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Chapter 59

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 59: The Instruction of Goddess Mo

    Qianmo hadn’t said anything exaggerating to the troublemaker. Rather, all she did was add to the way Big Aunt educated him by praising Zhou for smashing things. She also stuffed some money into his hands and whispered something to him.

    She told him that 500 meters away from their home, there was a newly-opened Lego store at the mall, where many large-sized models were waiting for him to come…

    She also told him that he should be brave enough to make a loud noise for his grandma!

    That troublemaker always got what he wanted. When he was praised by his grandma for smashing the models at Qianmo’s home and given the money as the prize, he got overly excited and asked his grandma to take him to the store for some fun. The moment he arrived there, he pushed off the large-sized work built by a Lego verified master who had been invited from abroad.

    His grandma was dumbfounded, feeling at a loss for what to do, but the store didn’t let them go. Instead, they demanded compensation from Big Aunt and Zhou. However, she didn’t want to spend the money, so she called Chen Baichuan for help.

    After hearing the whole story, Chen Baichuan, for some reason, didn’t feel sympathetic. Rather, he kind of felt quite pleased inside his heart.

    But they were still relatives, so when Big Aunt asked him for help, he didn’t feel quite willing to reject them outright. When he was about to say that he would show up at the scene, he saw Aunt coming into the room with a pot of well-boiled soup.

    “I’m a foxy lady, and Mo deserves to be dumped…”

    Qianmo had taught her how to say these words to the best effect back in the kitchen. It was a style that totally differed from Aunt’s usual bellowing. Yet, it worked far better than directly shouting at Chen Baichuan, tugging at his heartstrings and waking up his manliness.

    “I don’t have much money at home either. You can ask your son to deal with the problem.” Chen Baichuan hung up the phone and noticed Aunt turning around sadly. She was shivering as she took the soup back to the kitchen.

    Chen Baichuan’s heart ached when he saw his chubby wife getting so dejected. He had never seen Mianmian cry so hard like this before. He should stop treating those relatives well, who not only bullied his own wife but also gossiped about his daughter. Sigh, Chen Baichuan had never noticed any of these details before.

    Mu Mianmian entered the kitchen, closed the door, looked up, and exchanged a cunning look with Qianmo. She no longer had any tears in her eyes as the girls gave each other a high-five.

    “You should treat that kind-hearted old man in this way, with both softness and harshness. Show a tough attitude when you are outside, but cry as loud as you can when you are at home. Call me if you can’t deal with him.”

    “Ah, my Mo is so caring.” Aunt got extremely happy. She had been fed up with those selfish relatives of Family Chen for ages, but today, she finally felt relieved and was filled up with pleasure.

    Qianmo put on the apron and watched the soup over the fire concentratedly, looking exactly like a virtuous wife. The more Aunt thought about it, the more different she believed Qianmo had become compared to the past. To prove her thoughts, she was able to smooth things out with that rampant Big Aunt without taking much action.

    “Mo, recently, you are…”

    “Getting fiercer and fiercer?” Qianmo had a taste of the soup—a patient should not eat salty food.

    “A little. But… I don’t think that there is any problem with it. Also, you never cooked before, you know.” Aunt was very gratified.

    It was not a good thing if a girl was too kind-hearted. But a hot-tempered one who was easily provoked could suffer losses as well.

    The current Mo was in a perfect state: she had control over everything and the entire situation. She had been steady on her feet, starting from the wedding cancelation with Family Lin.

    “We must use strict methods to deal with those vile people, but try your best to repay those who treat you well. After all, life is full of ups and downs, and we barely have any real friends to weather the storm with. Cherish them, or they will be gone before you realize it.”

    All of these were her own realizations, with some tips from her teacher back in prison as well.

    No matter how ruthless a man was, he should spare some thought for the people he loved. If he had no place for them, he was no different than an animal.

    There were billions of people in the world, but there were only two categories of them in the final analysis—those she cared about and those she didn’t. That was all.

    Black—who got to drink the soup Qianmo made, the teacher—who treated her as if she was her daughter, Aunt—who always stood by her side whenever she ran into a problem, and the northern father of hers—who thought of his face as important as his life, all belonged to the former group.

    Qianmo contemplated for a second and realized that she was actually a pretty selfish woman who absolutely had no feelings for anyone who didn’t love her.

    When Chen Baichuan smelled the scent of soup wafting to him, he felt rather happy inside his heart as he sat on the sofa cross-legged, reading newspapers pretentiously.

    It was his daughter’s first time making food after she became an adult, and she was doing it with his wife! As the man of the house with the highest position at home, what kind of attitude should he show to them when the soup was presented to his mouth later?

    He should not show too much excitement; otherwise, that would make him lose his face. Well, he might as well speak some pretty words to his child, something like a daughter was great, sweet, etc. Haha, perfect!

    As soon as the kitchen door opened, Chen Baichuan instantly adjusted his sitting position and blocked his face with the newspaper. He must not behave too over the top, lest he was seen through.

    “I’m not eating lunch at home. Wait for my call in the afternoon.” Qianmo removed the apron, picked up the thermos, and walked towards the door.

    Chen Baichuan put down the newspaper, his heart shattering into pieces when he heard the door shut.

    So the soup was not for him?!

    “Disappointed?” Mu Mianmian simply couldn’t hold her laughter when she came out of the kitchen and saw the disappointed face of Chen Baichuan.

    “For what?! Look at this girl, so disobedient! Always thinking about going outside! Has she even finished her homework?!” Chen Baichuan struck the newspaper on the table furiously.

    “Since when did she get the homework?”

    Then he turned to Mu Mianmian, who looked like she was on the verge of laughing and bellowed at her. “It’s all your fault! What’s the point of even having a daughter? She keeps showing kindness to outsiders! So terrible…”

    “You want to drink soup?” Mu Mianmian pointed to the heart of the matter.

    Chen Baichuan blushed. “Why bother? I don’t need soup! I don’t like it!”

    But his heart was bleeding out of agony.

    He had not even had a sip of the soup, but the bad boy outside got to drink as much as he liked! What was so good about that guy anyway? He just looked fierce! He better get suffocated with soup!

    “Here’s yours!” Mu Mianmian carried a bowl of soup from the kitchen and placed it in front of Chen Baichuan, who turned mild all of a sudden.

    “What’s this…?”

    “Your daughter spared this bowl for you. She made it herself! Oh, but you don’t like it, right? Then, I’ll pour it off.” Mu Mianmian pretended as if she were going to throw the soup away when Chen Baichuan suddenly grabbed the bowl from her and started to pour it into his mouth without bothering to use the spoon.

    “Watch out! It’s hot, you old man! Be careful!”

    Chen Baichuan put down the bowl with satisfaction. He smiled so brightly that his joyful mood was already sold out. But he still said the harsh words as per usual.

    “It’s just so-so; I drank it because I don’t want to hurt Mo’s feelings. My daughter can finally make food. I’ll tell Wang that his sons are useless! All they do is ask for money from home.”

    “I remember someone just saying that a daughter always helps outsiders… Well, Mo made a couple of dishes for you back in the kitchen, but I don’t think you’ll like them. I can eat…”

    The father swished by and rushed to the kitchen. He felt the place filled with the fragrant aroma of food.

    Chen Baichuan had a taste of the dishes and felt pleased inside his heart. Haha, that bad boy could eat the food his daughter made, but so what? Mo was still on the way, and what he was going to eat would be the leftovers… Hang on, something didn’t seem so right here…