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Chapter 52

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 52: What A Mess

    Black went out of the car to buy breakfast, thinking that it had been such a happy day for him. While the two were walking one after another with breakfast in hands towards the building, Qianmo noticed that Yu Changmo took the correct path to the apartment Lin Xiang rented.

    She had not told him the exact building number, and he had not asked her either. Yet, he unexpectedly ended up being her guide, instead of the other way around.

    So this guy had… known where Lin Xiang lived right from the beginning.

    Qianmo’s brain was filled with the scene where he had defended her a while ago… Alright, to put it more precisely, he was collaborating with her unconditionally. She finally knew what was going on here.

    In reality, he knew exactly what she was more than anyone else.

    Therefore, when she tried to take revenge upon Family Lin in her previous life, he knew everything already, and he approved all she was doing. He was even helping her by clearing up her mess where she couldn’t see him. Yet, what she had done was to categorize him to someone with justice, someone she didn’t know much about.

    Lin Xiang’s former roommate, Wang Ziying, was Qianmo’s tenant now, and she had lent her the keys.

    Everything in the room was already moved except for a wooden plank bed with no blanket on top. He put the breakfast on the bed, opened the bag, and let the aroma spread all over the room. Everything except for the scallion-pancake was her favorite, and no food there failed to please her. That again proved what she had conjectured earlier.

    Black didn’t talk much, but he bore everything in mind.

    She had been studying him for two lives, yet she still failed to see him through. But this man knew everything about her—what she liked, and what she disliked. Driven by the feeling of unfairness, Qianmo took the initiative and grabbed the bag that held the scallion-pancake before he did.

    Seeing his hand hung up in the air, she took a bite of the pancake joyfully. He seemed a bit surprised because as far as he remembered, she didn’t like them at all.

    “Not everything goes according to your way.” She bit hard with fury. She was going to eat the pancake, leaving him nothing to eat.

    He was just trying to figure out her meaning when someone opened the door. The two exchanged a look and understood that the show was on!

    Mu Feifei entered the room while making a call.

    “Want to book me for the therapy? Oh well, I’m quite tied up…”

    To hell with the therapy! It was just some improper relationship! Qianmo stared at the door and felt disgusted to her bones.

    “You two are different,” Black said something out of the blue.

    Mu Feifei, who was on the phone, heard a man’s voice and took a glance around subconsciously. The door was closed, and nothing could be seen. Feeling relieved, she sat on the sofa, waiting for Lin Xiang while receiving several more similar calls.

    There were clients who intended to book her for fortune-telling, and others who asked her for some physical therapy. It seemed that she was also a middlewoman for some second-hand houses and cars. She seemed to be so obsessed with money that she could do anything for the sake of it.

    Qianmo suddenly thought of her previous life.

    At that time, her business was expanding at a breakneck speed. She took all possible opportunities of making money except for some illegal affairs. Yu Changmo had ears out for every piece of information so that her investment never failed as long as she followed his advice. After she got so much cash in her hands, she didn’t want to make any more when she was reborn, because it was simply no longer a challenge.

    She found herself a bit similar to Mu Feifei in this regard.

    “One’s personality is decided by 30% genes and 70% environment. Hence, you two are poles apart even though you’re blood-related.”

    He knew what she was thinking! So what he had just said was a kind of consolation to her?

    “What you have in you is far-fetched for her.” He said seriously while his eyes remained fixed on the door.

    Now she was certain that this guy was flirting with her in a whole different way. Still, Qianmo was a bit displeased after being moved by him, who only needed to say a few flirty words to her by staring at the soybean milk expressionlessly.

    Qianmo ripped a piece of the scallion-pancake she had taken a bite of and passed it to his mouth.

    Of course, she was trying to stop him from talking by giving him food. He accepted the pancake and found her incredibly lovely, even though she was always incredibly cute in his eyes.

    Well, why was the pancake she gave to him so delicious?

    Seeing him eating the pancake in such a satisfied manner, Qianmo was delighted, too, like a child. She also knew how to flirt!

    While they were toying with each other in the room, Lin Xiang finally showed up.

    “Sister Mu, you are definitely a fortune-teller. Qianmo did accept the money, and she also said that she was going to marry me…”

    Lin Xiang had been excited the whole way here. From the bus to this place, he was overwhelmed by Qianmo, who had been “hooked”. The future prospects pleased him so much, he had butterflies in his stomach.

    “My daughter is indeed innocent, and you sure took advantage of that.”

    It was disgusting that a mother could say something like that. Yu Changmo threw a quick look at Qianmo, and when he saw her annoyance, his phobia vanished again.

    “Unlike her, my mother is a great one, so easygoing and full of love.” If you want, I can share her with you.

    Qianmo had no idea if she should be amused or in tears. Was he hinting at something?

    With him around her, that scumbag couple outside the door didn’t seem that repulsing anymore.

    Silence dominated the room outside the door. Feeling curious, he took a step ahead to take a look through the door.

    It was an old-fashion wooden door with a small glass window, and drapery was hung upon it. He put it down instantly after he gave it a slight lift; however, his handsome face full of discomfort as he flushed.

    Qianmo also wanted to take a look at it, but he stopped her.

    It was way too disgusting. Her eyes should be protected from that abomination of a scene.

    The couple outside the room were already tangled with each other. Suspecting that a man was next door, Mu Feifei seemed to be more active than usual. She didn’t even wait until they got back to the room to start their business.

    Yu Changmo was embarrassed. He couldn’t cover up his goddess’s ears in time when Lin Xiang’s voice pierced through the door.

    Qianmo seemed to have caught a low swear from Yu Changmo next to her. Oh, so this Mr. Justice could curse!

    How unexpected!

    Black didn’t show any pity to that disgusting couple, though. He made use of the camera and snapped clear pictures of them. They were so explicit that the man and the woman inside were captured in all of their vile glory, showing how immoral their actions were.

    He caught every disgusting detail, especially the important physical parts.

    When Mu Feifei had just used the toy upon Lin Xiang, the outer door was abruptly pounded, and Mother Lin’s loud voice entered their ears.

    “Lin Xiang! I knew you’ll be here! Open the door! Open the door now, you bastard and the bitch!”

    Lin Xiang got startled awake from his lust. Mu Feifei was also about to pull the thing out of him when the door of the neighboring room opened. A silhouette dashed out, kicked Mu Feifei off the spot, and stomped upon Lin Xiang at full tilt. He had had enough of this bastard who had bullied his goddess.

    Mu Feifei couldn’t move and stayed in a ridiculous position lying on the floor. She couldn’t withdraw her hands because of Yu Changmo’s feet, causing her to remain in a state of trying to pull out something…

    Qianmo had worked with him for so long in her previous life that she knew what she should do. When he made a move, she rushed out and opened the door.

    Dressed in green, Mother Lin got furious when she caught sight of the indecent couple under Black’s feet and the way her son was treated by that woman. She pounced at them like a wounded lion, not even sparing a look for the one that had opened the door for her.

    “You goddamned foxy lady!” Mother Lin screamed and lunged at the couple on the floor like a mountain.

    Standing by the door, Qianmo noticed Black, who was absolutely calm and had no expression on him, as if he were appreciating the success of his scheme from head to feet and smiling sinisterly.

    When she made the plan for this show today, Qianmo was trying to make sure he could behold how evil she was, but she seemed to have seen the other side of him instead.