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Chapter 60

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 60: A Girl from the Other Family

    Qianmo went to the hospital with the soup she had cooked and the scallion pancakes she had bought from the street stand. However, before she went upstairs, she scooped out a telescope and looked up. Well, she had all the reason to bring such a thing with her wherever she went.

    Sure enough, as she looked into the room through the opened window, a man in short-sleeves was making some gestures. Was he doing… Tai Chi?!

    For a man like Yu Changmo, who couldn’t stand being bored, he would feel quite painful to lie still and do nothing when he was sick. Nonetheless, Tai Chi was just a warm-up for him since he had some fists to practice later, as well as some high-impact physical exercises.

    He had been very excited after receiving the text that his goddess was going to have lunch with him. He just didn’t feel comfortable lying in bed without doing anything.

    As Qianmo came to the ward with the things in her hands, she made a shushing gesture when she came to the door. The man who was guarding Yu Changmo’s ward threw a compassionate look at the door and prayed for his boss’s wellness.

    Qianmo tiptoed to the door and then instantly opened it, only to see the man with his arms outstretched. The moment he caught sight of her, he hurried to stand at attention, and the outstretched arm hit the wall after a second, mumbling.

    “I’m just killing a mosquito.”

    Had she not seen what he had been doing from downstairs through the telescope, she would have believed his words.

    Qianmo put the food in the cabinet, pulled out a chair, seated herself upon it, crossed her legs, put her arms over her chest, and finally stared at him as if she were his headteacher.

    She didn’t know how to throw a temper, and she didn’t like using those methods either. After all, just one look from hers would solve all the problems.

    Yu Changmo walked up to the window, turned his back to her, and said profoundly as he gazed at the landscape into the distance.

    “I feel uncomfortable when I don’t move.”

    “Okay.” Please continue with your nonsense.

    Although he didn’t turn around his head, he felt numbness creeping along his spine. It was not the fear from the phobia, but rather, it was an indescribably complex feeling, one that caused panic and sweetness at the same time. Of course, in the words of outsiders’, he was just a bit afraid of his own people (wife).

    Yu Changmo racked his brain and tried to come up with a reason that could convince her. Qianmo, however, only looked at him with a smile, who was trying to gather up all the words he knew.

    “This is the last warning. If I ever see you moving around and ignoring your physical condition, I will…”

    Scared, he waited for a whole second but heard nothing. So he turned around and found the beautiful girl standing right in front of him, placing her long fingers upon his chin as she said cheerfully.

    “Did it feel good to pass out yesterday?”

    He felt dizzy as Qianmo withdrew her hand, returned to her seat, and noted this change into her memory. When there was nothing going on in the background, the phobia of his visited frequently.

    Yu Changmo leaned against the window and was about to shout that he shouldn’t be spared due to compassion just because he was sick. Come on, girl, come to me now!

    But Qianmo didn’t get his crazy suggestion. This man always had a paralyzed facial expression whenever he got nervous, and it was impossible to fathom what he was thinking.

    When she withdrew her hands, he felt quite sorry in his heart. Yu Changmo sneaked a peek at her as he tried to smoothen his fear.

    Qianmo was still not wearing any makeup today, and her hair was braided casually. Dressed in simple short-sleeves and jeans, she still looked so amazing. What a confusing riddle!

    The ward was no longer so cold with her around. She put the soup into a bowl for both of them, but she didn’t start eating right away and instead stared at him.

    He wouldn’t move the chopsticks if she didn’t. Although he had his eyes fixed upon the bowl, he could still sense her look upon him. His heart raced so fast, just like a galloping horse.

    It felt so good to sit with her in quietness.

    “Do you feel bad when I am sitting here?”

    He shook his head.

    Qianmo moved an inch forward, but he hurriedly shook his head again.

    She was trying to test the effective zone of his phobia, and that was also one of the main reasons why she was here today.

    She shortened the distance from three meters to one meter and then to half a meter, but he still didn’t have any reaction.

    “Try looking at my face.”

    He took a look at her, noticing that her skin was so perfectly fine and smooth with no blemishes at all.

    What would happen to his phobia when he looked at her within such a short distance? Qianmo must find out the zone of his disease so as to be able to make a further diagnosis. But she was already such a short distance away, yet he was not feeling dizzy at all. She was about to get closer to him when she noticed large beads of sweat emerging from his forehead. Moreover, his fists clenched, and pupils enlarged.

    It was… coming again?

    Qianmo’s lip corners twitched.

    “Are you trying to hold the pain?” Was this guy crazy?

    He was trying to tolerate the agony because he wanted to stay closer to her?

    “No.” He moved his head away with difficulty. Dizziness always came knocking when he looked at her. Yu Changmo tried hard to keep himself steady with his powerful self-control, telling himself to remain persistent. What if she did come closer to him?

    It was the biggest happiness accompanied by the most extreme pain, all due to a mental problem facing the right girl. He felt both sweet and agonized.

    “Disobedient boys would be punished.” She had her hands over his face, and the two were closely connected together.

    On one side, he was on the verge of breaking down because of the torment, while on the other, he was shouting crazily inside his heart and begged that the moment would not stop!

    It was joy mixed with pain.

    As she was holding his face and surveying her territory like a queen, he had his arms hung right in the air and was about to hug her with them when…

    The door slammed open.

    “My poor Brother Mo, oh!”

    Qianmo pushed him off her as the disappointment was written all over his face. Then he turned to the unexpected guest who had just barged in, looking very fierce. No matter who it was that came into the room, he had the urge to beat him or her.

    A girl covered in pink from head to toe was standing at the door. The pink dress had laces on it, and she was also wearing a pair of pink high-heels, pink hairpins, plus some pink eyeshadow and lipstick. She even had a pink rose in her hands.

    She sounded so affectedly sweet before she even showed up, trying to doll herself up as a princess only to run into Goddess Mo, who didn’t even need any clothes to make herself look pretty.

    When she stood next to Qianmo, she looked like a countryside girl who was trying to have a battle against one of the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She was put in the shade after her false exquisiteness ran into the real queen.

    That girl threw an unfriendly glance at her Brother Mo’s foxy lady, only to realize that this foxy lady looked so pretty and familiar too…

    “Chen Qianmo?! What are you doing here? Stay away from him! What are you holding my Brother Mo for?”

    Qianmo took a step backward when she caught sight of her. She even pushed Black off her, too.

    It was her old classmate from high school called Zhen Ni.

    Zhen Ni was indeed a weirdo.

    It was said that her father, Zhen Ka, was an upright man who didn’t pass on any of these genes to his daughter. Zhen Ni had always run into troubles and tried to pick on Qianmo before she was expelled by the school for breaking the regulations. She didn’t inherit a single thing from her father, and Qianmo even believed that this girl must have taken after her mother, Qu Xue.