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Chapter 47

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 47: Jealous or Sick

    Qianmo had gotten incensed after hearing about Yu Changmo’s sickness.

    Even though she tried to stay calm, she still had her own principles, just like her man.

    However, she was never going to allow her anger to stay over the night. If anyone dared to touch the man within her territory, she was absolutely going to do something about it.

    The unlucky Lin Xiang made the call right at the point when Qianmo had nowhere to vent her anger. Most importantly, he had attracted the attention of Yu Changmo, as well.

    The two words of Lin Xiang was like the kiss that woke up the Sleeping Beauty, one that brought the man that had passed out in happiness back to liveliness. No, he woke up because he was disgusted.

    Why did he hear his goddess calling Lin Xiang even when he was asleep?

    Yu Changmo suddenly had the urge to kill Lin Xiang with his bare hands when he heard her calling out the name of that despicable man in a gentle voice. That loathsome guy had a shape of a toad, a heart of Ligia, a voice of donkey, and a figure of shit.

    With eyes closed and fists clenched, he kept imagining the scene where he was punching Lin Xiang tens of thousands of times.

    Qianmo’s gentle voice arose once again in the silent room.

    “Want something from me?”

    “Mo, I know the situation of your family. Please don’t get annoyed about being expelled from school. I don’t care if you have any academic degree, you know!”

    That scumbag man on the other side of the phone still tried to pretend as if he were full of affection. He wanted to enchant her with his words, attempting to sound sincere.

    “I have a friend who works at your school, so I heard about your expulsion. I’m so worried about you. I’m afraid that you will be upset and that you will… Just don’t worry about anything. I’m here for you!”

    Qianmo got so disgusted that she had goosebumps all over her body. This man should definitely go and be an actor for soap drama. He was indeed good at speaking corny lines.

    She was so repulsed by Lin Xiang, who thought that she was moved. So he gave it a little push and cut to the key point.

    “I heard that our father is borrowing money everywhere, isn’t he?”

    “My father.” Qianmo corrected him.

    She was getting impatient now. This piece of shit was way too sickening for her to want to continue any more talks with him. She came to Black’s bedside and was about to check him out when she felt taut muscle touching her hand.

    Oh good, he was indeed terrible at pretending to be asleep.

    Maybe it was just amusing to tease him, so Qianmo put the call on the loudspeaker and made Black listen to Lin Xiang’s talk and get disgusted together with her. Maybe he could be instantly cured after he was grossed out too?

    “Mo, we almost became a married couple. Hence, your problem is also my problem. I know that our father—oh right—your father is borrowing money for a business. Why didn’t you come to me directly? We’re a family, after all!”

    Black couldn’t pretend to be asleep anymore. He sat up all of a sudden, ignoring his weakness and wanting to take the phone from her hand. It was time for him to teach that piece of shit a lesson. Who did he say that his family was?

    Qianmo gestured to him and asked him not to move. She was worried that whatever he said would affect her ploy adversely. Therefore, she put her finger over his lips to shush him.

    After he stopped his attempts, Qianmo was very satisfied.

    He had always been quite obedient from beginning to end in her previous life. How wonderful!

    Also, she had noticed that when Black was furious, he wouldn’t have any reaction due to his phobia at all.

    She was just next to him, and her fingers were all over his lips. However, he didn’t pass out, nor was there any strange reaction, except that he was…

    So jealous?! He looked indeed good-looking when he was jealous… Qianmo suddenly felt guilty inside her heart. She always teased him in her previous life, but after knowing that he was having a mental problem, she couldn’t do anything anymore.

    Suddenly, she felt that she was filled with “motherly love” and that she wanted to protect him so that nobody would bully him.

    Lin Xiang had no idea that Qianmo was in a romantic relationship with another guy on the other side of the phone, so he kept calling out for Qianmo many times before she reluctantly spared some energy to talk with him.

    “Didn’t you just spend the 100,000 yuan from our family? Your mother said that you only have your life but no money, not a single penny.”

    Then she threw a look at Black, whose stiff face loosened. He looked slightly relieved.

    Excellent, he was still smart enough to understand her indication.

    Qianmo had found out many things when she used Lin Xiang as a tool to help Black with the disease within these few minutes. For example, Black was jealous and obedient, and he was smart too.

    When she said that the 100,000 yuan was from her family, he could understand that she was setting up a bait. That basically meant that he was extremely intelligent, and his phobia worked only towards her, not on others. That somehow comforted her.

    Black would not be bullied by other people.

    However, Qianmo also noticed that after he knew her trick, the phobia returned. As she touched his face, he started to sweat profusely.

    Lin Xiang, who had been used as a tool, had no idea of what was going on. Qianmo willing to talk with him was a step forward, so he spilled his purpose directly.

    “My mother got some money from relatives, but you also know those people; every single one of them is having difficulty with money. After all, each yuan is earned through difficulties. We can borrow money, but the interest rate is quite high, so…”

    Lin Xiang was staggering, but Qianmo knew the point.

    “So what you mean is that you want to lend money to my father with high interest?”

    “That’s not what I’m saying. What I mean is that Mo, I can never forget how nice you have been to me. I’ve kept something from you all this time: I love you. And I’m willing to bear any hardship with you! We can make money together, and we can pay the debt together too!”

    When Lin Xiang said that he loved Qianmo, she threw a look at Yu Changmo, who had again conquered the phobia and looked as if being on the verge of unleashing his killing intent. His hands were clenched tightly, as if he wanted to lean forward and punch that scumbag.

    Perfect, that was something worth noting. It might be quite useful for later treatment.

    “Me… too” Qianmo hesitated when she said these words. Of course, she couldn’t forget him yet. She still had not taken her revenge.

    After these words, Black’s body became rigid.

    His muscles were taut like a fully stretched bow.

    That was the most authentic reaction when the territory of a male creature was invaded. If Lin Xiang was standing right in front of him, Black would, within seconds, rip that fellow apart. Well, that was what a man was like.

    Qianmo made some strokes upon angry Black’s chest while trying to satisfy Lin Xiang.


    It was too troublesome to write a whole, so she wrote a character only. Black froze instantly, and he was no longer jealous. However, he was still suffering from his mental disease.

    Qianmo massaged her temples. She couldn’t possibly stimulate him with Lin Xiang just to cure him; otherwise, he would suffer too much.

    Lin Xiang was simply shit. What Qianmo actually felt in her heart was entirely different from what Lin Xiang thought. He got overly excited, almost hyper, after hearing what she said.

    “Yes, we’re in love with each other; we’re a family! I can give you the money, and when we get the profits, we can get my disease cured. Then we can get married and go traveling. We can even buy cars…”

    The cars were back again!

    “Let’s meet tomorrow and talk face to face.” Qianmo hung up the phone before Black went thoroughly insane. He was disgusted, so was she.

    Lin Xiang was so excited after hanging up. How wonderful!

    He was going to win a lot of money!

    Chen Baichuan was selling ginseng, and the profits would double overnight. When Qianmo agreed that he could participate in the deal, he would collect all the benefits: the woman, the money, the car, and the plantation!

    What the thrilled Lin Xiang didn’t know was that a jealous man had become wholly furious and was turning his gun at him.