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Chapter 53

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 53: To Lose Face or to Lose Life

    Yu Changmo had Mu Feifei’s hands under his feet, while Mu Feifei and Lin Xiang were buck naked.

    Lin Xiang got a kick out of being stuffed with something in his ass, and he was in a ridiculous position at the moment—of course, he was not enjoying it that much currently.

    Mother Lin’s twisted and angry face was very close to theirs. When she saw her “lofty” son being treated by a woman in this way, she couldn’t conceal her loathing and annoyance!

    Qianmo took the camera and clicked some pictures on the important parts of the couple. How disgusting…

    Right then, Mother Lin jumped at them, stretching out her paws at the foxy lady who “bullied” her son with her overweight body.

    Mu Feifei was not as strong as Mother Lin, but she didn’t surrender easily either. Confronted with her attack, she used force and pulled out the thing from Lin Xiang’s ass and tossed it at Mother Lin’s face.

    Black took one step backward, his phobia disappearing completely. He took hold of Qianmo as both of them retreated: what if that thing hit his pure, untainted goddess? The disgust would linger for tens of thousands of years to come.

    The camera on Qianmo’s hands also ended up being in his hands, along with her body. He quickly switched to the video mode and focused upon the critical point of the entire incident.

    “You shrew who seduces my son!”

    “You old bitch who hooks up with your own son!”

    The jealous Mother Lin attacked Mu Feifei with a warped expression, who also struck back at her bravely. Lin Xiang, who was lying on the floor naked, had his hands over the face—oh man, that hurt so much. Who had just stomped his face…

    The video could only last 30 seconds, because 30 seconds later, the entire mob suddenly realized something.

    Who had opened the door?

    Who had trampled their hands?

    Who had filmed the clip? Wait, the clip?!

    The three people turned to Yu Changmo’s direction, who froze the frame at that instant, turning the three startled faces into one picture.

    Two of them were naked, and one of them, namely Mother Lin, was clothed. However, she also had the toy upon her. All of them made it possible that Qianmo would not be pestered by Family Lin for decades in a row. Black put away his camera, satisfied.

    “It’s you!”

    The three of them burst out at the same time and pointed at Qianmo.

    Qianmo nodded to them elegantly and greeted them with a raised hand.

    “Hello, everyone.”

    Mu Feifei came to her senses first. She instantly put on a face of anguish and tried to explain it to Qianmo.

    “Mo, please listen to me; I was forced. This bastard Lin Xiang lied to me.”

    “I think you better wear some clothes first before talking.” Qianmo glanced at the man with the corner of her eyes. Good, he was not watching her. After all, Mu Feifei did maintain a great physical figure.

    Mu Feifei instantly grabbed the clothes from the floor and tried to put them on in a hurry. She didn’t even have time to slip on her undies, which were transparent and scattered everywhere lustfully over the place. Being under such stress, she accidentally kicked the underwear that was under the sofa, and the helmet-like bra ended up hanging on the handle of the door, dangling with the wind and rubbing against it, making a piercing noise.

    Mu Feifei had wanted to put away her stuff, yet she had nowhere else to hide her toys. How messy she looked right now!

    Lin Xiang stood up from the floor and looked at Qianmo and Changmo, wearing a confused expression—what was his rich wife-to-be doing here?

    Qianmo pointed at the camera in Yu Changmo’s hands. “If you don’t want all of these to be released, you know what you are supposed to do.”

    She scooped out Lin Xiang’s card from her pocket and showed it off in front of the mother and son.

    “This money was always mine. Also, I won’t take the interest, although you have kept it for so long.”

    At this moment, even a foolish man would know that they had been set up. Mother Lin dived at her crazily to get hold of the card, and Qianmo cooperatively tossed it to her, who caught it and showed a ridiculously greedy face. Qianmo snorted, however.

    Lin Xiang had been doing such a terrible thing in front of her, and his deed had been filmed too, but what Mother Lin cared most about was to get the money. Poverty, or maybe it was greed in her case, was such an incurable disease.

    “I have already passed on the money to my father’s card.”

    On the way here, she had asked Black to do the transference. Now, there were only 0.5 yuan left in the card.

    Hearing that the money was gone, Mother Lin stretched out her palms and charged at Qianmo, but Yu Changmo would certainly not allow his goddess to be attacked. He took hold of Qianmo’s shoulders and dodged her attack.

    If she were in any kind of danger, his phobia would be gone too. That was another anomaly Qianmo had noted.

    His fear seemed rather flexible. It never reared its head at an important moment so that they didn’t have to fail. It was a peculiar case indeed, and it was her first time witnessing something like this.

    After failing to attack Qianmo, Mother Lin had just wanted to throw her temper and beg for money when she cast a careful look at the man who was keeping Qianmo under protection. He was muscular and tall, with his arms beautifully outlined against the short-sleeve shirt, giving out an air of coldness.

    Then she saw his face, which was unbearably handsome and which showed apparent anger. As long as he stood there motionlessly, it could be discerned that he was not at all an ordinary being.

    Mother Lin had been dominating the village for so many years, but she had never seen a man like this. The air in the room got darker, startling everyone and making them not dare to budge an inch. It was also the first time for Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei to be confronted with such an intimidating guy, causing them to sweat profusely.

    That look of this man was daunting, one that Black only wore when he was at work. Qianmo found him so… amazing.

    Mother Lin and Lin Xiang were both cowards, but Mu Feifei had seen much of the world. Even though some of her “clients” were rich, none of them had such dangerous air like the man in front of her.

    The clothes on Yu Changmo appeared simple, with the logo of a brand nowhere to be seen, but the material couldn’t have been cheap. He gave out an aura that distinguished him from an ordinary worker but didn’t make him look like a boss either. His gaze was piercing, and his muscular build didn’t seem to be formed after training in the gym.

    Mu Feifei sized him down to the waist and saw his short-sleeve shirt clinging against his body, showcasing the smooth outline of his body. She swallowed a mouthful of saliva, feeling as if her mouth was parched at the moment.

    “Get out of here now; I won’t hit you for Mo’s sake.” He said coldly.

    Mu Feifei stopped being obsessed with his looks. Without even bothering to put on the underpants, she took hold of the high-heels and dashed outward, abandoning the toy aside.

    Losing life was apparently much worse than losing face.

    Without turning his head, Yu Changmo twisted his wrists and walked towards Lin Xiang, who had been scared to near-death. Then he tossed the phone to Qianmo.

    “The third contact; call her and ask her to stop her.”

    Qianmo found out the contact list, and her lip corners twitched a bit at the sight of the characters there.

    This man had the exact same idea as her—to remove everything from the roots!

    The contact was none other than the number of the lady owner of construction material town. Her husband had been going out with Mu Feifei, and she was also the one that hit Black with the bag of adult toys. Qianmo had wanted to visit her after she was finished with the matters here so as to remove Mu Feifei through her. But Black had beat her to it.

    Of course, he couldn’t wait until the night was over to take revenge! He could tolerate it for a second, but he could get pissed whenever he was reminded of the incident. What he needed to do was to make a move without hesitation.