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Chapter 72 - Something’s Amiss

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 72: Something’s Amiss

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    The first aunt felt an overwhelming pressure on her head, causing her to retreat in fear.

    With one hand in his pocket, Yu Changmo had an air of arrogance about him. Casually sweeping his eyes across the mob before him, he said coldly, “Get lost within three seconds!”

    This sentence was like a magic spell. The mob looked at each other, and seeing that there were so many people on their side, they were reluctant to just leave like that. However, the ghastly sight of the two unfortunate rogues groaning as they lay on the ground was utterly shocking…

    Yu Changmo took another step forward. Several men who were still hesitating took a few steps back and fled in complete terror.

    The remaining old ladies still wanted to push their luck, however. Thinking that Yu Changmo would not dare to hit women, they intended to continue the argument.

    Standing on the side, Qianmo cheekily counted, “1, 2, 3…”

    When the old ladies saw that they were truly serious, they were so petrified that they dared not hang around and fled in the direction they had come from, leaving only the first aunt there.

    Seeing with his own eyes how his biological sister had caused trouble, Chen Baichuan was awfully disappointed.

    “Vacate the garage by tomorrow night. Otherwise, don’t blame me for changing the locks.”

    “Fifth, one has to have morals. Just because you have money now, it doesn’t mean you can look down on us poor relatives—” Before the first aunt could finish her sentence, she felt her body moving.

    Yu Changmo had shoved her out!

    This maneuver was very appropriate. One did not have to hit someone, yet they could still chase them out. The door was slammed shut with a bang.

    This was already giving Qianmo some face. If not, he would have directly fought her aunt. This mob seemed to have water in their heads and had lost their mind.

    Since there was water in there, he would have to squeeze it out with his hands.

    After all these disturbances, Chen Baichuan had no mood for anything else. He waved to Qianmo and said to her, “Make arrangements for Xiao Yu. I’m tired.”

    To think that he had lived to this old age, yet he was still not as clear as his daughter on these matters. He had raised a group of ingrates who bullied his wife and only child. Now that he finally understood what had been going on, he really regretted it.

    Qianmo’s little aunt was worried that Chen Baichuan would be depressed, so she hurried after him, not forgetting to thank Yu Changmo on the way. “Come to our house for dinner some other day. And thank you for today.”

    Immediately, Black added on, “It’s nothing. We’re all family.”

    Qianmo walked him to the door and intended to drive him back, but he acted first and pushed her back inside the house, with much gentler force than he had used with her first aunt.

    Although he was still that same reserved man, he had many different sides to him. She thought about how he curried favor with her father, and how forceful he was when he got rid of the mob. Now looking at his back as he silently left, Qianmo’s eyes were filled with tenderness and helplessness.

    As she still had something to do, she had to hold back whatever she wanted to say to him. Deciding that she would find him tomorrow to clear things up, she headed back into the house.

    Outside the bedroom, her little aunt stood in front of the door with the hangover soup, while Chen Baichuan had locked himself inside.

    When she saw Qianmo, Mu Mianmian had a worried expression on her face, not knowing where to begin.

    “I’ll do it.” Taking a black u-shaped pin from her aunt’s head, Qianmo stuck it in the lock and twisted twice. The door opened easily. Standing on the side, her aunt was dumbfounded.

    Qianmo took the soup from her aunt—the soup that Black himself cooked, and the lock picking skills that he had personally taught her. Her life was full of Black.

    Chen Baichuan was sitting cross-legged on the bed and seething. When he saw that his daughter had actually managed to unlock his door, his eyes widened in shock.

    Treating him like he was air, Qianmo walked over to the cabinet and opened it, unveiling a small safe. Right in front of her father’s eyes, she swiftly keyed in the password.

    She was being so unbridled! Chen Baichuan felt what was even more unbridled, though, was that the safe actually opened?

    “How do you know the password?”

    “Based on your IQ, you would likely use a birthday, house number, or mobile phone number as the password. There’s nothing to guess.” Qianmo opened the safe, pulled out the household registration booklet from inside, and threw it in front of Chen Baichuan.

    When she tossed it over, the pages flipped and stopped on the second page. It was uncomfortable to see that Mu Feifei was still on the register.

    “Early tomorrow morning, take this and go to the police station on our street to obtain the proof of the missing person. Then, take the proof to court to file for a missing-spouse divorce. After all, she has left this house for more than ten years now. Hurry up and remove her from our household registration booklet, understand?”

    Chen Baichuan could not quite wrap his head around what she had just said.

    “Get it done at your earliest, and don’t waste time. For this type of missing-spouse divorce, there is a waiting period. During this period, you have to keep a low-profile.”

    In fact, these things should have been done long ago, but Chen Baichuan had not thought that far ahead back then. All these years, he had been busy with business and raising his daughter, so he could not attend to this matter.

    If the first aunt’s family had not caused a ruckus, Qianmo probably would not have remembered this. When she unintentionally mentioned that she would sue her father for bigamy, Qianmo immediately thought about the follow-up actions.

    It could be considered as the first aunt doing something good…

    “This…” Chen Baichuan picked up the household registration booklet. He had not even thought about this.

    “Were you thinking of just having a banquet but not getting the marriage license with Little Aunt?”

    He would not go to that extent, but Chen Baichuan was so accustomed to doing things according to his own wishes, along with Mu Feifei gone for more than ten years, that he had long forgotten about this person.

    “Hurry up and get it done. It is important to protect yourself with the law at all times. Don’t take advantage of loopholes.”

    Chen Baichuan inexplicably felt that his daughter was like a veteran officer. He did not even have the time to feel vexed.

    “You’re not even a police officer yet, but you already speak like one…”

    Qianmo turned her head back and glared at him. Chen Baichuan immediately behaved himself.

    It felt like she was the real boss of this family.

    Qianmo nonchalantly lectured her father, “If something happens in the future, you couple should share your thoughts with each other. Don’t behave like today, where both of you kept things to yourself and let others take advantage of that.”

    “You talk as if you know better… By the way, spare some time to pass on a message to Xiao Yu. Tell him to come over to visit when he’s free—Not to say that I’ve agreed, but I’ll observe first.”

    Through the matter tonight, Chen Baichuan’s impression of Black changed from him being a frivolous man who hugged others to him being somewhat reliable.

    “Are you observing him, or is it just you itching to smoke his Fuchun Mountain cigarettes?” Qianmo looked askance at him.

    Chen Baichuan rebutted with an air of righteousness, “Am I the kind of person who would sell his daughter for cigarettes?”

    Besides, Xiao Yu had said that in addition to Fuchun Mountain, he might have Double Nine or Fo Guang Xi Guan, et cetera… Of course, even if Xiao Yu gathered all the special cigarettes, he would still have to see this young man’s character. Cigarettes came second.

    Qianmo nodded. He was definitely such a person.

    Without any suspense, her father chased her out of the room.

    At night, Qianmo meditated while sitting cross-legged. The day’s happenings played in her head one at a time. After which, she lay on the bad and stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

    There was complete silence downstairs. Her aunt and father must have laid their cards out on the table and talked things out.

    After seeing the first aunt’s true colors, her father had gotten himself drunk as he regretted having made an error in his judgment back then.

    Mu Mianmian was worried that Qianmo would be implicated, which was why she got herself drunk. After talking things out, everything was fine.

    In her past life, Qianmo had seen many inmates. Some of them had gone astray because they did not talk things out and kept focusing on an insignificant problem. She did not want to see her family members waste time on such petty issues when it could be spent enjoying life.

    Qianmo opened her eyes wide and swiftly sat up.