.”

    Yu Changmo coughed and was almost chocked by the apple.

    He coughed for even longer after that.


    Why Black?!

    “Or do you want me to call you Puppy?” She came to pat him mildly as she spoke in a gentle manner as well.

    Yu Changmo looked facially paralyzed. He cleared his throat and found his voice back.

    “Black will do.”

    “Nice boy.”

    Qianmo fed him the remaining apple and felt quite assured.

    She felt rather relieved after finding a way to connect two of them so easily.

    She couldn’t accept the truth that someone had bullied him. Nor could she accept the fact that he was tormented by a disease. Therefore, she couldn’t leave him at this moment. As a result, she didn’t need to worry about how they should get on with each other. What a nice breakthrough point!

    “I’ll take the money you transferred to me as the treatment fees. Even though 800,000 yuan is a bit much, I won’t accept it for free. Don’t worry, I’ll get you cured as long as I am alive.”

    He was a bit disappointed. Actually, he did hope that she could accept the money for free. He did not want her to establish a relationship with him based on a money-exchange deal.

    But Yu Changmo was also a man with high intelligence. He had the most appropriate reaction, even if he was being tormented by the phobia.

    “What if I can’t be cured?”

    “I will definitely cure you.” She didn’t believe that there was any mental issue she couldn’t possibly solve. He had been a man with a peaceful life in her previous life, and she wished for him to have a relaxing one currently as well.

    Yu Changmo looked at the apple while trying to speak as stably as he could.

    “If I can’t be cured, please be my life-time therapist. After all… I’ve paid enough.”

    For some reason, he spoke the last word in a shivering voice as if he were the apple that had been divided into eight pieces by her.

    However, that was his principle, his bottom line! He would voice his true feelings even if he was going to be divided into eight pieces.

    “It’s a deal then, Black.”

    She stretched out her hand, which Yu Changmo grabbed hold of and shook before he collapsed straight backward.

    It had taken the last dregs of his willpower and resolve to persist until his current state. The man on the pillow was once again surrounded by darkness. However, the flower of exhilaration and delight had already blossomed inside his heart, spreading its fragrance.

    The most meaningful moment in his life had just bloomed. He thought that whatever he had to pay for just this instant alone was worth all the efforts and hardships.

    Qianmo felt concerned after she saw him passing out. However, she was no longer perplexed about his condition.

    So the reason why he behaved so weirdly was all because he had a mental disorder. Additionally, he had passed out twice before because he had to be burdened with his phobia.

    She had always regarded him as someone capable of everything. But what she had not expected was that he was a victim of a disease himself. She wiped off the sweat on his forehead and swore upon her own dignity that she was going to cure him, no matter the cost.

    Also, was she really not able to do anything to the enemy abroad?

    Why did she feel that she was full of anger but had nowhere to vent?

    Her cellphone rang at this moment and interrupted Qianmo’s contemplation. When she saw the incoming number, she smiled. So the dumb guy had just arrived right on time for her to vent her anger.

    “What is it, Lin Xiang?” She had a slightly happy tone when she answered the call, seemingly to be in a good mood.

    Lin Xiang, who had been feeling quite anxious on the other side of the line, felt assured after hearing her voice.