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Chapter 48

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 48: Love You the Way You Are

    Lin Xiang hung up the call and started to imagine his beautiful future.

    Mother Lin sat opposite her son with a blackened face and tightened her grip against the iron box.

    “My son, why are you giving back the money to her you tried so hard to get?” Since they had tricked the money into their pockets from Family Chen, they didn’t think that it was reasonable to return it anymore.

    Mother Lin had wanted to bring the money back to her own home, where she would not be wanted across the province for this civil affair case. With it, she could sell the old house in the village and settle down in a small town. Therefore, she was never going to return the money for whatever the reason may be, seeing that it was the root of her future bliss.

    Mother Lin was reminded of the mysterious note she had received, and she looked rather vicious. It must have been the bitch Mu Feifei who had instigated her son to bring the money to Qianmo. But luckily, she had been prepared to give Mu Feifei a tough time before she headed back to her hometown.

    Just as the note had said, it was this bitch who had been hooking up with her son. She must have been misguiding him all the time!

    Mother Lin got so heart-breaking when she found that her son had not slept with her several nights in a row.

    “If we invest the money, we’ll get more in return. Chen Qianmo and her father are doing a huge business deal and as long as we can…” Lin Xiang was impatient and was about to go and grab the box when Mother Lin placed the box over her head, refusing to let him take it.

    “She just broke up with you the day before, and now she wants to do business with you? Don’t you find it strange? She might be setting up a devious scheme with someone else to trick you all together.”

    Lin Xiang turned deaf ears to anything his mother said. His mind was filled up with fortune and money.

    Seeing his mother refusing to give him the card, he came up with an idea.

    “Mom, are you thirsty? Let me get you a cup of water.”

    Five minutes later, Mother Lin fell asleep, lying in bed. Lin Xiang took the card from the iron box, kept it tight in his hands, and strode away. He was going to meet Mu Feifei and discuss the detailed plan for tomorrow.


    Qianmo watched the man whose eyes were tightly shut. He must have refused to open them on purpose, fearing that he would pass out at the sight of her.

    Seeing him in this state, Qianmo fed him the apple she had just peeled. He couldn’t continue to pretend to be fast asleep, so he swallowed the fruit she gave to him.

    Qianmo thought for a moment and spilled out whatever she had to say, although it might sound a bit cruel.

    “I look innocent and kind-hearted, but frankly speaking, I’m not that gentle of a woman. You have also noticed that I can talk with you happily while playing tricks on Lin Xiang. No good girls do this kind of thing. I’m far more crafty than you can imagine. You should find an innocent, caring, and naïve girl, so we two… you get it, don’t you?”

    They didn’t belong together. One of them had to leave first, and she would rather cut their relationship off completely than see him grow deeper and deeper in love. That was not good for him.

    She stood up and turned her back to him as she said in a pretentiously relieved way.

    “We better stay as friends. I’ll still cure you, but that’s it.”

    The door was opened and shut again, just as she came and left soon afterward like a gust of wind.

    Yu Changmo, who had been regarded as a good man by the love of his life, said briefly into the air.

    “I don’t want innocent girls.”

    I only want you.

    If you are innocent, then I will love you as an innocent girl.

    If you are vicious, then I will love you as a vicious girl.

    I love you the way you are.

    But the girl didn’t hear him. The ruthless wall separated the couple, who felt so much love for each other, into two separate worlds.

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian had received enough answers to their questions. Both of them found Yu Changmo excellent, but they were also worried that with him being so extraordinary, he might become someone who went out and had fun all the time, leaving his daughter alone behind at home.

    Mu Mianmian was quite pleased, however. The two were just arguing over this matter when Qianmo came back.

    Chen Baichuan was about to ask what his daughter was thinking when he noticed Qianmo’s expression and stopped. Mu Mianmian also noticed something weird. They exchanged a look and left the room together.

    At the door, Chen Baichuan whispered to Mu Mianmian. “Did you see that?”

    Aunt nodded constantly—it was so scary!

    As far as they could remember, Qianmo had displayed a similar expression only one time throughout her entire life.

    It was when Qianmo was still little; a vendor that sold rice-candy came to Q City and attracted numerous children standing in a queue just for his candy. At that time, Mu Feifei had recently taken all the money from their family and ran away, leaving no penny for Chen Baichuan to buy anything for her. So what she had done was to stand and watch dryly outside the queue.

    After Chen Baichuan got paid, he and Qianmo rushed to the stand, only to find that the vendor was gone.

    Qianmo had been wearing the exact same expression as she had currently, or more precisely, Qianmo looked even more depressed now.

    How upsetting it must be when you couldn’t get what you wanted the most.

    When she had money, she could no longer feel the scent of the candy that lingered in her memory.

    She guessed that Black might have sent someone to follow her and to protect her on the sly. He was indeed a cautious and caring man.

    But tomorrow, she was going to take the opportunity to expose her viciousness that was hidden under her beautiful skin to him. She was going to rip off the perfect image of hers he had established deep inside his heart. After knowing how vile she was, he would stop being fascinated by her. That was the method Qianmo had come up with to cure him as soon as possible.

    He had the problem only when he was facing her. So the quickest way was to make herself disappear from his world.

    Qianmo’s hand made a grip and then released.

    What was the point of living one more time? She still couldn’t get what she desired.

    If she could have been physically stronger, and if she could have had a brighter heart, would it be possible for her to take his hands bravely and fight against destiny once again…

    She was not in good physical condition. Therefore, she could easily have a miscarriage. After spending years in prison, she discovered that her heart had become totally silent and dead, one that was not bright enough to embrace the warmth of morning sunshine.

    The depression she felt was all turned into the motivation to kill the scumbag, Lin Xiang. Qianmo had her eyes closed and kept thinking about how she should teach Lin Xiang a thorough lesson tomorrow.

    Changmo, on the other side of the wall, was holding tightly to the fork, golfing down the fruits she had skinned into his stomach, leaving nothing behind.

    Even the fruits she peeled tasted sweeter than the ones he usually ate.

    After tasting the delicacy that she gave to him, he just couldn’t let go of her so easily.

    Although she told him that he was nice, Black believed that just because she had rejected him didn’t necessarily mean that he should also reject her. He was not going to give her up.

    He was definitely going to vent the anger upon Lin Xiang, who dared to bully him and who dared to set eyes on his (future) father-in-law’s money. He was definitely not going to leave that scumbag alone. If he gave him a good enough lesson, Mo might get happy and agree to date him.

    One of these two lovebirds was thinking about letting go while the other expected to hold on tight. They were brought together again just because of that vermin.

    After Qianmo adjusted her own mood, she got herself changed when her father was out to get food. She planned to meet him in the room next door but found that the place was emptied, and the two guards were gone as well.

    Qianmo’s heart sunk. She thought that he had backed off because he was turned down. Well, in that case, let it be.

    After she walked out of the gate of the hospital, Qianmo was about to stop a car when a Mercedes-Benz, which resembled her teacher’s but had a different license number, pulled over in front of her.

    As the window was rolled down, Yu Changmo’s face with sunglasses on it greeted her eyes.

    “Get in.”

    That was a scene that only ever happened in the soap dramas, where a beautiful girl, a bossy man, and a cool luxurious car would appear altogether.

    Three seconds later, the scene collapsed.

    Qianmo pointed at her “Black Puppy”, who looked like a bossy CEO at the moment.

    “Get off now!” What was he doing here? He was seriously injured, yet he was driving a car now?

    He stayed still.

    He would rather die than let her meet Lin Xiang alone while he was lying in bed and waiting.