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Chapter 74 - Self-proclaimed Resourcefulness

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 74: Self-proclaimed Resourcefulness

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    There was a long wait for the laboratory test results, so Qianmo went for a meal while waiting for the results.

    Qu Xue led Zhen Ni downstairs, heading directly into the office of the laboratory test department. Coincidentally, the doctor there happened to be Qu Xue’s relative. Before entering, she warned her daughter to follow her lead.

    After entering the room, Old Snowflake lied that Qianmo was a relative from her husband’s side. As this kind of non-first-tier city hospital paid great attention to social relationships, the other party believed her immediately.

    After urgently processing Qianmo’s tests first, the doctor’s expression grew grave. “Her reports don’t look too optimistic.”

    “What do you mean?” Zhen Ni was more anxious than her mother.

    The doctor gave them a brief explanation, clarifying that in Qianmo’s situation, it would not be easy for her to get pregnant. Even if she did, a miscarriage could likely happen, or she might give birth to a child with genetic defects.

    As she listened to his explanation, Zhen Ni felt like fireworks were being set off inside her in celebration. Hearing that Qianmo was in such a miserable state, she was obviously ecstatic.

    “However, with the advancement in medicine, although it’s not easy to get pregnant, we can still turn things around with treatment. We do have many successful cases, but the key thing is early treatment. Furthermore, she is at the right age. I have an awesome doctor who specializes in this area to recommend to you. You can bring her to Shizhou to find this old doctor—”

    “There’s no need for treatment,” Zhen Ni blurted out.

    No need for treatment!

    The doctor looked at her suspiciously. Qu Xue glared at her daughter, signaling for her to shut up. She then asked the doctor in a pretentious manner, “Can you give her a fake report that says she’s fine?”

    “This… I’m afraid…” This was making things difficult for him. Old Snowflake lowered her voice.

    “Figure this out for me, and I’ll get my father to arrange something about your son’s job. Hah, I won’t hide this from you. This girl is the fiancee of my brother-in-law’s son. It’s because his slutty wife—I mean, the old lady’s daughter-in-law, is terminally ill, so she hopes to see her son get married. As the couple is in love, it doesn’t seem right for them to break up because of this medical problem.”

    Listening to her mother’s words, Zhen Ni’s eyes rolled till they almost fell out.

    “That’s fine then, I’ll change it.” The doctor was successfully persuaded—or rather, bought over—by Qu Xue. Since he could get some benefit out of it and help others at the same time, why not!

    “However, if there are any consequences to this later on, it has nothing to do with our hospital,” the doctor said while typing the report. He simply changed the name on another patient’s report to Qianmo’s using his computer before printing it out.

    “You won’t be found out. After all, these tests are not 100% accurate. You really did me a great favor…”

    When the mother and daughter duo stepped out of the office, Zhen Ni was so furious that her face practically turned into a blowfish.

    “Mommy! Why are you helping Chen Qianmo? Besides, Brother Mo’s mother is in good health. Why did you say that she is terminally ill?” Zhen Ni demanded while stomping her feet, nearly crushing the floor tiles.

    “What do you know? I’m making a long-term plan to reap greater benefits!”

    After years of vicissitudes and even spending some time in prison, Old Snowflake self-proclaimed to be very resourceful after being released.

    “Silly daughter, think about it. It’s no secret that we have a bit of animosity with Yu Changmo’s family. Do you think it’ll be so easy for you to marry him? Even if you’re lovely and attractive and manage to bewitch Yu Changmo, will his parents agree to it?”

    Especially Yu Changmo’s mother, Chen Meng. Every time her eyes wandered, she was scheming something. Chen Meng would rather let her son marry a pig than her daughter. Old Snowflake knew herself well enough to understand that.

    “I can’t marry him, so you’ll let that infertile hen, Chen Qianmo, marry into that family?!”

    “If she marries him but can’t have children, will the Yu family still want her? Yu Changmo’s father is a scientist, and his slutty mother is a psychologist. Both he and his brother are in control of a NASDAQ listed company, and their family even has a mine. Although Yu Changmo just changed jobs, the annual dividends that he gets can feed an ordinary family for a lifetime. In this kind of family, how can they not want a son to continue their ancestral lineage?”

    After Old Snowflake married Zhen Ka, she was despised by her mother-in-law because she did not give birth to a son and was an ex-convict. Zhen Ni’s father was just an ordinary person with a slight disability. He was not even from a wealthy family, but they still felt the issue of having a son was larger than the sky. What about the immensely rich and powerful families like the Yu Family?

    “But Brother Mo has a younger brother and an older sister. Even if Chen Qianmo is sterile, the other two can still have their own kids.”

    Old Snowflake petted her daughter’s forehead affectionately. “His brother took his mother’s surname, and although his sister’s surname is Yu, daughters are unretrievable spilled water. They will marry into someone else’s house in the future. The only authentic bloodline of the Yu family is Yu Changmo.”

    Zhen Ni’s IQ could not keep up with her mother’s devious ploys. After thinking about it for a long time, she still did not understand. Eventually, Old Snowflake had to spell things out more clearly.

    “My daughter, you have to endure this loneliness. For the time being, let Chen Qianmo date your Brother Mo for a while. It’s better to lay low until the two of them get the marriage certificate. When they do, it’ll be our time to strike.

    “We will expose the fact that Chen Qianmo is a chicken that cannot lay eggs. Then, Mummy will drug him so that the two of you can sleep together. By then, the rice will be cooked, leaving them helpless. Chen Qianmo can’t give birth, but you can. The Yu Family will definitely want them to get a divorce.

    “However, it’ll be Yu Changmo’s second marriage. Will he still dare to look down on us?”

    It sounded quite logical, but she would have to wait for several years for the plan to bear fruit. Zhen Ni’s young girl’s heart broke.

    “One other thing, the doctor said that the earlier she gets treatment, the easier it will be to cure. But now that we’ve changed the reports, think about it… In the future, even if she’s not with Yu Changmo, she’ll still be a barren cow.”

    Such vicious words actually made Zhen Ni smile broadly. After hearing so much, this was the sentence that was most pleasing to her ears. It was her favorite thing to harm others, even with no benefit to herself.

    “Mommy’s the one who loves me the most!”

    “My daughter’s still the most beautiful!”

    The mother and daughter held hands and walked off side by side, twisting their hips as they went. When they felt other people’s glances on them, they grew even smugger.

    However, unbeknownst to them, the passers-by were not looking at their beauty, but… the red patch on the Central Plains?!

    Zhen Ni was not wearing pink but white today. Probably too happy to hear that her “love rival”, Chen Qianmo, was about to be out of luck, her blood gushed out like a river. The back of her skirt was stained with her period blood, and it was even right in the middle. A patch of crimson amidst the snow, it was extremely conspicuous.

    Qianmo was quite shocked when she received the report.

    “Everything is… normal?!”

    The laboratory department had been bribed, and the doctors who were seeing the patients currently did not know anything about it. Explaining based on the test report, the doctor told her that all the indicators were normal, which naturally meant that she was healthy. He elaborated on how to read the indicators to Qianmo, and she also believed him.

    When Qianmo left the hospital, she felt that the sky was particularly bright.

    The uneasiness she felt previously was completely swept away. If she did not have any physical problems, then the distance between her and Black was much shorter.

    Qianmo felt that it was time to have a good talk with Black.

    When entering the hospital, her steps were so heavy, as if she was headed to the guillotine. When she left the building, though, her footsteps were light and free of burden. She made a beeline for the hospital that he was at.