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Chapter 49

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 49: Be Active and Take Initiative

    The man who had been in the emergency room the day before now seemed completely fine. What was he doing here driving the car with one hand, and why was he driving the car with only one hand?

    Because the other arm was injured.

    People would generally need to rest for a couple of months before getting the wound healed, but this guy seemed completely fine after a couple of days! That was quite annoying for her since she knew he was pushing it.

    “Come, I’ll drive you there!” He ignored her order and stared straight ahead, putting up a strong front.

    “I asked you to get off the car, now! And I’ve already said it twice!” She threatened angrily.

    After hearing that she had repeated herself two times, Yu Changmo really wanted to get off the car and yield to her order. Besides, he would throw his principles out of the window while facing her. Alright, alright, he was going to obey her, as long as she was not mad.

    But suddenly recalling the half-an-hour secret conversation he had with his mother this morning, Yu Changmo decided to stick to his spoiling (fearsome) attitude towards her that was formed out of nature. He lifted his sunglasses and said as he looked forward.

    “If you don’t want me to drive you, I’ll accompany you wherever you go. Hey, I’m a wounded man anyway, so if you don’t want me to follow you, I can just die right here. Nonetheless, I’d rather die than worry sick about you, lying in bed and doing nothing.”

    He had been practicing all of these against the mirror. His mother said that the only principle that he must stick to when dealing with a fierce woman like Qianmo was to stay thick-faced and be as active as he could.

    When Yu Changmo thought of the advice from his strategist, he made up his mind to sacrifice everything he could until he attained his purpose. He was going to fight for his bright future, definitely!

    Qianmo got extremely irritated by what he said. However, towards the end, he sounded so generous that she felt quite comforted by the words. She suddenly stopped being so furious any more.

    Still, she glared at him, and Yu Changmo felt goosebumps on his back. Yet, he remained steadfast under her threatening glare.

    “Get off. I don’t want to be in the car you’re driving in your current condition.”

    Qianmo walked forward to drag the door open and push him to the passenger seat. As her slender fingers touched his strong arm, he felt as if he had gotten numb.

    She was electrifying!

    “You can’t drive with your arm injured. Let me do that!”

    “You got a license?” His voice became tensed up again. He felt a jolt of electricity on the spot that was touched.

    He was not wearing the long-sleeves today, and that was the best choice he had made in this life. He would be totally regretful to have missed the opportunity of direct contact. He would be feeling sorry for a whole year, no, for the entire life!

    The woman just couldn’t figure out what this man was thinking. Hence, she assumed that he suspected her driving skills.

    “I got the license last month. And I can drive excellently!”

    She went into the driver’s seat happily. Damn, this guy was indeed wealthy.

    He had loved this type of car in her previous life and had bought all the old models. He was like a fanboy, purchasing the new model whenever one came to market. He not only obtained one for himself but also got one for Qianmo. Actually, however, she didn’t like this kind of silly-looking SUV.

    “My car is not that easy to control.” He had outfitted his car, so girls might find it difficult to drive it.

    Qianmo removed his glasses off his face and put them on to hers. Then she stepped on the accelerator, leaving a cold-looking side face to him, expressing her harshness towards him regarding the rebellious attitude he had towards her a minute ago.

    Yu Changmo, on the other hand, was captivated by her cool style. She had touched his face, his very face!

    “You drive… so well.” He praised sincerely.

    The window was half-opened, and the wind sneaked in, but she still seemed so fragrant, filling the car with her scent. She looked so elegant and spellbinding with the sunglasses, and she was driving a car that seemed wholly tailor-made for her. If he had the opportunity of giving her a similar one, the two could drive a couple-made car! How nice it would be…

    “Thanks.” Qianmo raised her chin in an arrogantly—couldn’t he just whisper that inside his heart instead?

    It had been he who had taught her how to drive, after all.

    She had the license in her previous life, but she didn’t practice that much after she got it. Later, she was prisoned, and when she was released, he started to court her. He did have a unique way to do that, though: he only drove on the bumpy roads where he could teach her how to drive and get intimate with her a bit.

    While she was mad at him for disobeying her, Qianmo was also reminiscing the past experience she had gone through. She did admire herself for being able to multitask.

    Seated in the passenger’s seat, Yu Changmo thought of what his mother had advised him—to talk with her actively if he wanted something further than just being in the same place.

    “Do you like… my car? The back seat is quite wide. We can lie there when we go camping or picnicking…” Oh great, he had said such a long sentence. Congratulations!

    Yu Changmo felt that he had made tremendous progress for speaking such a long sentence. He muttered, but he believed that as long as he kept on practicing, he was definitely going to have a normal conversation with her! Oh, Yah!

    “Bah, shameless.”

    She snapped with a low voice. This stupid-looking car was exactly like its owner – being sinister everywhere.

    “What… did you say?” Was he just hallucinating?

    Qianmo showed a false smile to him with sunglasses on her. “I mean, you better not let me know who has given you such a terrible idea.”

    That he knew how to flirt in a way beyond his ability after just one night was not what he would typically do. He surely had someone behind his back; someone who was professional, and who knew him well too.

    “No one.” He was definitely not going to expose his own mother.

    A few seconds later, Yu Changmo thought of how she had desired to kill the person that had hurt him. So he turned to look at her.

    “What are you going to do if you know… who it is.”

    Qianmo showed a cold smile. “What do you think?”

    Black grew slightly nervous: would it affect the mother and daughter-in-law’s relationship?

    Sure enough, someone was cooking ideas for him. Qianmo decided to take note and start the interrogation after they returned home. But right now, she was heading towards the place where she was going to meet Lin Xiang.

    “No matter what happens, make sure you are not seen, understand?”


    Qianmo was worried that this upright-looking man would be a burden later. After all, what she was going to do next would seem a bit fierce in ordinary people’s eyes.

    Anyway, this guy wanted to tag along, so he could have a good show for his eyes!

    Qianmo stomped on the accelerator and dashed off on the empty road. Then she threw a provocative look at him, wondering if he was going to nag!

    “I’ll take you somewhere better next time. There, you can drive even faster.” Then he could have a date with her! Perfect!

    Qianmo felt kind of speechless. She was driving at such a fast speed! Usually, people would ask her to drive slower and safer, but what did he mean by driving even faster? Wasn’t it enough for her to do speeding only once? Was he fascinated with doing things in the car?!

    He sneaked a peek at her face and found that she was somehow flushing.

    Since she liked his car so much, he was definitely going to give one to her in the future. That would be so nice.

    Being affected by the bitterness and sweetness, as well as the memories that gave her some indescribable feeling, Qianmo caught sight of Lin Xiang standing by the roadside. With him by her side, she felt that Lin Xiang was too ugly to even start comparing the two. They were really not on the same level.

    Lin Xiang, who had been waiting for so long, suddenly widened his eyes.

    This Benz that just drew near to him was the one that he had read about in the book! The car was indeed aggressive.

    What he had no idea of was that the couple in the car were very aggressive as well.