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Chapter 50

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 50: He Didn’t Allow It

    Men all liked cars, and a cowardly guy like Lin Xiang was also included in that list.

    Whenever he passed by a book stand, he would repeatedly leaf through the car magazines but refused to buy any. Later, the vendor had all the magazines enveloped with plastic bags so that he couldn’t touch them anymore. That finally did the trick, stopping Lin Xiang.

    Whenever he had free time, he would stand by the road and watch the heavy traffic. He imagined that he would one day stand at the top floor of a skyscraper and look down at the bustling city and be the man who was better than anyone else.

    Lin Xiang expected that one day, he could go to the expensive bars with the car Chen Baichuan gave to him and hook up with an even richer woman. After all, he regarded himself as someone so excellent that he could have an unpredictably bright future, not confined to a single plantation.

    When the luxurious Benz arrived at the scene, Lin Xiang instantly thought of a six-figure number inside his brain.

    As the papers had stated, this type of car was worth at least in millions. As it approached Lin Xiang, he wondered in astonishment that this was not an ordinary Benz, judging from the information he had read from the free magazines.

    This car was longer in body and looked rough yet noble. Could this be the “limited version” as the rumors said?

    Lin Xiang panted even more heavily, almost like a dog. He remembered what the magazine had written: the limited version was many times more expensive than the ordinary one, and there were only five of this type sold in the mainland. What Lin Xiang didn’t know, however, was that three of the five cars belonged to Family Yu.

    But for the princess of Family Yu who refused to drive this cube-looking car, her persistent second brother would try brainwashing her to buy one. Yu Changmo barely talked at home, and he often proved his existence by taking useful actions. After all, they spoke louder than words.

    Lin Xiang got quite excited. Was that the car he had always been dreaming of?

    Lin Xiang’s drooling expression was registered into Qianmo’s eyes. Good that she didn’t eat breakfast, or else, she would have puked everything out.

    “Don’t get out of the car.” Qianmo snapped a bottle of water, stuffed it into his arms, pulled the door open, and stepped out.

    Lin Xiang was just admiring the luxurious car when he found it pulling over in front of him. Then the door opened, and out came a beautiful long-legged girl from the driving seat.

    He sized the woman up from the bottom to the top. She was wearing flat-shoes, with a mid-length skirt, reaching up to her ankles. Her legs were straight, and her waist was thin. She had a ruffled collar shirt on her, and her long, straight hair was all over her shoulders. She must be an obedient and traditional girl inferring from her dressing, one that could be hooked by just a few sweet words. Lin Xiang soon came up with numerous things he had read from “how to hook up with girls” dictionary within a few seconds.

    However, when he caught sight of the beautiful girl’s face, his expression turned ridiculous.

    “Mo… Mo?!”

    Qianmo removed the sunglasses, and the moment she stuffed them into the pocket, she pressed the button of the recorder she had prepared the day before. She had wanted to start the conversation with some chitchat according to the plan when Lin Xiang’s stupid expression as a greedy man disgusted her, preventing her from saying anything more than necessary.

    “Got the money?”

    Lin Xiang had gotten so shocked by the extravagant car that he was speechless. He had not expected that the car and the woman he wanted would come in a single package!

    He swallowed down his saliva, stretched out shivering hands over Qianmo, as if wanting to touch the car when she slapped it off, halting his rude advances.

    The moment he saw her hand touching the arm of the scumbag man, the guy in the car tightened his grip, almost breaking the water bottle.

    He was almost on the verge of pushing the door open and shut the indecent man off.

    “This car is… yours?”

    Lin Xiang forgot everything he had wanted to say to Qianmo after he saw the fancy car and the pretty girl stepping off of it.

    Qianmo found him amusing and laughable. Lin Xiang was indeed a very single-minded person. As long as someone gave him the money, he would kneel down and call him dad. She didn’t need complicated methods to deal with him at all. A little dosh was the only useful bait she would ever need to get him hooked.

    “My client lent it to me.” She put it concisely. Besides, she was not lying.

    Black had transferred her 800,000 yuan, and she had promised to cure him. So he should be enough to be counted as “the client”, shouldn’t he?

    Lin Xiang, who had been totally tempted by the gravy train, was filled with the dreams of swimming in money at the moment, although he might have been a bit dubious about the whole matter after what his mother had said. But that was a top-notch deluxe car standing right in front of him!

    He quickly took the card out from the pocket and passed it to Qianmo with a fawning face, fearing that it would fly away if she took it a second late. Qianmo reached out to the card, but Lin Xiang didn’t release his grip at all. He said with a drooling face, “Mo, please remember to tell our father to get the money back to us. Oh, and don’t worry about the interest; after all, it will be “our wedding money”.”

    After ‘our wedding money’ was uttered, a loud noise broke out in the car. Someone had just broken the bottle.

    But people outside the car couldn’t see that because of the well-sealed car window.

    “Is this the 100,000 yuan my father gave to you for the wedding?” Qianmo was trying to guide him.

    “Well, eh…” Lin Xiang muttered.

    “Speak!” She raised her voice as if she were interrogating someone.

    “Yes!” Lin Xiang talked back as a reflex, but he regretted it instantly.

    “You’re still thinking about the interest rate when you’re handing me my father’s money. What a nice plan! We can check our bank transfer record if you want. It’s obvious that you cashed out my father’s cheque, and now you are returning it to me, right?”

    “Yes… but why be so clear about the money? We’re getting married soon, so what’s yours is mine, right? Mo, I’m doing all of this only because I love you. We must save money for our future, after all.”

    Your money was mine, and mine would still be mine. Lin Xiang was again motivated when he thought of how he could get the car by pleasing this woman.

    After taking all the proof, Qianmo lit the candle for Lin Xiang inside her heart. He was simply too dumb. After saying these words, he would have no way to win the case in court.

    After getting the card, Qianmo turned around abruptly. Seeing that she was going into the car, Lin Xiang asked instantly.

    “When can you get the profits from ginseng to me? We need it for the wedding ceremony.”

    “When you can marry me.” That was a far-fetched date.

    Qianmo pulled the door open and went into the car. She saw Black’s lips twitching and pants completely wet.

    “Peed on yourself?”


    His lips were tightly clenched as he looked at her transfixed. He didn’t even have time to get jealous when he heard “getting married”!!

    “Look at yourself.” Qianmo touched the tip of his nose amusingly. What a lovely man!

    Lin Xiang patted the door in a daze. He had much to say to her; couldn’t he at least feel the splendid car or just try driving it?

    What Qianmo had given to him, however, was none other than the exhaust from the bottom of the car.

    She was driving the car single-handed as she opened the storage box, from which she pulled out the neatly-folded towel. This man had been very obsessed with cleanliness in his previous life, and he could never stand it when things were misplaced. She picked the towel, tossed it to the angry Black, and thought about what she was going to say.

    “Lin Xiang will be completely ruined, and his reputation is going to follow suit too. Now, I’ll bring you to have a look at a good show, and you better be prepared, because what happens next will make any kind-hearted man uncomfortable.”

    She had decided to make sure that Black could see through her dark side, so she knew how to phrase these words correctly. She was also ready that he would nag at her as a good-natured man. But as she turned around, she saw his face approaching her…

    “You’re marrying him?”

    Qianmo pulled the brake. Seeing Black’s face approaching him nearer and nearer, she was confused: what happened to his phobia that came and went as it wanted?

    “I won’t allow it.” He said as he leaned over to her.