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Chapter 71 - Master Mo will Teach you how to Conduct Yourself

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 71: Master Mo will Teach you how to Conduct Yourself

    Chen Baichuan bellowed furiously, “I, Chen Baichuan, only have this one daughter. In the future, my family business will be handed over to her. It’s not your place to badmouth her.”

    The first aunt’s face changed when she heard these words. Is the well-tried family card no longer of use?

    In the past, as long as she brought up anecdotes from their childhood, her brother would give her some face. However, that did not seem to have any effect at all today.

    No matter how good a family’s bond might be, if one kept making trouble without any reason, it would eventually die out.

    The first aunt saw that Chen Baichuan was starting to get irritated, setting off the warning alarms in her heart. She was about to continue her reprimand when someone behind her could not hold it in anymore.

    “No matter what, you tied my family member up. If you don’t give us an explanation, we’ll not let it slide just like that!”

    The person who said this was the sister of the son-in-law. She was a plump housewife in her early forties, with a chubby face and completely unreasonable personality.

    “You—” Chen Baichuan was about to flare up, but Qianmo stopped him and asked on his behalf, “How do you want us to make it up to you?”

    The other party did not hold back and immediately demanded an exorbitant compensation.

    “That garage has to be transferred to my younger brother. After all, my brother has been using it for so many years. Besides, we’re all relatives, so you shouldn’t bully them or be ruthless towards them. The young couple has used that garage as a warehouse for so many years. If you chase them out now, isn’t it the same as pushing them to their deaths? Also, you’re definitely at fault for tying him up today.”

    Qian Mo was ecstatically annoyed. A robber’s logic was simple to the extreme: be unreasonable.

    Oh, so the place should belong to whoever lives there?

    Qianmo continued asking, “That piece of land is about to be bought over for other purposes, so how should we calculate that?” She wanted to see how thick this person’s skin could be.

    “That… Naturally, that should be counted as my family’s. The place belongs to whoever lives there. Besides, you guys do not lack money. You can just take it as an allowance for my brother.”

    The first aunt quickly corrected, “It’s compensation! They owe us!”

    Heh, the whole group of them collectively nodded together.

    This was their real motive. It was necessary for them to get the garage in order to get their hands on the demolition compensation from the authorities.

    The garage was more than ten square meters and was located along the street. Once it was demolished, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the street, they would be compensated with a shophouse of equivalent worth. The value would skyrocket as a result.

    When First Aunt had nothing on, she would wander around the area for a while. Hearing how much compensation the neighbors could get, she was green with envy.

    All this while, she had conveniently laid aside the fact that the garage was rented from Chen Baichuan for her son-in-law. After using it for so many years, she had never given him a dime, taking it as her own. When Chen Baichuan demanded the garage back because of Chen Qianmo, she was immediately infuriated, as if he had asked for a piece of her own body.

    ‘Her family’s’ real estate of hundreds of thousands worth was meant for her daughter and son-in-law in the future; how could it be given away like this?

    Hence, she used the carrot-and-stick approach to keep the garage with them no matter what. Now that her son-in-law was tied up, the whole lot turned selective blind, pretending that the film in Chen Baichuan’s hand did not exist, and refused to ask what he did to be treated like that. Everyone was fighting to “protect their family’s property”.

    “You have to compensate us! This morning, your family’s wretch instigated my grandson to go to the mall, causing him to damage the Lego in one of the stores. I had to pay them 5000 dollars, but you didn’t stop at just that. At night, you even tied up my son-in-law. If you don’t sort this out, we will—”

    “What will you do?” Qianmo spared some time to look at her father, who was becoming increasingly red with rage.

    “Well…” The first aunt was suddenly at a loss for words, but the people next to her hurriedly continued, “First, we will sue your dad for bigamy. Then, we will sue all of you for intentionally causing harm, and also for illegal imprisonment!”

    The person who opened his mouth this time had some general knowledge of the law. The first aunt was like an amazing sidekick and kept nodding in agreement.

    Heh, the garage belongs to her family. They must be compensated!

    Looking at his biological sister’s face, which was filled with greed, Chen Baichuan’s heart was like dead ashes—utterly dissipating in the air.

    After so many years of giving them allowance… even if you feed a dog, it will grow fat, and when it sees you, it would at least wag its tail.

    In the end, he had raised up a group of ingrates!

    Initially, when First Aunt approached Chen Baichuan while weeping with snot and tears, she had almost cried till she lay on the ground, saying that her daughter and son-in-law could not find a good job, and the family could barely afford to eat.

    Seeing her miserable state, Chen Baichuan agreed to lend his garage to the young couple to do some business near the plaza. The rent he asked for was also just a token sum, not even one-fifth of the market price.

    And just like that, not a single penny of rent was paid in all these years. Yet now, they wanted to take the real estate that he intended to leave for Qianmo as their own and were even threatening him.

    He was bitterly disappointed…

    Both Qianmo and Black understood that Chen Baichuan’s silence was the quiet before the storm. Hence, they kept mum, just waiting for him to explode. The house was soundless for a few seconds, but First Aunt and the others thought that Chen Baichuan was terrified. A pleased expression appeared on their faces at the same time.

    Seeing that the atmosphere was so stiff, another person next to the first aunt changed the topic and pretended to be the good person.

    “Of course, we’re not taking it for free. We’re all relatives, after all. Rather than blow things out of proportion, it’s better to keep things simple and small. How about this, let’s take it that we’re buying the garage from you.

    “Back then, you probably spent about 20,000 to build the garage. However, currently, it’s considered an old house already. According to the depreciation value, we’ll give you 20,000. We even brought along the Real Estate Purchase Contract. It’s more or less all there, so you can just sign.”

    As he said this, he pulled out a contract from his bag. Seems like they are well-prepared.

    Twenty thousand. Chen Baichuan was enraged.

    His garage was located in the best area of the city center. It was built earlier on, the original cost amounting to 20,000, but now with inflation, even without demolishing, the annual rent of a warehouse at that location would be more than 20,000.

    Besides, the place was about to be demolished, and they would be relocated to a shophouse. That was easily hundreds of thousands in their accounts. Yet, they were about to buy it over with 20,000 and even had the “I-owe-you-nothing” look on their faces. It was indeed eye-opening.

    Chen Baichuan took the purchase contract and tore it in half without any hesitation.

    “Get lost! All of you get lost! If you don’t vacate the place by tomorrow, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

    The first aunt realized that the soft approach was not working. From behind her, a few of her son-in-law’s relatives stepped forward and reached out to shove Chen Baichuan aside. At a glance, one could tell that they were rogues.

    “What, you still dare to play hardball with us?”

    “Today, it’s either you sell the garage willingly, or sell it to us unwillingly. Either way, you have to sell it. Otherwise, none of you will have an easy time!”

    Chen Baichuan flexed his arm as he verbally retaliated against them. “What’s this? You plan to beat me up?”

    By this point, after how the situation had unfolded, there was no more leeway left. Yu Changmo felt that it was about time to end things. Finally, he stepped forward and grabbed the collar of the person who had shoved Chen Baichuan.

    “Uncle, step back. I’ll handle this.”

    Chen Baichuan was not quite willing to accept that he was old. However, Qianmo pulled him with her and retreated to the back. She had already seen Black’s skills… Well, she had not had her fill of it; he was seriously hot.

    “Want to play hardball?” The moment Yu Changmo finished speaking, before the other party could see clearly what was happening, he had already lifted the rogue, whose collar he had grabbed, and sent him flying into the air.

    With a crash, the rogue landed on the floor next to the door. Right after that, he grabbed another scoundrel, who tried to retaliate, but Black gave him no chance. In the same way he did with the previous punching bag, Black kicked him and sent him flying.

    “We will definitely take back the garage. If you have the ability, go ahead and sue. We’ll see who will win the lawsuit.”

    Flexing his wrist as he spoke, he decided to fight first before reasoning with them.

    The first aunt and the others were able to get by in minor fights and arguments. However, they had never been in such a situation with real kung fu before and were momentarily stunned.

    Relying on her thick skin that came with age, First Aunt mustered up her courage and stammered at Black, who was moving closer. “Y-y-you dare to beat me?”

    Yu Changmu bowed his head and said coldly, “You want to give it a go?”