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Chapter 68 - He Believed I

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 68: He Believed It

    Psychology was a science that focused a lot on feelings and thoughts. The more dramatic the event was, the more memorable it would become. If Qianmo had just barged in and told her dad that Little Aunt got away without a scratch, he would not have such a drastic change in his emotions, even though he would get angry.

    From fear, to relief, and then to fury. These three changes in emotions were enough for Qianmo to ignite the pent up energy for the upcoming battle.

    “You little imp, why can’t you finish your sentence in one go!” He turned around and snapped at his daughter in anger. Why did he never realize his daughter had such a naughty trait?

    “Nothing happened for now. But if it wasn’t for me, Little Aunt would have been bullied by the men hired by First Aunt. Do you still think I am a child now?”

    Actually, she wasn’t sure that those men were arranged by the first aunt yet. However, since her family had already gone overboard in the first place, Qianmo didn’t mind making things worse for them.

    Chen Baichuan felt his strength leaving his body. Despite his age, he couldn’t find a single word in his vocabulary to refute her. He could only lean against the wall helplessly and blankly stare at Qianmo.

    Qianmo felt a little heartache when she saw her father behave like this. However, if she didn’t do this, their family would not have any peace and quiet in the future. Her father was a good man, but he was overly focused on familial ties. It would be alright if his kindness was reciprocated, but the majority of Chen Family just treated him like an ATM. They tried their very best to suck him dry of his hard-earned money like leeches.

    If any single one of them had extended a helping hand during their hardest times in her previous life, Qianmo would not have carried things this far. Furthermore, her first aunt had taken the initiative to cause them harm. If she didn’t settle all these before she returned to school, one could only wonder what those people would do in the name of the family after she left home.

    Qianmo became even more determined when she thought of that.

    “How have we treated our relatives all these years? Have we earned any interest over the money we lend them? Haven’t we contributed to all their building efforts?”

    The city had been doing plenty of demolition work in these few years. Consequently, everyone was building on top of their current properties, so they would be able to get more compensation from the government. The materials that the Chen Family members used for construction were almost all sourced by Chen Baichuan.

    Chen Baichuan was genuinely resourceful, so he was able to get the materials at the discounted price of tens of thousands. He was shy to ask for payment from his relatives, but they definitely weren’t shy about taking the materials without paying. It wouldn’t have mattered if there was only one of them, but there were just too many. And did any of them come forward when the Chen Family encountered trouble?

    It was understandable that every family had its own share of problems, and they all struggled in their daily lives. Although most of the Chen Family members were ordinary folks and not as heartless as the first aunt, Qianmo had her own selfish thoughts. She didn’t want her father and little aunt to toil so selflessly, just for others to enjoy a good life. She wanted them to have a life of ease themselves without caring too much about others.

    Qianmo began to try harder as she saw her father’s expression slowly becoming more solemn. She was determined to make the best of today’s misfortune.

    “Could you have made a mistake in your investigation? Your first aunt… she… wouldn’t…” Chen Baichuan sat on the sofa weakly, buried his face in his hands, and said softly.

    Qianmo knew this was the crux to conquer the old man, so she waved and gestured to Little Aunt. Mu Mianmian came out of the room and saw Qianmo messing her dad around. She felt like laughing when she saw her brother-in-law’s sad face.

    Qianmo gave a look to her that implied, “Chubby Mu, do you still want to have a good life together with my dad in the future?”

    Thus, Little Aunt tried her very best to squeeze out two drops of tears, which made Chen Baichuan’s old heart ache badly when he saw them.

    He walked over to hold onto Mu Mianmian’s hands with tears in his eyes. His mouth trembled for a long time as he couldn’t make a single sound.

    Qianmo pinched Little Aunt in her back. Your lines, lines!

    “Brother-in-law, you… have to… stand up for me?” Mu Mianmian said with difficulty.

    She always maintained a strong image in front of outsiders. Although she was gentle with her family members, she also wasn’t a meek person. Thus, the lines Qianmo forced her to say were really going against her character.

    Although she herself couldn’t stand it, it was really effective. She saw Chen Baichuan’s whole body shake as electricity zapped through him, and his expression changed immediately. He couldn’t care less about maintaining his image as the head of the family in front of his daughter and held onto Mu Mianmian’s chubby shoulders and promised, “I will definitely stand up for you! If it really was her causing trouble, I’ll snatch the garage back immediately and cut her out of our lives forever.”

    Qianmo was waiting for her father to make this statement. Once she achieved her goal, she walked out of the house and got Yu Changmo to bring that prick in. Chen Baichuan saw the hospital boy carrying a bundle of pork, oh no, a bundled-up human on his shoulders.

    He got a shock when he took a closer look.

    “This is…”

    “He was waiting outside, preparing to take pictures. Look at this camera.” Qianmo had Black bring the camera that he had confiscated. Chen Baichuan took it in his hand, and a second later, he was so angered by what he saw that his expression became utterly twisted.

    Some of the pictures portrayed his chubby wife lying on a table, others showed the bad guys coming over to carry her away. And there were some which revealed a group of people fighting chaotically.

    Qianmo went through the photos with him, explaining what was happening in them. Yu Changmo then dumped the man on the ground and splashed a ladle of cold water on him. That unlucky chap instantly woke up.

    Now that he was wide awake and had to face the fear that Yu Changmo induced by his intense aura, his legs became like jelly. However, he could only shift his buttocks a little on the ground and lean his back against the sofa. If he wasn’t all tied up and his legs refused to listen to his commands, he would have dashed out of the door immediately.

    The son-in-law saw Chen Baichuan and immediately asked him for help desperately, “Fifth Uncle! Save me! They are going to sell me away!”

    He had a bad character, but he did have a vivid imagination.

    Chen Baichuan was already fuming after looking at the pictures. Upon hearing his nonsense, he stepped forward to give him a kick. “I’m selling your fxxxxxxx claws!”

    Qianmo gave Black a look, hinting that she wanted him to make sure the son-in-law was not seriously injured. Or else, they would have to pay compensation if he was kicked to his death.

    Yu Changmo nodded understandingly. Everything was under control, and no vital parts would be hit in the process. It was totally fine for his (future) father-in-law to vent his frustration.

    Qianmo took out her mobile phone and dialed the first aunt’s number leisurely.

    The first aunt’s family was watching a soap drama on TV. They had stirred up a huge hoo-ha in someone else’s family, and yet, they behaved as if everything was perfectly normal in their own. This made Qianmo remember a saying.

    It was normal for one to have a few “supreme-grade” people in his life. But, if one could say he was never harmed or disturbed by any such character, he must be that “supreme-grade” person. The first aunt’s family was the perfect example.

    “Your son-in-law is at my house. Come and get him.”

    “You unwanted little bitch, fxxx you—” Qianmo hung up the phone before First Aunt could even finish scolding.

    At this moment, Qianmo noticed that Black was watching her the whole time, so she felt a little mischievous in her. Immediately, she began to act pitiful, shrugging and saying to Black, “My first aunt said that no one would marry me in this lifetime.”

    From the side, Mu Mianmian showed an expression that stated: “Oh, so this is how the original looks like!”

    Mu Mianmian quickly looked toward Yu Changmo. At the same time, she was thinking in her heart, Brother-in-law is uneducated, so he believes it. But, this man is a senior military officer and a double masters degree holder. He most probably will not be fooled by it…

    Then, she saw Black’s expression becoming grave, and her eyes widened in surprise. Oh, he… fell for it?