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Chapter 76 - Their Neighbours, The Wangs

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 76: Their Neighbours, The Wangs

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    Qianmo had always wanted to find an opportunity to restructure her father’s factory. All these “relatives” behaved as if they owned the place, not bothering to do a good job yet still demanding to be respected. Furthermore, they would collude with the enemies during the most critical period. Getting rid of them would be the best decision made ever.

    That man wasn’t going to quit without a fight, though. He wanted to continue bickering, but Qianmo had no intention to entertain him. She proceeded to say to the crowd surrounding them, “Everyone, please get back to your work as it is our operating hours now. I promise that we will definitely pay you your wages. If I see any of you gossiping during operating hours again, he will be your example.” Qianmo pointed at the man she had just fired.

    Everyone dispersed immediately. Although gossiping was fun, keeping their jobs was more important.

    Even though Qianmo, as the junior boss, seldom came to the farm, the confident speech she made earlier had left a deep impression in their minds. None of them dared to offend her.

    Qianmo left the angry man behind and strode into the house that was the furthest in. This was her father’s Director’s Office.

    She noticed a glare coming at her when she pushed open the door. Fortunately, Qianmo was always nimble and managed to dodge just in time. She discovered it was her little aunt attacking her with the small chopper she used to cut the watermelons for her father.

    Mu Mianmian was given a scare when she saw it was Qianmo. She quickly took two steps back and almost dropped the chopper.


    “Where are you going, Little Aunt?”

    The moment she mentioned that, Mu Mianmian’s body seemed to be on fire like Super Saiyan. She grabbed the chopper tightly, and her gaze became deadly and fierce.

    “I am going over to fight it out with them. They employed dirty tricks, so I am going to chop them into pieces!”

    Her little aunt was always a confident and fierce woman as long as matters of the heart were not involved. Or else, how could she manage to be the Big Sister in the prison and a worthy opponent?

    “Chop them into pieces? Let me explain to you the legal consequences first. It’s already bad enough that you’re attempting to break into their office with a chopper. If the police manage to stop you before you reach their room, you will be going to jail for just a few days. But if you do get inside—”

    “Momo!” Qianmo reciting the laws was giving Little Aunt a headache. “We are already being bullied so terribly, yet you are still telling me about the legal consequences? Don’t blame me for my actions when they are the ones at fault!”

    Chen Baichuan found an opportunity to remove the chopper from Mu Mianmian, so they were now struggling to gain control over it. Unexpectedly, the blade was detached from the handle, which remained in her little aunt’s hands while the edge fell toward Chen Baichuan’s sandals.

    Her little aunt quickly squatted down when she heard Chen Baichuan screaming.

    “Are you alright?”

    “Oh no, we will have stewed pork knuckle for dinner tonight.” Chen Baichuan was hugging his foot ridiculously, while Qianmo just watched her father’s antics coldly.

    She, too, had a shock initially, but the next instant, she knew her father was just acting.

    A human being’s first reaction wouldn’t have been so exaggerated if one was genuinely hurt. They were not Korean TV soap actors whose acting was always over the top.

    “You are really bad!” Mu Mianmian pushed him aside angrily when she realized the blade had not hurt him.

    Chen Baichuan kicked the dangerous weapon under the bed and dragged the angry Mu Mianmian back onto the sofa. He massaged and soothed her back for a long time before she finally calmed her murderous urge down.

    Qianmo took this opportunity to ask about their situation. There was indeed a reason why Mu Mianmian was so angry that she would attempt murder.

    A sea cucumber pond that was ready for harvesting was drained by someone last night, and all the sea cucumbers in it died.

    Currently, their losses were about two hundred thousand, but what was worrying was the domino effect after this batch of goods failed to be delivered. The dip of profit would snowball and grow until they were more than hundreds of thousands.

    The whole factory could eventually close down.

    Every step in the farm was closely linked. The workers knew Chen Baichuan had a tight budget, and he had already ordered two hundred thousand worth of baby cucumbers from his supplier on credit. He had planned on using the money he got from the latest batch of sea cucumbers to pay the supplier.

    It had always been done like this all these years without a hitch.

    However, they never expected this disaster to strike today: the cash flow chain was broken. He had already paid a deposit of one hundred thousand for the baby cucumbers. If they couldn’t pay up for the remainder, they would have to forfeit the deposit.

    What aggravated the problem was that they also couldn’t afford to offend the buyer as he was their biggest customer. If he decided to cancel the rest of his orders, they would not be able to find another buyer in time to buy the rest of their sea cucumbers on the farm. And they would all be wasted.

    That was why the workers were discussing how Chen Baichuan was not going to make it this time.

    They had only about three days to resolve this, so it was already too late to get a loan from the banks.

    The way they did their business had reaped huge profits, but it was also very risky. This incident could result in their business going belly up, so one couldn’t blame Mu Mianmian for having a murderous rage.

    Qianmo furrowed her brows slightly after hearing about the situation.

    “Do we have any evidence proving that the people opposite us had done it? Did the CCTV catch them in action?”

    “No… the CCTV happened to be malfunctioning during that period… But apart from them, who else hates us so much that they will try to bankrupt us?” Mu Mianmian hissed angrily.

    The farm opposite had always competed fiercely with Chen Baichuan. When he decided to expand, they also followed suit by selling everything they could spare. Afterward, both farms began to engage in a price war.

    “They are not so stupid. How much fake distilled spirit one has to drink before one becomes so brain-damaged to attempt something like this?” Qianmo did have some impression of the farm opposite them.

    The owner had grown up together with her father. But since they were in the same business, they became direct competitors. Understandably, they didn’t always see eye to eye. This incident had never occurred in her previous life, but Qianmo instinctively felt that the father-and-son pair couldn’t have done it.

    Chen Baichuan raised his daughter as a single parent, and that owner did the same with his son. Both of their children were similar in age and had studied in the same school. Qianmo was expelled in her previous life, but she knew that the son of her neighbor, Mr. Wang, was the top student in that cohort. He was recruited by the special department the moment he graduated from the police academy.

    Someone who studied in the police academy should be a law-abiding citizen. Why would such a person come to her farm and kill the sea cucumbers by draining their pond?

    Furthermore, when Chen Baichuan was in trouble in her previous life, everyone, including her relatives, had avoided them. Only Mr. Wang sent her a sum of money to pay for the surgery. However, it was nabbed by that asshole, Lin Xiang. She only knew about it much later when Wang Xiaoyao came to visit her in the prison.

    Although both father and son were stubborn and didn’t get along well with her father, they wouldn’t do something so despicable.

    “Even though Lao Wang isn’t as handsome as me, isn’t a good father like me, isn’t a good sea cucumber rearer like me, doesn’t know how to pick a good wife like me… he really isn’t that kind of…” Chen Baichuan was trying his best to explain.

    However, Mu Mianmian was not having any of it.

    “He isn’t that kind of person? He has always stared at me as if he wants to swallow me whole! He’s just jealous that our farm is doing so well!”

    Chen Baichuan had a guilty conscience because he had always given Mu Mianmian the impression that their neighbor was a horrible person.

    Qianmo felt a little sorry for Mr. Wang next door.

    Mu Mianmian could actually mistake a man’s adoring gaze for the woman he loved as a look of hatred and jealousy. Her father must have saved the entire galaxy in his previous life for him to be rewarded with a lady who couldn’t differentiate love from hate!