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Chapter 54

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 54: I Am Different

    After some warm-up exercises, Black pointed at Mother Lin and said calmly, “Move away if you don’t want to die.”

    Being so disrespectful to the old people made Qianmo feel extremely comfortable.

    Mother Lin really wanted to defend her child, but Yu Changmo’s cold tone and the scary look, as well as the horrifying aura, made her motionless, daring not to move an inch.

    “I want to have a chat with you.” Yu Changmo stretched out his foot and tripped Lin Xiang, who fell over on his fours. Then he pulled him by his legs as if he were pulling a sandbag all the way from the floor to the bedroom. Afterward came a piercing scream.

    Only now did Mother Lin get back to herself. She rushed to the door and banged hard on it, but she couldn’t get in because the door was locked. So she kept bellowing from outside the room.

    Qianmo felt quite sorry for not witnessing how he was “having a chat” with the scumbag. The call was also connected at that moment.

    “Master Yu.” The woman on the other side of the phone sounded extremely polite, totally different from how she had treated Qianmo earlier.

    “Stop her.” Qianmo only spilled two words to her based on what Black had instructed. That woman got a bit startled to have heard that the voice was not Yu Changmo’s. But she didn’t ask any more and hung up the phone in a hurry.

    In the meanwhile, Qianmo heard some noise coming from downstairs.

    “Catch her now!”

    Qianmo came to the window and looked down. She saw a group of migrant workers who had rushed out of the building and surrounded Mu Feifei.

    The rich woman from construction material town who had just spoken with Qianmo on the phone showed up with jewelry decorating her. When she came to Mu Feifei, she raised her hand and slapped her hard on the face.

    Poor Mu Feifei, she couldn’t have foretold what her day would be like.

    First, she had been punched by Mother Lin, and now, she was blocked by the rich woman from construction material town.

    “You bitch who seduces men! Take her down! I’ll rip her clothes off!” The rich woman had not yet been done with the “objects from the sky” case and was quite annoyed by her current circumstances. She wanted to vent her anger somewhere, and after receiving the information from Yu Changmo, she finally caught the foxy lady who had seduced her husband. Things were going to get ugly.

    The workers came up to her, grabbed hold of her hair, and slapped her, while the rich lady gave a forceful tug at Mu Feifei’s clothes. She was completely naked now.

    After being punished in the room, Mu Feifei had not yet dressed fully when she was stripped nude again. The fun was getting bigger and bigger.

    Mu Feifei screamed at the top of her lungs. She couldn’t cover her chest or her lower body, making a total mess of herself.

    Qianmo raised the camera and took pictures from some special angle so that the silhouette of the woman could be seen but not the naked parts. That would be a perfect photo for the newspaper agency.

    ‘So the wife was punishing the mistress… Why do they always choose to get the mistress naked rather than doing anything else? How uncreative.’

    But creativity was not that important. What mattered, however, was that the new digital media would love this kind of topic. They could simply publish the article with some mosaic on the picture, and clicks would flood in.

    Qianmo put away the camera and was shocked when she turned around.

    Mother Lin’s tearful, twisted face was next to hers as she lunged at her directly.

    That was a face Qianmo hated to the bone.

    In her previous life, Lin Xiang framed her and her father, resulting in Chen Baichuan ending up in the hospital and failing to pay the medical bills. Qianmo came to Lin Xiang and asked him for some money to cover the treatment for her father, but Mother Lin confronted her with the exact same twisted face. At that time, she smashed Qianmo with an ashtray and cursed her with mean words before not offering her a single penny.

    It was difficult for her as a kind lady to guess what an evil-hearted person was thinking. At that time, Qianmo was very confused—she had no idea why Mother Lin would hate her so much. After all, Lin Xiang and she were not a real couple, and Lin Xiang’s money, car, and everything of his was given by Family Chen. Mother Lin could have been ungrateful, but she didn’t have to behave so over the top.

    Now she understood the reason.

    A depraved woman like Mother Lin, who brought up her son alone, had already no idea what the difference between a son and a husband was. Although Lin Xiang had physical problems so they couldn’t possibly have done that thing to the end, inside Mother Lin’s heart, her daughter-in-law was just like her rival in love, while her son already belonged to her solely. There were many families in the world right now, but most of them were not as shameless as Family Lin.

    After she realized the truth, Qianmo was not scared when confronting Mother Lin again. Instead, she felt pity for her while standing high above. This wicked woman in front of her was just a pathetic bug.

    “You bitch, all of this is because of you! You have hurt my son, and I will never let go of you!”

    Mother Lin was about to grab Qianmo from the collar when she heard Yu Changmo’s formidable voice rising from behind the door.

    “Touch her, and your son will never make out of this door alive.”

    Mother Lin’s hand ceased in the air, and her warped expression that had been covered with hatred suddenly turned angry, helpless, agonized, and pitiful.

    So what Qianmo saw was Mother Lin, who had just declared war against her, turning into a lonely old woman. She kneeled on the floor and started to wail while striking against her legs.

    “You are killing us! You are bullying us! You are all vicious people! You will all be condemned!”

    Qianmo was completely unmoved. Rather, she even felt like laughing.

    In her previous life, Mother Lin had been quite rampant, especially after Lin Xiang took hold of Family Chen’s properties. At that time, this old lady got so out of control that she thought of herself as the lady living in the sky. But at this moment, she was a pathetic old, aged granny?

    She had her own sins to bear: she was extremely hostile to the rich and overly greedy in nature. She would abuse other people’s respect and properties. Still, she would also ask for respect from others when she was in trouble while forgetting whatever she had done to them. In the final analysis, she was just a lazy woman who was never satisfied.

    Mother Lin just couldn’t win the battle against the smart couple or save her son, so she spouted some curses after sitting on the floor for a while. Then, she suddenly fell to her knees, kowtowing to Qianmo.

    “Please, let us go, okay, Qianmo? You almost became my daughter-in-law, so how could you treat my son and me like this?”

    If Mother Lin hadn’t been a terrible person before, Qianmo might have assumed that she had made up her mind to start anew.

    Qianmo squatted down and looked right into her eyes. Mother Lin suddenly became hopeful when she caught sight of her beautiful, young face.

    Mother Lin had taken Qianmo as someone spoiled and gullible, someone who could be convinced after some babbling words. She considered her as someone who appeared fierce on the surface but was kind-hearted inside. Therefore, Mother Lin tried to take advantage of it.

    “Please, Qianmo, let us go!”


    Mother Lin suddenly got filled up with ecstasy. Yet, Qianmo stretched out her hands, grabbed her hair, and whispered ruthlessly in her ears.

    “Take your son and get out of my sight as far as you can. Let me be in peace, and I will return the favor.”

    Mother Lin’s heart was splashed with cold water. Qianmo released her hands as Mother Lin collapsed to the floor. Qianmo stood up, looking like a cruel Goddess of War.

    “Before I change my mind, scram!”

    The innocent, kind-hearted girl had already died in Mother Lin and her son’s plan. She was now a wholly new Chen Qianmo, standing right in front of them.