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Chapter 73 - The Motivated Snowflake

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 73: The Motivated Snowflake

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    The person involved in the situation would be baffled, while the onlooker saw things much more clearly.

    For Qianmo, resolving others’ troubles was a cinch, as easy as catching chickens in a fish tank.

    It was the relationship issues with Yu Changmo that she had been unable to resolve all this while. After settling her father’s problems today, she mused about it and had an epiphany.

    Relationships required both parties to communicate and talk things over. If she rejected or hurt him by saying that it was for his own good, wouldn’t that be the same as the foolish things that her father and her Little Aunt had done today?

    When she came to this realization, Qianmo swiftly sat up, her fuzzy mind gradually becoming clearer.

    Early the next morning, without even informing her family, Qianmo brought along her secret stash of money and went straight to the Women and Children’s Hospital. Once inside, she registered and took a number for the Department of Endocrinology.

    It so happened that the Department of Endocrinology was on the same floor as the Gynecology Department, where pregnancy tests were being taken. Watching as couples went for the test together and then laughing in delight when the results were positive, Qianmo’s heart became desolate.

    She could not help but think about the child in her past life whom she had miscarried before it could even come into this world.

    She did not have high expectations with regards to her child’s looks, but based on the facial features of both parents, even if it was randomly chosen and pieced together, the child would not have been too ugly. However, in terms of personality, she hoped that the child would have been more like Black—sunny and healthy-looking.

    Even though she was obviously in a joyful environment, Qianmo was in her own deep thoughts that were making her depressed. Her mood becoming gloomier the more she dwelled in the past, she grew slightly timid as she looked at the registration number. What if the diagnosis was the same as in her previous life…

    His text came in just then: Let’s have lunch + dinner together.

    At the end of that message was an awkward emoticon. He had probably just learned from his underling how to act cute and was putting it to use.

    He was really trying his best in this relationship, using all kinds of means. Such foolishness made her feel a little warm and fuzzy.

    There were still a few people before Qianmo’s turn. Taking into consideration the waiting period, she would not be able to meet him on time, so she sent him a message to decline his offer.

    Within a minute of sending the text, he called back.

    “Where’re you?”

    “I’m doing something.” Qianmo did not tell him that she was at the hospital. Furthermore, she had deliberately avoided the areas where he frequented since she did not want him to know that she was getting a checkup.


    “Yeah, so let’s eat together another day. I’ll hang up first.”

    He stopped her, though. “Wait!

    “If you need help, look for me. I mean… for anything.” He had made significant progress in his phobia, only having a pathological reaction when she came into close contact with him. A phone call was, of course, no problem.


    After ending the phone call, both of them were in different moods.

    Looking at the couples, Qianmo was no longer sad and dejected. Black was a warm-hearted man, showing that particular side to her and her only. Just this was especially uplifting and touching.

    Waiting in anticipation for a long time, it was finally her turn. She took a deep breath and walked into the consultation room. Even though Qianmo was mentally strong, she was currently extremely nervous. After all, a majority of her future life choices depended on the checkup.

    Clutching her stomach, Zhen Ni walked over with her mother, Qu Xue, supporting her. Both of them had a strong resemblance to each other, not just in their faces but their dressing as well. The only difference was the color of their clothes.

    “Ni, you were perfectly fine before. Why did you suddenly start bleeding nonstop~” Qu Xue looked slightly older than women her age, but her voice was as coy as ever.

    “Don’t bring it up~ I blame the woman who was beside Brother Mo! Whenever I think of her, I get so irritated~” Clenching her fists, Zhen Ni clamped her legs together tightly, like those anime characters with their fists clenched and legs in an X.

    Initially, she just wanted to act cute to show how adorable she was. Yet, the moment she crossed her legs, she could feel the stickiness of her sanitary pad that was soaked with her period blood. It was about to overflow, so she quickly uncrossed her legs that were in a cute X.

    Zhen Ni blamed Qianmo for being chased out by her Prince Charming.

    The little flame of fury was blazing like a firestorm, and once she got agitated, her period blood came gushing out, leaking from all sides. This was also the reason her mother had brought her to the hospital.

    The mother-daughter duo’s coy voices attracted the attention of people around them, who stole side-glances at the pair. Next to them, a child tugged on her mother’s collar and asked curiously, “Are they from Hong Kong and Taiwan?”

    It was similar to the accent in Hong Kong and Taiwan television series, but it vaguely felt wrong.

    The child’s mother smiled embarrassedly but politely at Zhen Ni and her mother. Zhen Ni stood up straighter, with a faint look of smugness on her face. Quickly, the child’s mother brought her young kid away and gave the child a slap when they had gone far enough.

    The child was utterly puzzled. Pouting, he was on the brink of tears, about to cry to express his grievance.

    “Can you please not insult our compatriots from Hong Kong and Taiwan? How is this sort of accent that is neither like a local or foreigner anything like that of someone from there?”

    This was the worst Hong Kong and Taiwan had been vilified.

    “As a person from Northeast China, what’s the purpose of talking with their tongue rolled up? It’s so annoying to see such people that are a disgrace to their hometown. If you pick this habit up in the future, I’ll break your legs. They’re not even patriotic, yet they expect people to look up to them? Why can’t they tolerate being from Northeast China? Ridiculous…”

    The mother and daughter snowflakes, Qu Xue and Zhen Ni, were discussing how to get rid of the evil woman who had appeared beside Yu Changmo and “stole” him from Zhen Ni when the door of the consultation room opened. Out came a tall figure while holding a prescription slip from the doctor.

    The older snowflake saw the people around them involuntarily turning their gaze toward the entrant instead of her daughter with unparalleled beauty. Without even looking at the figure carefully, she was already annoyed.

    The person who had come out of the room was Qianmo.

    Elegant and cultured with a well-defined face that was devoid of makeup and traces of plastic surgery, it was hard to forget such a person. Whenever the older snowflake saw this type of woman, she would instinctively hate them. They were the kind that naturally attracted the gazes of others by merely appearing in front of them. It reminded her of her love rivals when she was younger. They were all detestable.

    Zhen Ni’s jaw dropped, her mouth in an o-shape as she pointed to Qianmo and exclaimed, “That’s her!”

    All of Qianmo’s thoughts were focused on her checkup later on. Looking down at the prescription, she was wondering which level she needed to go to for the laboratory test, but she heard a familiar voice and looked up. However, she did not find anything unusual, so she continued walking on.

    Qu Xue covered her daughter’s mouth and waited till Qianmo had gone out of sight before pulling Zhen Ni out from behind the dim corner where they had hidden.

    These white lotuses, who were excellent at acting innocent, truly got more scheming as they grew older. Obviously, Qu Xue was more devious than her daughter.

    “Mommy~ that’s her! She stole my Brother Mo! Why didn’t you let me go up to her and give her a few scratches?” Zhen Ni hated Qianmo to her bones.

    “Don’t you see which department this is? Gynecology! She is in the Gynecology Department! Hurry! Go in and ask the doctor to see what is wrong with her. Is she infertile or infected with some disease like AIDS or something? After finding out, quickly give my brother~in-law~ a call.”

    The brother-in-law that the older snowflake mentioned was Yu Changmo’s father, Yu Shaofeng, the man whom Qu Xue had been dreaming about her entire life. Yet, she could not even touch a single strand of hair on him. She could only look on in envy and place the hopes of her lifetime dream on her daughter.

    She, the motivated snowflake, was determined to marry her daughter into the Yu family. Clenching her fists tightly, Qu Xue vowed to herself.