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Chapter 66 - Viciousness of Human Nature

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 66: Viciousness of Human Nature

    Mu Mianmian was extremely depressed at first, but after hearing what Qianmo said, she could no longer cry.

    “Talk to me, what in the world happened?” Qianmo helped her aunt up. Her father was so depressed, and her aunt went out to get drunk again. Something huge must have taken place for them to behave like that.

    After Qianmo repeatedly urged her, Mu Mianmian finally started talking.

    Qianmo believed that she was a calm and rational person, but after listening to the melodramatic story, her lips kept twitching.

    “Your first aunt… threatened to sue brother-in-law and me for bigamy!”

    Mu Mianmian bawled loudly. Just now, the house was in such a mess, and someone could have died.

    Her father’s oldest sister had brought her husband along to their house to cause trouble. In a fit of anger, Chen Baichuan had punched her uncle. As a result, First Aunt furiously put the entire blame on Mu Mianmian. She felt that it was her involvement with the family that caused them to no longer be harmonious.

    In an outburst of rage, she dictated that Mu Mianmian was not allowed to marry him and even threatened Chen Baichuan to sue him for bigamy.

    Mu Mianmian was reprimanded by Qianmo’s first aunt to a horrendous degree. All kinds of nasty words were hurled at her one after another. Eventually losing his self-control, Chen Baichuan then chased all of them out. The house was in a mess, and hearts were pretty much broken. One was drunk at home, while the other ran out to get drunk and almost landed in the soup.

    Had Qianmo still been the rebellious and cold teenage girl like she was in the past, Mu Mianmian would not have shared this with her. However, after everything that had happened in the last few days, she no longer regarded her as a child.

    To a certain extent, Qianmo was the mainstay of this family.

    Previously, when they wanted to get the money back, even Chen Baichuan was at a loss, but Qianmo easily got it back. Nonetheless, this time, the matter was too problematic…

    “That First Aunt of mine is just a good-for-nothing. She’s simply angry because we didn’t fulfill her demands today. That’s why she came over to run her mouth to satisfy herself. Why should you take these kinds of good-for-nothings seriously?”

    Qianmo eventually understood that she was the cause of this whole mess.

    She was the one who had taught the brat, Zhou Zhou, a lesson and set a trap for him to go to the mall to cause trouble. Not only did First Aunt not teach her grandson properly, but she also did not reflect on the issue. Indignant about paying the considerable compensation of 5000 dollars, First Aunt then went to her house to make a scene.

    However, if it was just that, Little Aunt would not have run out to get drunk. The weird relatives from the Chen family had said many nasty things to her over the years, but she had endured it all this while. Hence, she should be mentally tough to break.

    Her aunt wanted to say something but hesitated, not quite willing to continue. However, Qianmo was not someone who would just let it go. After all, what was she majoring in?

    Wasn’t this exactly what she was trained to do?

    “Did she use me to threaten you? Based on my analysis, she must have done this behind my father’s back and called you privately?”

    “How do you know?!”

    Mu Mianmian’s shocked expression confirmed her analysis.

    After First Aunt left, Chen Baichuan was still in a rage, shouting that he would take back all the money that his sister owed him. Mu Mianmian was pacifying him when she received a call from First Aunt, asking to talk to her alone.

    Qianmo lowered her eyes that were now filled with murderous intent. She was indeed right.

    Chen Qianmo was the only weakness Mu Mianmian had that First Aunt would make use of.

    All Qianmo had to do was think about it, and coupled with the expression on her aunt’s face at the moment, she was able to deduce the whole story.

    “She threatened you that if you don’t do what she says, she will cause a scene at my school and make things difficult and embarrassing for me?”

    Qianmo’s aunt wiped her tears. That was exactly what had transpired.

    Before, Qianmo did not seem to want to be a policewoman. However, these few days, she had said that she was going to study hard and become an ideal policewoman.

    Qianmo’s first aunt threatened that if Mu Mianmian did not leave the Chen family, she would go to Qianmo’s school to essentially defame her. The Police Academy was different from other universities. Once such news broke out, how would Qianmo be able to stay there?

    Even if the school did not bother about it, when Qianmo started working in the future, they would definitely do a background check. If First Aunt successfully sued Chen Baichuan for bigamy, wouldn’t they be a family with a criminal record?

    From her younger aunt’s point of view, if the relationship between Brother-in-law and her became an obstacle to Qianmo’s future, she would be utterly miserable and devastated.

    Running to the bar to vent out her frustrations, she almost landed herself in hot water.

    These were all events that did not happen in Qianmo’s previous life. Her rebirth had brought about a series of chain reactions. The other party had obviously made up their minds to control her family.

    “You actually believed such moronic words? I really have to hand it to you. My dad is her biological younger brother and the biggest creditor of her family! Why would she have the guts to sue my dad?”

    Tsk tsk. In melodramas, you would have to give the female lead a cheque to get her to leave. Her first aunt was so bold that she still dared to be so arrogant even though she owed them money.

    “But over at your school—” This was what Mu Mianmian was most worried about.

    Qianmo sneered. “My school is one of the best in the country, accepting only outstanding talents. They’re not village housewives who carry a bench to sit around and gossip. My schoolmates have the ability to think independently. Who will spare the time to care about this?”

    Besides, look at the era they were in. Who would have nothing better to do and would bother paying attention to other people’s household affairs?

    Her aunt still had the mindset of the last century, where people would have a poster for every minor occurrence.

    Backing up, even if her first aunt was able to stir up public opinion, Chen Qianmo still could suppress it. She was a psychology student and was once the female boss of a shopping mall. If she did not have the talent to handle crises such as this and have public relations skills, she should be damned.

    “Next time, if you hear someone trying to sow discord, and you’re not sure what to do, immediately find someone you trust to discuss, like my dad or me. Do you know that my dad is drunk at home?”

    “Ah…” Hearing that her brother-in-law had gotten himself drunk, Mu Mianmian was terribly worried about his health. But at the same time, she was afraid that she would drag Qianmo down, which was why she went to the bar.

    “Put away all your messy thoughts. Based on my understanding of Chen Baichuan, the reason he drank must have been because he hated himself for failing to protect both of us and allowing First Aunt to be so smug. In this case, whatever happened might be a good thing.”

    Seeing how First Aunt had been driven to such an extreme, her father would likely steer clear of them in the future.

    “Aside from that, before feeling dismayed, can you try to analyze her motives first? Why would First Aunt, who is selfish right down to her bones, try to stop the marriage between you and my dad? Today was just her using it as a pretext to kick up a huge fuss, but she has always objected to your relationship with my dad.”

    This was the main point.

    There would always be a motive behind every action. This was what Qianmo had been studying.

    “She… gets angry when she sees me?”

    Mu Mianmian also did not understand why Qianmo’s first aunt was constantly finding faults with her. To First Aunt, whatever Mu Mianmian did was always wrong.

    “Money makes the world go round. There’s definitely some sort of benefit involved. My dad’s wealth is under your control. Ever since my dad got together with you in recent years, he no longer gives our relatives that much allowance. You’re obviously standing in her way. Think again, do you have any other conflict of interests with First Aunt?”

    Had Qianmo not mentioned it, Mu Mianmian would not have remembered. But now that she brought it up, she suddenly recalled.

    “Could it be because… Today, when your dad was arguing with her, he said that he would take back the garage that her family had borrowed?”

    During today’s fierce conflict between both parties, her first aunt was actually just dissatisfied with the 5000 dollars, which was why she decided to disparage her to satisfy her ego. As a result, this infuriated Chen Baichuan, and he made up his mind to take back the garage, leading to her First Aunt racking her brain to get rid of Mu Mianmian. Hence, she called Mu Mianmian to threaten her.

    It was unimaginable how human nature could be vicious to such an extent.