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Chapter 63 - Something’s Happened

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 63: Something’s Happened

    At home, the imposing man, who was sitting on the sofa while watching the news, raised his eyebrows as he saw his wife carrying soup and placing it smack down in front of him.

    “Come and drink this.” Leftovers for her pet!

    “Isn’t it meant to be delivered to our son?”

    Chen Meng took off her apron and scooped a bowl for her husband.

    “Our son has Mo to care for him, and he warned us repeatedly not to go over. Sigh… our little puppy, Black, has become really frivolous after getting a girlfriend.” He did not even want his biological mother’s care, tsk tsk.

    She sighed after saying her piece.

    “To take care of my son, I even applied for leave. In the end, he said he didn’t need me. It seems like our children have grown up in a flash. Sigh. Dear, are you also on leave?” Chen Meng was in a dilemma as both she and her husband were in fairly high-ranking positions and were extremely busy. To look after their son, they both took leave, yet he did not want their company.

    “No, I was just taking the opportunity to take a break from work.” The proud second master pretended not to care as he said, “It’s not for him. These little brats forgot their mother after getting a partner. Only I am good to you.”

    She looked at him to check that he was indeed their biological father. Putting his sons down like that, tsk tsk.


    When Qianmo came home, it was past dinner time.

    The time spent with Black always seemed to pass so quickly. In retrospect, it did not look like they talked about anything, yet they could spend a day just casually chatting.

    Both of them had a lot in common. After all, Black was much younger than in her previous life and was much more outgoing in contrast. Qianmo always felt like a person with a fun-loving soul was one in a hundred; her little Black was precisely that one, so hard to find.

    Going home in a good mood, Qianmo was stunned as soon as she pushed the door open.

    Her house was in a mess. Her dad was sitting on the sofa, smoking with his head down. After taking a few puffs, he would take one or two gulps of Chinese distilled liquor. The floor was covered with a pile of cigarette butts and empty liquor bottles, with her aunt nowhere to be seen.

    “Was there a thief?” Qianmo’s eyes swept the scene, feeling as if there had been a family war at home, with things thrown everywhere.

    “I’m so mad!” Chen Baichuan picked up the remote control and smashed it on the ground, shattering it into smithereens. Clearly, it seemed that he had too much to drink.

    Qian Mo knew at a glance that something was wrong. Although her father had a bad temper, he had never been so worked up.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Children shouldn’t ask and meddle in adults’ business!” Chen Baichuan had obviously drunk too much. He was speaking with a lisp and made absolutely no sense.

    Qian Mo turned around and entered her room. After she closed the door, Chen Baichuan slumped on the sofa, covering his face with his hands.

    Sigh, this is so vexing. He should just drink until he dies.

    Qianmo called her aunt, but no one answered the phone. Even after trying for a while, there was no response.

    Her dad was already a useless drunkard, and her aunt had also disappeared.

    She had to find her aunt first. Once Mu Mianmian became furious, she would easily go to extremes. Please don’t let anything happen to her.

    After thinking about it for a while, Qianmo browsed through her contact list. Right now, she only had a limited number of people she could call for help. Even if she found someone to aid in her search, she would have to go around the whole city to look for Mu Mianmian.

    There were only a few entries in Qianmo’s contact list, mainly her childhood friends and high school classmates. Among them, there was no lack of local residents with some connections. But these people…

    She was no longer a teenager now. Naturally, she would not think that a person would treat her well without any rhyme or reason. If she could use the money to obtain something, she would not use her connections as much as possible. After all, if she did so, she might end up owing a lot more than simple money in the future. Furthermore, amongst these contacts, more than half of them were her suitors.

    If I’m unwilling to accept their pursuits, I should not be using anything from them. After pondering over and over again, she decided that Black, her biggest creditor, was still the most reliable.

    After all, one can pluck wool from a sheep until it’s bald. Besides, I owe him the most. When there are too many ticks, you will no longer feel the itch.

    Moreover, Qianmo had an inexplicable premonition that if she dared to seek help from others, Black would become difficult to handle for a long time. He had a strange personality: one could say that he had a big heart, but one could also say that it was very small.

    In the spirit of international green teaism of acting innocent, Qianmo called him, and he answered almost within a second.

    “Lend me a few people.”

    “Did something happen?”

    Qianmo recounted what she saw.

    “Wait for me at your doorstep in ten minutes.”

    “You have to recuperate—”

    “I think my phobia is going to act up. I feel sick… Maybe if I’m nervous, my wound will split open, and it could lead to something serious…”

    His voice gradually weakened as he spoke!

    “…Okay, come over then. Let your brother drive; don’t do it yourself. If your wound opens up, never come over to meet me in the future.”

    Qianmo spoke into the phone. After he hung up, she turned speechless for quite a few seconds.

    What does this man think his phobia is? Although his condition is strange and just comes and goes as it pleases, should he be using it as a way to get what he wants anytime he wishes?

    The image of the brat Zhou Zhou lying on the ground whining for his toys, “No, no. I won’t get up unless you give me my toy,” suddenly popped into Qianmo’s mind.

    In Black’s case, it would have been: “No, no. If you don’t let me follow, my illness will act up…”

    It was not in the least bit weird.

    Qianmo packed up her things and headed downstairs. Not long after, his car arrived outside. She did not tell him her address, yet he could still locate it. This was reliable little Black.

    As long as he did not take the initiative to ask, he basically knew about it. The way he handled things so steadily was a stark contrast to the childishness when he threatened her with his illness. Nonetheless, he was really obedient in letting his brother drive the car.

    The front seat was empty; he had run to the backseat to squeeze in with her. Afraid that his phobia would act up, she had to look out the window on the left. Looking at the back of his petulant head, Qianmo tried to feel him out.

    “If I had looked for my childhood friend for help just now…”

    “Male or female?”


    He suddenly became sick and weak within a second. His hand was placed over his wound, looking like he was about to pass out. Qianmo almost believed him.

    The driver in the front seat had to strongly suppress his urge to expose his boss. After Qianmo went home, his boss was shadowboxing in the ward, ‘In love’ written all over his face. If he was given a pair of wings, he would have flown up to the sky to be next to the sun. Give him a lasso on a long wooden pole, and he would be the most formidable and mighty man on the prairie.

    “I didn’t look for him as I thought it was more appropriate to find you for such things. After all, you’re my… cooperative partner.” Her hunch was right; he was such a jealous man. She shouldn’t mess with him unless necessary.

    He shamelessly ignored the second sentence once again, only choosing to hear the first part. He instantly put his hand back down.

    “I may not be that uncomfortable.”

    “Hahahaha.” His brother at the front could not hold it in anymore and burst out laughing, his sides almost splitting.

    Gosh, if the news of what had just happened were to spread, he would go viral instantly.

    Yu Changmo’s eyes swept across him, and he consciously quieted down, looked out of the window, and praised the scenery.

    “Q City is really amazing and produces so many beauties…” The beauty it produces just happened to pair up with his brutal beast of a boss, pfft.

    Naturally, reliable Black would not bring his goddess on a wild goose chase around the world. Qianmo provided a picture of her aunt, and he sent the photo to his underlings. Soon, they received an update.

    Qianmo’s aunt was in a bar on the west side of the city.

    The efficiency was much faster than Qianmo expected. Although this was not Black’s home city, he had useful connections as usual.

    When they arrived, they saw that the bar’s roller shutter door was half-lowered, and there were brawling sounds coming from inside.

    This was bad; something must have happened.