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Chapter 51

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 51: Care to the Disadvantageous Group

    The world came to a stop when his lips fell right upon hers.

    Her exquisite eyes and eyebrows were just an inch away from his, and that was a light kiss blended with a touch of anger, not so twining or lingering, but one that was totally different from what they had done in her previous life. Still, both of them were shocked by his boldness.

    The incident happened too fast for her to respond. She could do nothing but stare at him with a stupefied look. He kissed her with his muscle stiffened and a frown. It was also a kiss without any desire, one that made her heart ache so much.

    Somewhere in the place that she couldn’t see, he must have experienced so much pain that even the kiss hurt her innermost heart. He was a man that exceeded everyone else, but he was also someone with the lowest self-esteem when it came to the love of his life.

    His arms were tightly wrapped around her, and with both of them wearing short-sleeved summer clothes, their skin touched and rubbed against each other’s. He was strong, but she was not feeling the pain from his force; instead, it was from the bottom of her own heart.

    It took him a full three seconds before he realized what he had done.

    How fragrant, how soft, and how attractive it had been.

    He only released her when the cars behind them started to press the horn. The green light was on, and so was his anxiety.

    Seated on the spot stiffly, Qianmo mumbled inside her heart while driving.

    Was he going to… pass out again?

    She had been the one that was taken advantage of, but why was she the one that cared about his physical condition as if she were his mother?

    Awkwardness dominated the car, and Yu Changmo started to sweat.

    Everything was ruined.

    What did he just do!

    That was a sensational feeling that gave electrifying numbness, one that left a deep, indelible mark inside the bottom of his heart. He was so happy that he could pass out at any second, but flames kept raging inside his heart, making Yu Changmo sweat constantly.

    Qianmo felt quite uncomfortable without being able to do anything sitting next to her. Seeing that he got so anxious, she felt quite sympathetic towards him. What a poor man! He was so sensitive, even at his current age. Should she console him or not? What a difficult choice…

    As they were both confused and lost, he had his fists clenched as he broke the ice in a way that made him look quite determined.

    “I don’t regret a thing. I did kiss you, and you can do whatever you want with me. Anything but ignore me.”

    “…You have taken advantage of me, and now you think you’re speaking for justice?”

    Qianmo got so annoyed by him that she almost burst into laughter.

    “I didn’t behave well, and I should not have disrespected you, but…”

    “But you just can’t help it, right?” She sounded calm and emotionless whilst he was so anxious as if he were about to meet his headmaster of the school. Yet, he somehow had a hunch that she didn’t detest his kiss, and instead, she might sound a bit… teasing?

    “Well, I forgive you for what you just did. Your senses may have been overwhelmed by your hormones.” She must showcase how generous she was; otherwise, this poor man would be pressed to the bottom by his heavy sense of morality.

    She now remembered—his phobia would be gone when he was jealous and attacked by hormones. But he was such a responsible guy that after he kissed her, he retreated and felt quite guilty, totally leaving himself at the mercy of the girl.

    It should not have been a big deal for him to kiss the girl he liked, and the girl didn’t reject him either! But he turned out to be so ashamed after doing that.

    That suggested that he was actually quite self-abased inside.

    By this moment, the two had come to the neighborhood of Lin Xiang’s rented apartment. In order not to draw any attention, she parked the car into an alleyway and switched to a safer topic. She was afraid that if she continued with the previous one, she would make him so guilty that he would kill himself on the spot.

    “I have the key to Lin Xiang’s co-renter. Here’s the plan: we’ll get into the room and wait until the show is on. I have brought a recorder and a camera with me, and I’ll film everything that happens there and send it to Lin Xiang’s company. If he dares to stay in Q City for one more day, I’ll torment him until he leaves the city. If he continues to bother me after that, I’ll spread whatever that is going on between him and his mother to his hometown.”

    Qianmo recounted her plan to him with all the details, and then showed the recorder and the camera in her bag to prove her seriousness.

    “Maybe someone might think that we should forgive them after we’ve made them pay the price since we already got the money back. But for me, I can’t stand any flaws, and I certainly don’t leave any potential danger that will come back to haunt me. If we want to deal with the problem, we must pull out the roots and remove them completely. Only in this way will he never be able to return.”

    She explained everything with no emotion on the surface, yet her hands got cold while speaking.

    To deal with these matters, she could find someone else to conduct the plan, or she could deal with him on the sly. But she chose to confront that guy because she wanted Yu Changmo to understand who she truly was.

    “Black, I’m not an innocent girl, and as you can see, I’m surely not what you think I am. Any other woman would not have been as fierce as I am being. Mother Lin and Lin Xiang might seem very pitiful in other people’s eyes, after all. I may be conducting something that no one else would support. So you…”

    She turned her head earnestly, only to find him staring at her hand, or to be more exact, the camera in her hands.

    She would not find it surprising if he suddenly got filled up with justice and grabbed her camera before starting to lecture her about moralities.

    She had heard from his men that he was quite good at articulation, and he once represented the whole school for a debate. She had even been prepared to receive his disdainful look.

    And it was precisely the result she planned to reach.

    He stared at her camera, transfixed, for almost a whole minute before bursting out three confusing words.

    “Made in Japan?”

    Qianmo: “…?”

    So after she talked so much and tried so hard to make him see through her, that was the reaction he had given to her? A peculiar exclamation?

    “Don’t use a camera that’s made in Japan. It doesn’t work very well here.” He just realized that as long as he was not facing her or thinking about how much he liked her, his phobia would be tremendously reduced. The discovery made him a bit delighted since he would not need to pass out whenever he talked with her at length.

    “I only need to take pictures to blackmail him, not to shoot movies.” Why was she feeling so weird?

    “Use Leica”. He pulled out a camera from the storage box and handed it over to her seriously.

    “I can develop the pictures for you afterward.”

    “…So I am going to take pictures and blackmail someone, and you…” Really know what you are doing?

    “Watch out your words. It’s illegal to peep, snap candid pictures, eavesdrop, and spread other people’s privacy.”

    That was the reaction a legible cadre ought to have.

    “We can lead the people into the hall because the hall of a co-renting apartment should be a public place, and the pictures taken there would not be candid. Remember, don’t record pornographic videos, just film the videos of arguments.”

    He added after realizing that his camera could do a better job at recording videos and taking pictures.

    “Leave the pictures to me, not to the photo store, in case they are distributed. Doing it in this way, we’ll not be counted as someone breaking the law but rather, someone who violates the Law of the PRC on Public Security Administration at most.”

    Qianmo lost her strength and fierceness. “What’s your point?”

    “According to Article 42 of Law of the PRC on Public Security Administration, our actions will cost us no more than a fine of 500 yuan.” He scooped out his wallet and pulled out 1,000 yuan from it.

    “Since they belong to the disadvantaged group, we can offer them 1,000 yuan.”

    Even though the fine was 500 yuan, he offered double that because he was showing concern for the disadvantaged group.

    Of course, Yu Changmo didn’t think that Lin Xiang and his mother had the balls to sue Qianmo. After all, they were the ones in the wrong.