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Chapter 70 - Black Had Heard Everything

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 70: Black Had Heard Everything

    “I am very fussy, so I won’t drink it if it tastes awful.” Chen Baichuan already forgot how he had treated him when he took his cigarette.

    Yu Changmo pushed the pack of cigarettes in front of him, leaving the lighter there too, and followed Little Aunt to the kitchen. He heard Qianmo making a “che” sound when he walked past her, but it sounded more like teasing than anger.

    Chen Baichuan sat on the sofa and played with the legendary cigarette that cost 2000 per pack and was only available to the elite. Every puff he took filled his heart with utter bliss. This puff alone must have cost a few dollars. Tsk tsk, it’s indeed different from others.

    “You sold me for a pack of cigarettes?” Qianmo sat next to him and took the packet away. Chen Baichuan could only look on eagerly.

    “Did I acknowledge him yet? Nobody can steal my daughter from me, Chen Baichuan, with just a pack of cigarettes…”

    Qianmo put the cigarettes back into his hands and snapped back. “Maybe not a pack, but a carton will do the trick nicely.”

    Black would only need to strive a little harder, and he would be able to conquer her dad. Her father’s will power was simply not strong enough.

    Honestly speaking, she actually never realized that Black could be this… shameless when he decided to go all out. Everyone could see his sincerity when he flattered her father. It was a shame that her father couldn’t experience it in her previous life as he had died much earlier…

    Qianmo was deep in her thoughts as she looked at the man working hard in the kitchen. She was quite sure that she would never find another guy who would be willing to put down his pride to get into her father’s good books.

    He knew exactly how to resolve the sticky situation. He refused to leave but chose to retreat to the kitchen to give some space to her and her father. He was also able to make the concoction and simultaneously protect them when they had to face off with the first aunt’s family. She would be over faking it if she pretended not to understand his intentions.

    This night was destined to be unusual. From the moment she asked for his help, Qianmo knew their relationship would be different from her initial expectation.

    She could easily handle the troubles the first aunt caused all by herself, but she deliberately got him involved. Maybe from that moment on, their relationship could never be the simple doctor-patient as she had anticipated.

    The steam in the kitchen reflected Little Aunt’s and his blurred shadows onto the frosted glass. He was saying something to her, and she was laughing heartily; he must be buttering her up.

    She would probably never meet someone she liked as much as him in this lifetime if she let him go. There would be many men who would treat her as well as he did, but only he could make her feel the ripples in her heart.

    Should she take another step forward…

    Qianmo looked at her dad, Chen Baichuan, who was thoroughly enjoying his cigarette. She suddenly discovered that she didn’t have a strong basis for despising her dad just because he was bought over so easily. Her own self-control wasn’t as strong as she had imagined either.

    The first aunt brought along a whole gang of people to her house, breaking Qianmo’s train of thought.

    Qianmo was the one who opened the door.

    There were the first aunt and her husband, her daughter, and her in-laws, which consisted of youngsters, fat middle-aged women, and greasy men. There were roughly more than ten people altogether.

    They looked like they had come fully prepared to fight.

    Qianmo had a quick glance and concluded that most of them were her uncle’s relatives. The first aunt was rather smart not to have asked a single Chen family member to come along. She knew she was in the wrong, and the other relatives of the Chen family would be pretty pleased to be able to use Chen Baichuan’s garage for themselves. She was afraid to lose her good deal to others had the Chen family members accompanied her.

    Qianmo knew what she was planning with that one simple glance. First Aunt shrieked immediately when she entered and saw her son-in-law all tied up.

    “What are you doing, Fifth? How dare you treat my family member like that! You are all my witnesses. This is too much!”

    Chen Baichuan raised the camera and said, “I should be the one asking what is your family member trying to do to mine?”

    First Aunt had no idea what was going on. She took the camera over to have a closer look, but she still didn’t know what she was looking at for a while.

    She had already crossed her eyes as she asked, “What the hell is this?”

    Qianmo was an expert in microexpressions. And she immediately discerned from First Aunt’s expression that she didn’t know about her son-in-law taking pictures of Mu Mianmian secretly.

    She had already analyzed the entire episode in her head with her quick thinking.

    The first aunt had gotten her son-in-law to come along to quarrel with her father. They threatened to sue her dad for bigamy if he refused to break up with Mu Mianmian. Afterward, the son-in-law went out alone later that night and happened to bump into Mu Mianmian, who was drowning her sorrows in the bar.

    However, he didn’t step forward when he saw Mu Mianmian was in trouble. Instead, he took out his camera and snapped some pictures with the intention to blackmail them later.

    Be that as it may, Yu Changmo and his people got there in time, and the courageous Black discovered the son-in-law, spoiling his devious ploy.

    The whole affair could be deduced from First Aunt’s single, minute expression. So many details of the truth were discovered in a quarter of a second.

    Qianmo took First Aunt on with a plan in her heart after she had analyzed everything.

    “You know clearly what your family has done. I don’t want to say harsh words to you, so vacate the garage by tomorrow evening. Also, you have to pay the rental for the past few years.” Chen Baichuan felt that his elder sister had gone too far as he didn’t know the truth.

    He wouldn’t be considered a man if he didn’t stand up for his wife and daughter.

    First Aunt didn’t expect her younger brother to ask for rent on top of the garage’s return, so it became a total fall-out.

    “Do you have a conscience, Fifth? It was me who cajoled you and carried you around when we were small. Did you forget all about that? Now you are asking me for money when we quarrel. Are you not afraid that our parents will come and find you in the middle of the night…”

    “They would be looking for you instead. How did my dad treat you? How much have you already taken from us? My dad even gave your son the money to build his house. You used our garage without paying any rent, and you are now even thinking of claiming it as yours. My grandparents would definitely look down on you if they knew in the underworld.” Qianmo fired a barrage of retorts.

    Every sentence was on point, though. First Aunt was embarrassed as she knew she was in the wrong. However, a shrew never depended on reasons and logic to win the fight. She puffed out her chest, stretched her neck, and pointed at Qianmo’s forehead.

    “Do you have any right to speak here? You would be married off sooner or later, and now you even have problems in doing so. The Lins discarded you because of your disrespectful behavior, and it seems you fully deserved that. I knew from when you were three years old that you will be as bad as your mom!”

    Qianmo sighed as she listened to First Aunt’s berating words. She was indeed stupid as she was only concerned about winning the battle of words.

    First Aunt still hadn’t realized who had the highest status in this family…

    Furthermore, she spoke in such a high volume… Qianmo looked toward the kitchen. Black should have heard everything loud and clear?

    As expected, the kitchen door opened. Yu Changmo stood there with a solemn expression and said together with the furious Chen Baichuan, “I dare you to say that again!”

    The two men exchanged a look, then Yu Changmo walked over, took his place next to Qianmo, and glared angrily at the motley crowd. He had heard every single word that insulted his goddess.

    As deference to his future father-in-law, Black decided to let him scold them first. He would then give them a piece of his mind after he was done.