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Chapter 61

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 61: Break Up

    In high school, Qianmo was a top student, and even her looks were outstanding. Hence, she had a lot of admirers. Zhen Ni prided herself as being a little princess. With her sweetness, she usually had quite a number of suitors as well. Both Qianmo and Zhen Ni were in the Science Experiment class, where the ratio of boys to girls was an unbelievable 5:1. Furthermore, Qianmo was consistently amongst the top three in the class, while Zhen Ni…

    Well, due to her father, she did not have to go through an interview in the school to change classes. She was consistently first… from the bottom.

    As Qianmo was more mature for her age, she paid no heed to boy-girl relationships and did not care about her so-called suitors. In class, she was often alone and did not think that she had ever offended Zhen Ni.

    Yet, Zhen Ni always hated Qianmo and would compare herself with Qianmo intentionally or otherwise. Especially when Qianmo was selected as the campus belle, she was so furious, she almost ground her teeth to dust.

    Qianmo was not interested in these childish games, so when others called her the campus belle, she just went, “Oh, where?” Later, when she found out that they were referring to her, she was speechless for a long time.

    For her college aspiration, Qianmo chose psychology under her father’s coercion. Unwilling to lose, Zhen Ni also followed suit, and then… Well, she managed to get special extra points due to her father’s disability as a result of a work-related injury and barely made the cut to be admitted into the university… next to Qianmo’s—The Agricultural University next door.

    Although Zhen Ni herself was unwilling to accept the outcome, with her score, if she did not suck it up, she would have to apply for a course that nobody wanted to take. Hence, she accepted the Agricultural University and narrowly made it into a university next to Qianmo, as the lowest-ranking student.

    Just a few days after entering college, Zhen Ni saw a post on the college forum saying that there was a refreshing beauty amongst the freshmen. Her natural, without-make-up face was much prettier than the celebrities, and even amongst the campus belles from previous years, she had ranked first.

    When Zhen Ni saw the post, she was a bit shy. After all, she was a delicate flower and found it mildly embarrassing to be selected as the campus belle. However, she felt that everyone had an excellent aesthetic sense. That was until she saw the photograph at the end of the post.

    It was Qianmo’s side profile from when she first entered the school. She appeared aloof and seemed to keep others thousands of miles away from her. Just a glance from her when she turned around had left them in awe. Hence, someone secretly took a picture and posted it on the forum.

    Soon, there was a comment that the beauty was not a student of the Agricultural University, but from the college next door…

    All of this happened unbeknownst to Qianmo. Nevertheless, she could not be bothered with all this silliness even if she knew. On the first day of school, she was actually upset because she was annoyed with her father. Yet, this resulted in her being praised as an aloof, refreshing beauty. However, she was unaware of that.

    On the other hand, Zhen Ni was fuming mad and felt as if Chen Qianmo was everywhere. Wherever she went, Chen Qianmo would be there, like a shadow. Even when they were not in the same school, she still had to steal the title of campus belle from her. Hence, Zhen Ni bore a huge grudge against her.

    Had Qianmo not been tortured by this boy-crazy woman in prison in her past life, she would have forgotten that there was such a character. When she saw Zhen Ni, it still took her a few seconds before she remembered who she actually was.

    Due to special reasons, Qianmo had met Zhen Ni’s mother, Qu Xue, who had left a lasting impression on her. Like mother, like daughter, a boy-crazy mother would raise a boy-crazy daughter.

    Yet, despite everything, who would have thought that Zhen Ni was acquainted with Black?

    After Yu Changmo’s attempt to get intimate was interrupted, he was in a terrible mood. Regardless of whoever Zhen Ni was, his face fell.

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I heard that you’re sick~~” Zhen Ni’s voice was very unique. Although she was obviously a northern girl, she purposefully spoke in a pleasant-sounding Wu dialect like a southern. For other men, her sweet voice would have had an immediate effect on them, but Yu Changmo simply frowned.

    “Get out if you can’t speak properly.”

    Sigh, he was so rude to girls as well; it was astonishing how consistent he was. Qianmo secretly observed from behind him, not feeling the least bit shameful for pushing Black out.

    Generally, when girls heard such impolite remarks, they probably would have felt like they had lost face and that a thousand arrows were piercing their hearts. They might even dash out of the room, crying loudly. However, Zhen Ni turned a deaf ear to his words, and instead, she continued to persevere and went closer to him.

    “Brother Mo, do you feel uncomfortable? Are you in pain? When I heard that you were ill, I could not sleep well all night and ran over here early morning.”

    As she spoke, she moved forward one step at a time. Yu Changmo intended to retreat, but with Qianmo standing behind him, he had no way to do so. When Zhen Ni was less than a meter away from Black, she spread her arms open, and disregarding her princess persona, she wanted to rush towards him. Yu Changmo turned around and escaped, not forgetting to drag the goddess behind along with him.

    Zhen Ni ended up missing him and crashing into the window sill. Yu Changmo walked straight to the bed and sat down, looking at her contemptuously.

    “Did your parents not educate you about self-esteem and self-love? Don’t you know it’s ill manners to hug and embrace when you meet someone?”

    Qian Mo quickly looked in Zhen Ni’s direction. She was not afraid of anything else, other than this pink lady committing suicide by jumping out of the window.

    If anyone else dared to say that to her, she would not have let that person off the hook, but this pink girl simply stomped her foot…

    “Hey, Brother Mo, you don’t have to be embarrassed; we are childhood sweethearts—”

    “It’s impossible for the beautiful scenery near my house to grow rotten sweethearts.”

    “Brother Mo, what do you mean?” It was difficult for Zhen Ni to understand him with her IQ, so she stared at him while blinking her large innocent eyes.

    “I mean…” Taking a deep breath, Black replied, “Stop being boy-crazy and go back to where you came from. Don’t pollute the air here and ruin others’ moods!”

    Qianmo saw Black criticizing her expressionlessly before shouting towards the door when he was done.

    “Phoenix! Get in!”

    The man, who had been guarding the door, pushed the door open. When he saw the situation, he could feel a headache coming on: his boss’s face was certainly gloomy enough. His desire to survive made him want to disappear quickly, but he still had to push aside his fear and smile obsequiously.

    “Boss, you called for me?”

    “Don’t let nobodies in! Escort her out!”

    “Yes!” The man, whose code name was Phoenix, hurried over to Zhen Ni, who finally looked upset, and gestured for her to leave.

    “Miss Zhen, please follow me.”

    No matter how thick-skinned she was, Zhen Ni was too embarrassed to continue staying. She glanced at Black like she wanted to say something, but she realized that he was not even looking at her.

    “I’ll contact you again. What’s your phone number, Brother Mo?”

    Yu Changmo turned his head away and gazed at the scenery outside the window. At the same time, his subordinate pushed Zhen Ni forcefully out of the door to the corridor ~ Don’t come back ~

    Even through the closed door, they could still hear Zhen Ni’s shouts, but no one could make out what she was saying. Black’s subordinate was impressive, though. He had either dragged her away or perhaps gagged her?

    Qian Mo pondered over this with interest. Suddenly, she felt a piercing glance coming from the bed. Black was, as his name suggested, scowling at her. The same face that was usually docile and obedient towards her had a rare look of fury at the moment.

    “Why? Did I offend you?” she asked.

    In the fit of pique, he turned his head away.

    Seeing him behave like that, Qianmo ignored it. She was a female warrior who could fight a brat; she would certainly not be afraid of this kindergartener-like tantrum.

    She blew at the soup while holding the pot. When Black turned around, he saw the heartless woman with a bowl in hand, and he grew even angrier.

    “You pushed me to her!”

    Humph, was his phobia acting up again? There seemed to be some progress, though, judging from his aggrieved expression and accusatory tone. Tsk, tsk.