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Chapter 75 - I Am The Boss, Thank You

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 75: I Am The Boss, Thank You

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    Qianmo alighted from the taxi, a few meters away from the hospital’s front door. She received her father’s phone call at this moment.

    “Everything is settled, Momo. I brought the lawyer with me to the court. Just as you had instructed, that woman’s name will be erased from our family’s household register shortly.”

    There was an unconcealable joy in Chen Baichuan’s voice. He was on his way to his farm now, and he had to share the good news with his daughter immediately.

    Qianmo began to smile and was about to say a few words when she heard some noises over the phone. There was also some crying in the background.

    “Dad.” Qianmo’s heart skipped a beat.

    “We shall continue our conversation later.” Chen Baichuan hung up the phone in a hurry. She could deduce that something must have cropped up at the farm.

    Qianmo didn’t hesitate and got into the taxi she had just gotten off from. She had to go and see for herself what happened over there, or she wouldn’t be able to rest easy.

    Yet, her phone rang again at this moment.

    “Where are you?”

    It was Yu Changmo.

    “I’m busy now.” Qianmo didn’t know how to explain it to him. Some things should only be discussed face-to-face.

    “I am going back to my unit. There’s an emergency.”

    Qianmo was shocked. “But you still haven’t recovered from your injuries.”

    “I just got the notification, so it should be really urgent. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself.”

    Qianmo gave him a few reminders and said just before he needed to go, “Let’s meet up after my military training. I have something to tell you.”

    She hung up the phone before he could react and got into the taxi without a moment of hesitation.

    After the taxi had left, Yu Changmo walked out from the back of the stone plaque that was only 5 meters from where Qianmo was standing earlier. Phoenix was next to him.

    “Boss, why didn’t you speak to her directly?” Phoenix couldn’t figure out what this pair of intelligent lovers were thinking. Although they had never announced their relationship formally, everyone believed they should be together.

    “Let’s not force her when she is still not ready to talk.” Yu Changmo looked at the direction in which she had left. She had told him everything when her family was facing trouble previously.

    That incident gave Yu Changmo immense confidence in their relationship. He felt his blood boiling with excitement when she said that he was not an outsider.

    He discovered that he had become too greedy. After witnessing her perfection at such a close distance, he could no longer go back to watching her secretly from afar. He wanted to hold her in his arms so badly.

    He wanted to be together with her, just like any normal couple in love, and wished to travel around the world while holding her hands. Even though their time on Earth was limited, and every relationship would eventually come to an end, he would still very much like to grow old with her. He hoped they would be able to stroll in the beautiful sunset as a pair of lovebirds, reminiscing their time together.

    He was not willing to wait passively. To ensure they could have a long time together, Yu Changmo decided to leave her momentarily now.

    His mother told him about another treatment again. Even though the process would be painful, he was not afraid. He was only concerned that she would get worried; thus, he lied to her about an emergency in his unit.

    Yu Changmo had wanted to depart immediately, but he stopped when he remembered that she had come and left in such a hurry.

    Knowing Momo’s character, she wouldn’t have left in advance if it wasn’t something urgent.

    He was going for treatment now, and he wouldn’t be able to leave for a few days. If Momo got into trouble…

    Yu Changmo’s sensitivity and intelligence worked together perfectly as he took out his phone to call his best buddy in Q City.

    “Mufeng, I need to go away for a few days. I need you to take care of Momo for a while.”

    Sha Mufeng agreed without any hesitation. “Xiaoyu happens to be home these few days too. I’ll ask him to go over when I’m working.”

    Yu Changmo reminded him again, “Lie low if she doesn’t need help. Don’t let her discover you.”

    “…Second Brother, aren’t you making things too difficult for yourself? Why don’t you let her know what you are doing for her?” Sha Mufeng thought that he was too unusual.

    Yu Changmo was, without a doubt, an outstanding man. Even ignoring his family background, he could have any woman he wanted. So why did he have to protect this one woman so carefully?

    “She’s worth it.” This sentence fully displayed his sincerity.

    The best woman deserved the best treatment.

    If he could choose, he would rather protect her personally. He would always be the first to appear whenever she needed him.

    Thus, no matter how painful the procedure would be, he would fight for a chance to be with her forever.


    Qianmo was worried about him, but she could only pray that everything would be fine when they met again.

    Q City had a comparatively small city area. The taxi brought Qianmo to their family’s sea cucumber farm at the suburb’s seaside in no time.

    Chen Baichuan had started out with a small farm and painstakingly developed to its current size. After the expansion at the beginning of the year, they became one of the biggest farms in Q City.

    They employed dozens of workers to work on the sea cucumber ponds, which were stretched out for hundreds of hectares. Chen Baichuan’s office was located in the row of buildings along the perimeter of the farm.

    Qianmo didn’t encounter a single worker when she entered the farm, only seeing them huddled together in a discussion when she reached the office buildings.

    “Boss is not going to make it this time…”

    “I agree. He lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in one go. How is he going to solve the cash flow problems?”

    “I heard Boss had also spent quite a bit when his daughter was getting married previously. We are dead meat this time. I wonder if we could get our wages back…”

    “Did the Boss invite trouble when he went fooling around? That’s why the men came here for revenge? People change for the worse when they have money…”

    These people were having an exciting discussion. Someone, who was alert, saw Qianmo there and quickly let out a warning cough. Everyone turned around and instantly kept quiet when they saw her.

    Qianmo had heard everything clearly.

    “No matter what happens to my family, we will still pay you every single cent of your wages. I can guarantee that. I will personally make sure that you are all taken care of, even if I have to sell my house. However, you guys have been in my father’s employment for years; it is really disheartening to hear you all gloat like this. Especially you…”

    Qianmo’s gaze landed on the man who was spreading rumors that her father went fooling around. He looked around him guiltily.

    He was the sales representative of the farm and a distant relative of the Chen Family. In her previous life, this guy and Lin Xiang colluded and took over her father’s factory. Although she wasn’t sure if he had done the same deed as he did in her previous life, Qianmo concluded he was a bad cookie by the way he avoided her gaze sheepishly like a thief.

    “You, hand over your duties to him and find my Aunt to get your wages for this month.”

    Qianmo displayed the confidence she had as a boss from her previous life and ordered the men. The guy couldn’t believe his ears.

    “What right do you have to fire me? Even your father has to give me due respect! Who the heck are you?”

    Qianmo said smilingly, “I am the only daughter of the boss. Thank you.”

    What she meant was all the sea cucumber ponds that they could see within these hundreds of hectares would belong to her eventually. They could either prepare themselves to take instructions from her or get lost.