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Chapter 62 - He has a Bottom Line

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 62: He has a Bottom Line

    “When did I push you to her?” Qianmo appeared calm and refused to admit it.

    Humph. He no longer wanted to talk to this heartless woman.

    The more she thought about it, the angrier she was. She did not care about him at all. But even if she had no feelings for him, when another woman came, she would not deliberately try to disgust him.

    “I was making a diagnosis to see your reaction to other women.”

    She wanted to know whether his phobia was directed only at her or the opposite sex in general.

    “Really?” Doubtfully, he turned to look at her, trying to obtain some clues from her expression.

    Qianmo fed the cooled down chicken broth to his mouth. Thinking about how fiercely he had chided Zhen Ni, she let out a chuckle.

    It was intentional, after all! Black pridefully turned his head away, refusing to drink the soup. His goddess had broken his heart, and he had a bottom line!

    “Okay, don’t be angry. Isn’t it because I trust you? It’s unrealistic for me to argue with other people with my temper.”

    What she said was true.

    In terms of how he handled male-female relationships, her Black had been particularly reassuring in this aspect since her previous life. He never went out and messed around, so Qianmo never worried about his private life. According to Black’s bodyguard, Master Mo would even scold women who threw themselves at him till they broke out in tears. Master Mo’s family culture was so strict that he could not bear to look at those women who behaved improperly.

    So… He threw himself at her instead?

    “The soup will turn cold if you don’t drink it. I made it myself and even chose the pigeons…”

    The prideful man turned his head back. He would temporarily tuck his bottom line away in a cupboard for a while. After drinking it, he would then tell her about it.

    Seeing him seething, Qianmo found it both funny and heart-wrenching. Sigh… Silly little black, he was so cute. How could she bear to leave him in the future?

    “I really trust your character. Besides, didn’t I say that this was for the sake of your treatment? If she really dares to pounce on you and defile you, would I stand by and let that happen?” She was just calmer and collected, not stupid.

    Black was amazing. Even she could not bear to hehe him herself, what more to throw him out to be defiled by a boy-crazy woman.

    With warm soup in his stomach, Yu Changmo shamefully admitted that he was once again bewitched by the goddess’s rare tenderness.

    A woman, who was usually cold and aloof, could melt half the world in half as long if she showed just a tad bit of affection.

    After his slight depression dissipated, Black, who had calmed down, felt a wave of lingering fear.

    Just now… Wasn’t he unfriendly towards her?

    Did he just yell at the boy-crazy woman in front of her?

    … Wouldn’t that leave a very bad impression on her? What if she thinks that I am a bitter and mean guy, who does not treat women well? What should I do then…

    Thinking about this, Black stiffly drank the soup that no longer seemed fragrant to him, his mind overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts.

    “I”—she hesitated, wanting to say that she liked how he was “ungentlemanly”, yet she felt that it was a little inappropriate, so she changed it to—”I taught a brat a lesson today.”

    “Huh?” His attention was diverted.

    She told him about how she had taught Zhou Zhou a lesson. Yu Changmo could not help but pay full attention to the goddess in his heart and burst out laughing, his beautiful black eyes twinkling like stars in the night sky.

    “Naughty.” After thinking about it for a while, he thought this word described her best.

    Although she behaves restrainedly and calmly, deep inside, she has the soul of a little girl who liked to prank others.

    If Qianmo knew what he was thinking, she would most likely have goosebumps. Hello, she was seriously being a villain who bullied children! That was not being naughty.

    Oh, he also secretly jotted down the things that she liked to play, like Lego and jigsaw puzzles. Yu Changmo wanted to get the limited-edition accessories as soon as possible. He was not asking for the best, just the most expensive birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and all others of the sort! He would not have to fret over what to give her as presents anymore.

    “I think that children’s education is very important. It’s not good to always teach them to be kind. Rather, it’s better to be principled. In this case, you are better.” She awkwardly used a more tactful way to express her satisfaction in his action of driving the boy-crazy woman away.

    But when her words entered his ears, their meaning naturally became distorted. Oh, the goddess places great importance on children’s education and hopes that I take the initiative to share the job of educating our children?

    “My parents are more open-minded. Sometimes when my mother is busy with work, my father would take care of us. But he’s not good at cooking and also can’t find anything. I think in terms of cooking and cleaning up the house, I’m more like a mum.” While strongly hinting to her, he put his father down.

    In her past life, he rarely mentioned things about his family. Qianmo listened to him attentively. It sounded as if… his elderly father from the influential family of locksmiths was not very reliable?

    “How many children are there in your family?”

    “Three, I have a sister who’s four years older than me and a twin brother.”

    So many! Qianmo swore that she did not like to snoop around other people’s affairs, except for his.

    “Are your sister and brother also as… outstanding as you?” If he had a younger brother, perhaps the pressure to carry on his ancestral line… was not too much?

    Putting aside how he treated outsiders, he was definitely an honest man towards her and would tell her the truth regardless of what she asked.

    Without any hesitation, he replied, “My sister is very outstanding. Her personality is great, and she is very easy to get along with. Her temper is somewhat similar to yours, so it should not be difficult for both of you to get along with each other.”

    “Like… me?!” Wouldn’t that be a dangerous person?

    Black nodded. “Yep! Both of you look good and have cute personalities.”

    My cold and sinister personality… can’t possibly be remotely related to being cute? Qianmo thought incredulously. Nevertheless, she was still pleased with his evaluation of her and also had a good first impression of his sister.

    “As for my brother, he’s a rich scumbag.”

    Qianmo was amused by how earnestly he offered his evaluation.

    “How much of a scumbag is he?”

    “Just because he has money, he always changes his girlfriend. I am completely different from him, though; I’m much more devoted,” Black said seriously, steadily shooting down his brother after putting down his father.

    “Although we are twins, it may be because I inherited my father’s faithfulness and robbed him of all the good genes that he ended up such a scumbag. I’m also somewhat guilty. After all, I’m indeed outstanding.”

    “I recorded what you just said.” She shook her phone and threatened, “What’s your brother’s number? I will sell him this audio recording. Will this overbearing chairman invite me to a scrumptious meal?”

    He reached out for the scallion pancake at the bedhead and handed it to her. “You can eat this pancake.”

    Trying to stuff my mouth with food again! Qianmo stifled her laughter. From now on, if someone told her that Black was a dull man, she would give them two tight slaps. Black was the cutest!

    If they found him boring, it was because they had not taken a fancy to him. To her, he was never dull. On the contrary, he had been rather unrestrained.

    As long as he maintained his distance and kept his emotions in check, his phobia would not act up and cause trouble, and both of them could live together in harmony.

    He told her some anecdotes from his childhood. Qianmo listened exuberantly, and from time to time, she would throw in some amazing sarcasm. The morning flew past quickly as the two chatted.

    Phoenix, who was guarding the door, furtively lay against the door and listened to the muffled sounds.

    Gosh, who’s this talkative man?

    Did Boss fall ill and have a personality change?

    He had chattered more this morning than he normally did in half a year combined. His boss’s wife, who looked aloof, was also laughing softly from time to time. No one would believe if someone said that they were not dating.

    Phoenix immediately wrote and mass sent a message: “Spring is here for Boss. Not only is he frivolous, he’s also coquettish. My brothers, you can rest assured now. Boss should be able to marry successfully.”