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Chapter 65 - Hold Back your Tears

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 65: Hold Back your Tears

    When they came out of the bar, probably thinking that he had offended his Second Sister-in-law, Sha Muyu became extremely attentive and busied around, helping Qianmo open the car door after putting her aunt down.

    This scene fell into the eyes of a secretly observing man, who quickly pressed the shutter.

    Before getting into the car, Yu Changmo’s eyes sharply looked towards somewhere. The man who was sneaking around was shocked by his glance and no longer dared to take photographs.

    Gosh, even at such a great distance, he can still spot me. Is this man a devil?

    Qian Mo asked Black, who was beside her, “What’s wrong?”

    “Someone’s taking our photo in secret.” Yu Changmo’s vigilance had always been high. As a capable and one-in-a-million former member of a Special Forces Unit, such small actions could not escape his eyes.

    Qian Mo followed his line of sight, only to see a row of buildings. There was nothing else.

    “Phoenix, go through the alley and hold him down. The tick on the short-sleeved purple shirt made with street-stall material, it’s direction is wrong.” Hugging Qianmo, he got into the car with her.

    Who would be secretly taking photos of them?

    Phoenix stared in the direction Yu Changmo had pointed out, till he almost became cross-eyed. Yet, he still could not find anything amiss.

    However, he suppressed his suspicions and did as Yu Changmo had instructed. At this moment, Qianmo asked out of curiosity, “How do you know to take the alley? You’re so sure he will take that route?”

    “There is a barbeque street over in the alley, while the other road is without any pedestrians. Since he’s guilty, he’ll definitely go to a crowded place.” These observations just flitted by as an instinctive reaction.

    “You didn’t grow up in Q city, right…? But you’re so familiar with the roads here—Wait a minute, did you ever rank second in school?”

    “Several times in high school…” But he had not met his match since Military School. Thank you.

    “Then the few times that you lost, who ranked first?”

    “My younger brother.” He had never compared how many times each of them ranked first. Still, he felt like it was quite equal.

    As a matter of fact, the two brothers did not care about grades. They were usually playing games or causing trouble and grew up having fun.

    Wow, he really is the God of Studies. Qianmo even fancied breaking up with him for a minute. Humph, she was envious.

    At a glance, he could determine the person’s location and their potential escape route. If not because he was worried about the safety of her and Mu Mianmian, he would probably have given chase himself.

    What did this God-like man like about her? What a mystery.

    Qianmo knew that she would not have to worry about anything as long as she followed him. This guy had the capability of ten men combined. From her past life until now, he was as reliable as always.

    After fetching her aunt, Qianmo initially wanted to go to the hospital. However, Sha Mufeng took a medicine box from his own car, gave Mu Mianmian an injection, and assured Qianmo that her aunt was fine, evidently not trusting the hospital’s standards.

    “He’s a doctor?” Qian Mo asked Black as she watched Sha Mufeng working skillfully.

    Black answered hesitantly, “Um… I guess he’s considered one?”

    It’s just that doctors treat the living, but his brother works on the dead… In principle, they were all doctors, though.

    While waiting for her aunt to wake up, she found out a lot about these two brothers.

    In order to find Mu Mianmian, Yu Changmo had made use of a lot of his connections here. Among them, the two brothers were the closest to him as they had all grown up together.

    The older brother, Sha Mufeng, was a few months younger than Black. He had a more serious and reserved personality and had already started working. She was told that he had just been promoted to be a father this year. His career and family were both stable.

    The younger brother, Sha Muyu, was a sophomore in the same school as her and was majoring in criminal investigation. Of course, Qianmo had her reservations about him. With such a bubbly personality and easily getting sidetracked, could he really be a policeman in the future?

    Qianmo’s doubts were probably written on her face as Sha Xiaoyu became defensive.

    “Second Sister-in-law, do you think that because I’m too lively, I won’t be a good policeman in the future?”

    Qianmo murmured, “Um… you’re indeed jovial and lively.”

    Sha Xiaoyu arrogantly held his chin up and said, “I’m only twenty; why should I be as lifeless as these old fogies. A young man should behave like one!”

    Just then, his older brother came out with his medicine kit and saw his brother jumping up and down again. “Why don’t you learn from Second Sister-in-law? She is a little younger than you, but you’re not even half as sensible as her.”

    Although it had only been a while since Qianmo met them, the Sha brothers already believed that this woman was calm and dignified. Even in the face of such a huge matter, she was still cool as a cucumber, unlike people her age.

    Sha Xiaoyu ran over to Qian Mo. Stroking his chin, he moved his gaze between her and Changmo for a while.

    “Sigh, I honestly didn’t think that Second Brother’s goddess would be this type of girl. I always thought that Chen Qianmo would be, well… like this!”

    He drew a bottle gourd in the air with his hands. And it was not just him. Almost all of Black’s childhood friends had thought that the second son of the Yu family would like a bimbo with a provocative figure. The kind that had a huge chest and long hair but no brains. She would look like a Barbie doll but had a brain the size of a rice grain…

    “Why should I be like that?” Qianmo mimicked him and drew a gourd in the air. Black awkwardly turned his head away, not forgetting to cast Sha Muyu a warning look.

    “That’s because…” Because there was a period when Second Brother bought foreign magazines every day, the kind with models’ interviews.

    The cover pages were usually models dressed skimpily. Hence, little by little, everyone thought that Black would like that kind of woman.

    Qian Mo glanced down at herself. Was she very flat?

    “You have a pretty good figure…” Sha Muyu felt a murderous aura after he finished speaking. His older brother shook his head. Sigh, can his brother really be a policeman in the future? Wouldn’t he die of stupidity?

    “Second Brother, I wasn’t staring at Sister-in-law! I mean, uh, both of you are especially compatible. Really. Although Sister-in-law is different from what I imagined… You got the girl that all the boys in school have a crush on. Did you know that there are more boys than girls in our school?”

    He was just making matters worse.

    By now, Black’s face was almost similar to his nickname. His (future) wife had fallen into a wolf den and was being coveted by a pack of greedy, horny wolves?!

    “Second Brother, we’ll head home first. Our mother is looking for us.” As the older brother, Sha Mufeng could not bear to see him continue courting his own doom.

    He dragged his younger brother away.

    Qianmo let Black stay in the living room to pass the time by himself, while she went into the room to check on her aunt.

    Mu Mianmian woke up after quite some time. Blearily, she looked at the ceiling for a while without being able to focus her gaze. After seeing Qianmo, the corners of her mouth turned down, and her tears gushed out like a waterfall, as if the entire world’s grievances were stored in her eyes.

    “Hold your tears back.” Qianmo reached out and wiped her tears, and her aunt immediately stopped crying, looking at her dismally with tears welling up in her eyes.

    “Before you cry, explain what happened. If shedding tears can solve the problem, I will drive you to the Great Wall immediately.”

    “To the Great Wall… Why?” Her aunt’s attention was successfully diverted.

    “We can cry down the Great Wall of Badaling. Anyway, if that could solve our troubles, the world would have been a harmonious place. Wherever there’s war, famine, or earthquake, we could just set up a group to weep together, and boom, problem solved.”