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Chapter 55

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 55: A Voice of Repentance from the Soul

    After the “chitchat” with Lin Xiang, Yu Changmo opened the door and caught sight of this scene.

    His goddess was standing against the light, and she exuded an air of chill on such hot days, bringing the old woman to her knees in front of her to the darkest shade.

    Qianmo sensed his gaze at him. She also threw a look at him as they stared into each other’s eyes in calmness.

    That was what she was like.

    She would not feel any sympathy for those with ill intentions towards her, and she would not offer any kindness to them. After all, there were so many people in the world that were kind to her. She would not have any energy left to repay those who had treated her well if she continued to deal with those unkind people politely.

    Her expression indicated her position, but when she saw his fiery look, she suddenly felt that he, a bossy prince, was falling in love with her for some reason.

    She was trying to show her evil side while he was trying to… well… think that Mo was good-looking, beautiful, and gorgeous even when she was enraged!

    That was what extremeness meant. She looked charming everywhere, especially between her eyebrows. While Mother Lin regarded her as some lethal killer, he considered her as a gorgeous lady that was never tiring to look at.

    Qianmo blushed when stared hard at by him like that. Didn’t this guy have some kind of phobia facing her?

    Qianmo walked over, wondering what happened to his phobia. In the meanwhile, she also wanted to see what Lin Xiang had become. However, as soon as she approached him, she sensed his muscles stiffening. It instantly dawned on her that his mental problem was still there.

    Qianmo craned her neck and tried to take a look at the scene behind him. But that guy, who claimed to have a phobia, stretched out his arms and blocked her eyes in a gentle yet determinative way.

    “Let’s just leave.”

    Qianmo still wanted to take a look at the scene, but his hands moved with her eyes.

    Lin Xiang was too filthy for his goddess to watch.

    What if she saw his foul appearance, thought that all men were like this, and refused to get married later? That would be too terrible! Therefore, Black stubbornly thought that details determined everything.

    As the couple came to the door, Yu Changmo raised the Lecia camera in his hands.

    “Stay away from her, clear?”

    Mother Lin didn’t dare to utter a sound. Confronted with such a formidable force, she was nothing but a lowly cricket.

    She had arrogantly thought that she could challenge those who were better than her, but she had failed miserably. Besides, she was certainly not to be pitied.

    He still was not able to stay too close to her in case the phobia returned. The two walked one after the other in the dark corridor. Qianmo suddenly realized that this broad and muscular back was as clear and exact as she had remembered. Feeling delighted, she smiled.



    “Are you sure you just had a small chat with Lin Xiang? Why did I hear him screaming?”

    Yu Changmo ceased his steps, his voice protracted and profound.

    “That is the voice of repentance from the soul.”

    Bang, Qianmo happened to have run herself into the door.

    God, he was not like that in her previous life. Where did he pick up the skill of talking nonsense in such a solemn manner?!

    She massaged her forehead and walked out of the corridor. Qianmo had expected that she would run into the scene where the mistress was being punished. Yet, it turned out that the site was indeed quite messy with Mu Feifei’s torn clothes everywhere on the floor. However, both Mu Feifei and the people who surrounded her were nowhere to be seen.

    Qianmo had been busy giving a fatal strike to Mother Lin, so she missed checking the activity downstairs. But within five minutes, no one was there anymore. What happened?

    Usually, when the wife was punishing the mistress, they would keep going on for ten or twenty minutes, at least. Besides, the supporting cast was also big enough, and the clothes were ripped into pieces. Even if the rich woman didn’t do the punching herself, those helpers would still spare no effort to scalp Mu Feifei. But where in the hell were they all now?

    Qianmo leaned forward to ask some people who were whispering at the roadside.

    Yu Changmo also squinted and surveyed the area. He felt that something fishy was going on here, so he called the rich woman who answered the call instantly.

    “Master Yu… the matter is settled.”

    If Qianmo had answered the call, she would have sensed that the voice sounded slightly guilty with her professional skills. Moreover, she would have surmised that what was going on here had not been as what they had planned.

    For one second, Yu Changmo also noticed something weird. But he, who wasn’t so skilled at microexpression, could not tell exactly why something was amiss.

    As the rich woman hung up the phone absent-mindedly, her brother, who came to lend a hand, was not so pleased.

    “Why not hit that bitch to death? Why must we release her?”

    When he and his men had ripped off the bitch’s clothes domineeringly, his big sister leader abruptly received a call and ordered everyone to retreat as fast as possible.

    That was quite abnormal. Who could be even more powerful than Master Yu so that his big sister leader got scared?

    The rich woman shook her head with a pale face and refused to say anything. After a long moment of silence, she let out a sigh. “Let’s move out of Q City by the end of this year. We are not allowed to be here anymore. That bitch has someone behind her back…”

    Someone who was not to be irritated and offended!

    “Even worse than Master Yu?” Had it not been Master Yu who ordered them to come to this place? But his big sister directly canceled the plan because of someone else?

    “That is different! Master Yu is indeed powerful, but he is someone with principles, never doing anything to us. But the man who made the call is… anyway, let’s just leave.”

    Unexpectedly, Mu Feifei, the bitch, had such a great background. Even that man was vouching for her…


    Startled, Mu Feifei sat down with a blanket over her in the car that came to pick her up. She had never expected that the innocent Qianmo could have changed so much that she ambushed her in such a fashion.

    If she did not have someone behind her, she might not have any way to turn over the situation, ending up in the hell Qianmo had created for her…

    Everything happened way too fast for Mu Feifei to understand what made Qianmo become someone so completely different.

    The phone rang, and Mu Feifei shivered at the sight of the name on the screen. She was trembling with fright.

    “I’m sorry, I failed…”

    A chilly voice of a man arose from the other side of the cell phone. He sounded very young.

    “Trash has no right to live on; they are just taking up resources.”

    Mu Feifei said with a quivering voice while trying to conceal the coldness that crept over her back, “I never expected that she would set up a trap by selling ginseng. She has a man beside him, someone who seems quite… in the league.”

    “A man?” The voice on the other side of the phone sounded affected for the first time.

    Anxious, Mu Feifei recounted the entire story about how Qianmo and Black got her and her partners today. A few seconds later, the voice on the other side of the phone arose calmly.

    “I will give you one last chance. If you still fail the mission, you know pretty well what is waiting for you.”

    After hanging up the phone, the young man swayed the exquisite goblet in his hands as he watched the red liquid moving back and forth. He then fixed his eyes upon the large-size picture on the wall, which showed Qianmo in her school uniform without any makeup on. She had a casual look on her that seemed to have isolated her from the world, with one of her hands brushing away the strands of her hair.

    Chen Qianmo was getting more and more interesting. The man licked away the red wine that had leaked out of the corner of his lips, grabbed the darts from the table, and tossed them forward. The darts ripped off the air and pierced into the picture, right at the throat of the beautiful girl. He wondered if Chen Qianmo’s blood would taste as sweet and fresh as a bottle of expensive red wine.

    If that stupid Mu Feifei still couldn’t accomplish her mission, he would start to do everything himself. As the man saw the darts at Qianmo’s throat, he sneered.

    Chen Qianmo was doomed to be dead.