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Chapter 64 - A Flower

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 64: A Flower

    Qian Mo bent down to go past the roller shutter door. Once she entered, she immediately noticed two individuals. To be more precise, they were two outstanding men who were in a fight with a group of scoundrels.

    Two men against a whole group. Yet, they were not on the losing end.

    With just a glance, Qianmo spotted her aunt, who seemed to have fainted, behind the duo.

    Sha Mufeng caught sight of Changmo, who was next to Qianmo, and immediately pulled back his fist and left the stage, leaving his brother, Sha Muyu, wailing and howling.

    “Brother, you can’t do this to me!”

    Seeing that there was one less opponent, the group of scoundrels rushed towards Sha Muyu like a swarm of bees, attacking him till he wished that he had three heads and six arms.

    “Second Brother, those people drugged our aunt. Had Xiaoyu and I arrived just a step later, these people would likely have dragged her away.”

    Qianmo’s face immediately fell after hearing about the drugging.

    The handsome man stared at Qianmo curiously. “Brother Mo, are you sure you want me to call her sister-in-law? She’s even younger than my brother. I’m a little…” Bothered psychologically…

    As these children had grown up together, they were absolutely close brothers. Black was the oldest and the most imposing amongst the boys. With just one glance from him, Mufeng’s dilemma dissipated with the wind. Thinking about how he had followed Brother Mo in conquering the world with their fists, he immediately decided to change his tune.

    “Hello, Second Sister-in-law!”

    Qianmo was about to reply when she heard Xiaoyu, who was being ganged upon by the group of scoundrels, yelling.

    “Can you wait until the fight is over to reminisce? Are you taking me for a fool and running away?”

    He couldn’t take it anymore.

    Yu Changmo flexed his wrists and calmly said, “Step away.”

    Qianmo saw that he was about to step in and wanted to stop him, but Mufeng and Phoenix, whom Black had brought along, flanked her on both sides and pulled her away.

    “Second Sister-in-law, just let him fight.”

    How could male peacocks attract the opposite sex if they didn’t show off their train of feathers?

    Qian Mo was dragged aside. Sha Muyu jumped out of the brawl and wiped off his sweat. Gee, this baby’s exhausted.

    Looking up, he noticed Qianmo and pointed at her in surprise. “New campus belle!”

    Qianmo: “…”

    Sha Muyu had thicker nerves, was more insensitive, and was, therefore, more likely to derail from the topic. After verbally attacking his brother, he pointed at Qianmo and started praising, “This is the new freshman girl in our school. She’s the one I told you about, the one that caused a sensation as soon as she stepped foot in the building. All it took was her side profile to overthrow the current campus belle. I was still pondering whether I can woo—”

    As the older brother, Sha Mufeng really could not bear to leave his younger brother to court his own doom. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Second Brother had already knocked over two scoundrels with a sweep of his leg and that he was looking over at them…

    “Second Brother brought her over.”

    “Second Brother really has high standards. I was still worried about not seeing the campus belle these few days, and here he is, bringing her to me.”

    Mufeng rubbed his temples. Will his younger brother really be able to become a policeman in the future? Can he gain honor and glory without using his brain to think?

    He had hinted at him so blatantly, and yet, his younger brother was still being stupid, saying that he was interested in Qianmo. Second Brother’s glance at them was vaguely murderous …

    Second Brother adopted the most direct way to express his anger and sent one of the scoundrels flying with a kick. Sent. Him. Flying!

    The kind-hearted Mufeng looked at the unfortunate man that was kicked and replaced it with his brother’s face in his mind, patting him sympathetically.

    “Her name is Chen Qianmo, understand?”

    “Chen Qianmo. That’s a great name. I’ll look it up when I go back to school. Wait a minute… What’s her name?!”

    “Chen Qianmo.”

    When Mufeng finished speaking, he saw his brother’s legs turn to jelly. He could no longer stand and had to lean against the wall.


    “Am I that scary?” Qianmo asked as she walked towards her aunt, who was still unconscious and breathing steadily.

    Horrified and supporting himself against the wall, Xiaoyu replied while quivering, “Campus belle, no, Second Sister-in-law, you are not scary; you’re a bewitching goddess…” The one you bewitched is Sun God.

    This was the code name that Yu Changmo used in the army, and it basically represented his character.

    Normally, the Sun God was a radiant and positive figure, but… once he was irritated, it would be just as the name suggested: he would burn you to death like the sun!

    Sha Muyu glanced at the one-sided thrashing in front of him. Just now, he and his brother had worked very hard to fight off the group of gangsters. Yet, Second Brother had knocked them down easily with three punches and two kicks. The remaining two looked like they were about to die…

    “I suddenly remembered I have to go home and help my mother with housework. Goodbye!” After saying that, Sha Xiaoyu wanted to dash off.

    “Stop right there.”

    With one kick, Yu Changmo had one of the remaining gangsters lying on the floor. He then conveniently knocked down the last of the bunch. After dealing with all his enemies, he instructed coldly.

    Sha Muyu was about to shed tears. Waa… Mommy, I miss you. He looked to his brother for help. However, who knew that Sha Mufeng, with his first-class survival skills, had consciously backed away and stood next to his Second Sister-in-law, asking her in a caring and polite manner, “Do you need my help?”

    He drew a line between him and his foolish younger brother to avoid being implicated when his Second Brother took revenge.

    “Second Brother! My dear brother! I really didn’t know that Campus Belle Sister-in-law was your secret crush—”

    “Shut up.” Yu Changmo glared at him and looked towards Qianmo, not knowing how much she had heard.

    Seeing Qianmo looking at her aunt with her head bent down, Yu Changmo secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She shouldn’t have heard… right?

    Glaring at the thoughtless Sha Xiaoyu, he decided to get his revenge on him later on. He had better shut his mouth tightly and not go to Mo to blabber!

    Yu Changmo asked Sha Mufeng, “Will she need to have her stomach pumped?”

    The oldest son of the Sha family had graduated from the Department of Forensic Medicine and was currently working in the Appraisal Unit at the Department of Justice. Picking up the cup on the table that Qianmo’s aunt had drunk from, he shook it and gently dipped his finger in.

    “No need. I’ll give her a shot in a bit. Just go back and have her drink more water. This drug is not pure, so she should wake up soon.”

    Right then, Qianmo noticed one of the floored scoundrels picking up a wine bottle and stumbling towards Yu Changmo to attack him from behind. However, it was too late for her to pounce on him from where she was.

    “Be careful!”

    Along with her warning, Yu Changmo did not even look back. He simply picked up the chair in front of him and flung it behind. The man swayed for a bit before rolling his eyes and fainting.

    After Qianmo came back, she had already witnessed his skills. Nonetheless, it was still so exciting to see him fighting against many up close. If she was not worried about Little Aunt, she would definitely have been mesmerized by the in-action Black. He was indeed handsome.

    “Call the police.” Yu Changmo instructed the bartender who was cowering behind the counter. “Get the compensation from these people.”

    After throwing the words, he wanted to help Qianmo support her aunt. Before he could do that, Sha Muyu, who was guilty of coveting the Sun God’s woman and afraid that the Sun God’s rays would incinerate him, hurried over to her and tried to curry favor with her.

    “Let me help, Second Sister-in-law. Your aunt is Second Brother’s family, and his family is also my family. Second Brother is my brother, so Second Sister-in-law is also my dear sister-in-law…”

    His desire to survive could be said to be very strong as he harped on the same thing over and over again. His words all emphasized one thing: Second Brother, I dare not desire your woman.

    Yu Changmo and his brother were twins. Strictly speaking, the frequency of Third Brother scheming against someone was a little higher, but what was truly scary was the usually gentle and considerate Second Brother…

    He was a mighty existence that would first beat the person half-dead before slowly torturing him till he coughed up blood. Although Third Brother would physically attack the person, at least, it would be over quickly. But the way Second Brother beat up someone was… inflicting harm after harm on the person!

    Think about it, it was already sad to be violently beaten up, but what made it worse was that after getting rid of 99% of the blood, he would leave 1% of it and slowly drain it drop by drop using different methods for more than half an hour until he died. Who could bear that!