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Chapter 56

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 56: Reliable

    Yu Changmo hoped that the way back to the hospital could be much longer and that the time could pass by a bit slower.

    The time he spent with her always passed by so fast, and the happiness of sharing a car with her was always so fleeting. How he wished to accelerate their relationship.

    Qianmo was silent throughout the entire way. The sense of achievement she got a moment ago was temporary. She spent minimal effort on these side characters, and now she was focusing upon the phobia Black was suffering from, the main problem.

    What a peculiar disease.

    All the patients who had suffered from some sort of phobia tended to have uncontrollable physical reactions, like the Acrophobics experience severe anxiety and get shaky legs when standing at a high place, however self-disciplined they might be.

    The most prominent feature of a mental fear was that the patient would completely lose control of himself. So a stupid person would go and comfort them by saying that they need to stay strong to pull through.

    But that didn’t seem to work well on Black, not at all. His phobia appeared and disappeared at any time, totally unpredictable in behavior.

    “When are you getting back to school?”

    “How did you get the phobia?”

    Both of them asked almost at the same time.

    “How did I get the phobia… you…” Yu Changmo felt difficulty in breathing. Of course, the phobia was on its way back again.

    Typically, people would pass out or get dumb with euphoria when the phobia returned. However, Black was from a family with excellent genes, so when he was confronted with such a happy day, he was still able to maintain his composure.

    “I will tell you, but only if you agree to date me.”

    Qianmo suddenly slammed on the brakes under the green light, making the innocent driver behind her press the horn fiercely and curse her badly—what a brainless driver!

    Qianmo was taken aback by this straightforward confession.

    She gave up driving and started to wonder where his phobia had gone at this moment?

    Yu Changmo felt extremely comfortable after speaking out the words. He looked at her stubbornly and cared not about how terrible he might feel at the moment. Obviously, he had thrown caution to the wind!

    Qianmo parked the car right in the middle of the road until the traffic lights changed from green to red and back.

    The driver behind couldn’t stand it anymore. He took another lane and drove past her as he stuck out his head out of the window and bellowed disdainfully.

    “Hey, Bitch, are you a driver or not! Maybe you’re blind?!”

    Black’s phobia disappeared within a second. He pressed the button for winding the window down and said coldly, “Come again?”

    He didn’t need to know who was right or wrong while defending his own people.

    The pitiful driver took off directly, fearing that one step slower would make that fierce man come after him and punch him in the face. He must be thinking whether he had just run into some mental people who defended themselves for being a bad driver!

    Qianmo had no idea whether she should cry or laugh when she saw Black twisting his wrist. Was she supposed to exchange a seat with him now so that he could chase after that guy?

    “Forget it, we’re in the wrong.” Qianmo pressed him down and then noticed him getting rather uncomfortable because of her touch.

    “So you agree?” He still had not forgotten the serious question even while in such a state.

    “Nah.” She was driving in calmness.

    Yu Changmo chose to turn deaf ears to her words at this moment. “I will get the shots and then check out of the hospital. This way, I can drive you when you need to go back to school.”

    He must drive his “girlfriend” back to school in person as a way to mark out his territory.

    “Since when did I agree with your proposal?”

    “My company is not very far away from your school. In fact, your stop is just on the way.” Yu Changmo didn’t object, though. He insisted on his earlier proposal and blamed his phobia for all of his behaviors.

    “…” So, this guy was not that different from what he was like in her previous life.

    Thick-faced, just as how he had always been.

    Qianmo drove the car to the gate of the hospital. This man was indeed stubborn, and that made her feel a bit amused. After she got out of the Benz, she didn’t leave directly. Instead, she looked at him while standing on the spot.

    “You want to court me?”

    “Yes.” He was facing the clouds in the sky and said profoundly; his ears, however, had turned red, laying waste to his cool facade.

    “Here’s your key.” She had it hung over her fingers, and when his hands were about to touch hers, she suddenly collapsed and threw herself at him. He hadn’t expected that she would behave like this, but before he realized anything, she stretched out her arms to take hold of his neck, grabbed his head, and kissed right on his lips. Then he froze for a few seconds and passed out backward. Bang!

    He keeled over on the car.

    Qianmo snorted, opened the door, and kicked that man into the car.

    “You may start when you stop fainting.”

    Having said the words, she left, leaving the guy lingering in his sweet dream. It was such bliss for him to be kissed by his goddess, and passing out meant nothing in that regard.

    Chen Qianmo was in a good mood on the way back home, but she could sense a peculiar air the moment she opened the door…

    “So, you finally remember to come home.” Chen Baichuan was sitting on the sofa and speaking in a very weird tone. His legs were crossed, and he was fanning himself with a fan that had the word “Infertility” printed on the top.

    “Yeah, got the money?” Qianmo’s good mood was not affected by her father’s quirky tone because of the lovely Black.

    “What money?”

    Chen Baichuan stopped fanning himself with a jerk, and Aunt also stopped in her tracks with fruits in her hands.

    “Didn’t see the message? Your money is in the account.”

    Chen Baichuan instantly grabbed the phone and saw a transfer that had happened half an hour ago. He got cheerful at the sight of the string of zeros.

    “All is back?” Aunt also got extremely delighted, craned her neck, and took a look at the cellphone. She praised whole-heartedly when she saw the number.

    “Excellent, the guy is quite reliable.” In the morning, she and her brother-in-law had seen Qianmo getting into Yu Changmo’s car while standing by the window. Afterward, Chen Baichuan didn’t get through Qianmo the entire morning, during which period, his mood kept getting sour.

    He assumed that his daughter had a secret date with that bad man, but Qianmo had gone after the money and managed to get it back.

    “What does his family do? That car is worth at least 800,000 yuan, isn’t it?” Chen Baichuan didn’t sound that annoyed when he was in a jovial mood.

    Qianmo was certainly not going to tell him that Black’s car cost more than he had guessed. So she just mumbled a perfunctory answer.

    “His brother is a businessman, it seems.”

    “Oh, so the car is his brother’s? He’s too vain!” Chen Baichuan caught every tiny detail of what Qianmo said.

    “He has his own money.”

    Chen Baichuan struck the fan onto the table. “Then he is too rich! Rich men are usually very corrupt!”

    So, the key point was that she couldn’t find anyone to date. Everything else was just an excuse.

    Qianmo was too lazy to argue with him, though. As she started to walk upstairs, she stimulated her father along the way.

    “What about spending more time upon yourself? Now that the money is back, you can use it for the wedding.”

    “You’re already marrying him after knowing each other for such a short time? Didn’t you learn your lesson from your last marriage?!” Also, he had not even met that bad boy’s parents, and why must he offer his daughter to him!? No way!

    Standing on the staircase, Qianmo showed a spoiled look.

    “I mean you! Do you want me to call her Aunt for the entire life? Do you feel good to have her call you brother-in-law? She has been with you for so many years, but you can’t even give her a proper title! She’s had enough of this!”

    Mu Mianmian’s fruit plate fell upon the floor as her hands covered her mouth. Her mind was currently buzzing with only two words—Oh God!

    Chen Baichuan got embarrassed for a few seconds before slightly smiling.

    “You little girl, since when did you start to meddle with my affairs…”

    “Just hurry up! Work hard, and who knows, maybe I can become an elder sister while still in college. But you old man must stop drinking and Mrs. Chen, if you don’t lose weight, you may have to get several more cuts during C-section. I’m not bluffing, you know.”