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Chapter 104: I Want Him to Die!

Fortunately, I Met You
     Cheng Xi looked at the hand holding onto her, and then at Lu Chenzhou.

    He seemed to be quite serious, and his face was clearly unhappy—his date being interrupted made him feel quite uncomfortable.

    Cheng Xi suddenly felt an urge to laugh, but she resisted the temptation. Shen Wei might cause a big commotion. She was afraid that it would scare him.

    Lu Chenzhou adamantly stated, Dont worry. Even if she does go crazy, it wont frighten me.

    He seemed to have completely forgotten about how badly Chen Jiamans relapse had affected him.

    In the first place, Shen Wei wasnt very likely to have actually gone crazy. She had a pretty robust mentality, and even if Fu Mingyi was truly having an affair, she was more likely to be overreacting because of excessive stimulation—calling her crazy was most likely an exaggeration.

    But Cheng Xi really didnt want to bring Lu Chenzhou with her. Shen Weis pride wouldnt be able to accept her former idol seeing her in such a disarrayed state.

    On the other hand, Mr. Lu wouldnt be able to accept such an abrupt end to their date either… Cheng Xi thought for a little while and then said, Send me home, will you?

    If he sent her home, then the date would be over.

    As expected, Lu Chenzhou happily agreed and sent her home, but there was a small incident when Cheng Xi tried to leave the car. When she went to open the door, he pulled her back into the car.

    Cheng Xi thought that he still wanted to tag along to the Shen estate, and she preemptively said, Its really not too convenient……

    Say goodbye and then well kiss. Having said that, he tilted his lower jaw up, looking at her expectantly.


    She leaned over, quickly kissed his forehead, threw a casual Bye at him, and then ran off without looking back.

    She didnt dare look at Lu Chenzhous expression after her haphazard farewell, so she didnt see his shallow smile and pursed lips. Cheng Xi was mainly concerned for Shen Wei, and when she returned home, she grabbed a few common over-the-counter drugs for mental stabilization before taking a taxi to the Fu household.

    Neither the Shen family nor the Fu family were lacking in money, so when the two of them had gotten married, both bride and groom each had their own house. One was the villa where Fu Mingyi had hosted Shen Weis birthday party, which they occasionally stayed in, and the other was in the city. While the latter wasnt as big, it was in an optimal location, and was where the couple generally resided after their marriage.

    Today, Shen Wei was staying in the city. As soon as Cheng Xi arrived at the buildings front entrance, she could already hear Shen Weis shrill yells. There were quite a number of residents gathered around, looking up at the building as they gossiped wildly.

    Cheng Xi calmly took the elevator up and knocked on the houses door. Fu Mingyis aunt opened the door for her. Inside, there were quite a few people sitting in the main living room: Shen Weis parents, two brothers and sisters-in-law, Fu Mingyis parents, her aunt, and Fu Mingyi himself.

    So the direct relatives of both families were here. Presently, they were sitting far from each other, Shen Weis family members guarding the bedroom door while Fu Mingyis family sat obediently in the living room.

    The living room, which had originally been designed to be comforting and relaxing, had become a total mess, destroyed beyond recognition. Shen Wei herself was in the bedroom, yelling out helplessly.

    She wasnt scolding anyone, but rather howling out her raw anger, despair, and helplessness to the world.

    Cheng Xi and Shen Wei were quite good friends, so both families instantly recognized her, causing them to relax. Fu Mingyi was crumpled up on one side of the living room sofa, but even he couldnt help but raise his head.

    His face was full of scratches, as if a violent beast had clawed him.

    Cheng Xi only spread him a glance before turning away and greeting Shen Weis distraught parents. Mr. Shen, Mrs. Shen.

    Cheng Xi.

    Before Shen Weis mother could say anything more, she broke down in tears. She was a very gentle woman, thin and skinny. Please help me look after Shen Wei. Whats she going to do?

    Cheng Xi nodded, not asking about the situation as she went into the room to first look at Shen Wei.

    The room was even more devastated than the living room. Shen Wei was being pressed against the bed by her brothers and sisters-in-law, like a beached fish stranded on a land full of despair with nothing she could do but yell her heart out.

    Cheng Xi took a set of medicine that she had prepared earlier out of her bag. Her voice is completely hoarse. Take this and prepare some water for her.

    Alright. With trembling hands, Shen Weis mother took the medicine and turned around to pour out some water.

    Cheng Xi stepped over the jumble of random items on the floor as she called out Shen Weis name from the foot of the bed. Shen Wei didnt respond, so Cheng Xi grabbed her hand to check her pulse, How long has she been like this for?

    Almost half an hour, Shen Weis brother replied. Were too afraid to release our grip on her. One time when we did, she tried to kill him before trying to jump off the building.

    Seeing Shen Wei like this……

    Shh! Cheng Xi softly shushed him, and then pushed him aside and grabbed one of Shen Weis hands in his place. Shen Weis strength was much greater than she expected; she had been struggling for so long, but in the short time when Cheng Xi took over, Shen Wei almost struggled free.

    Cheng Xi had no other option but to lie down on Shen Weis hand, using her entire body to hug Sheng Wei as she incessantly called out, Shen Wei, Shen Wei, Shen Wei, beautiful Shen Wei, adorable Shen Wei, the most perfect Shen Wei who we know… Will you calm down? Then, Cheng Xi whispered into Shen Weis ears, I know that youre certainly very mad, and you want to kill him, dont you? Ill help you.

    Ill help you!

    Ill definitely help you!

    Cheng Xi repeated this phrase a few times. Maybe it was because Shen Wei was finally tired from venting, but her howls weakened soon after, and then when she recognized Cheng Xis voice, she turned her head around to look at Cheng Xi.

    Cheng Xi raised her voice. If youre quiet, then well let you go, alright? Promise me, and believe in me!

    Shen Wei started panting as she continued to look straight at Cheng Xi.

    Cheng Xi didnt shy away, looking straight back at Shen Wei, her gaze calm and resolute. Shen Wei slowly calmed down, but the expression on her face remained as malevolent as ever. I want him to die!

    Alright. Cheng Xi didnt hesitate to agree at all.

    Now, immediately, right away!

    Alright! Cheng Xi responded even more decisively. Then, she turned around and said, Go and pour two glasses of water for us, as she looked at Shen Weis mother.

    The requested water quickly came. Shen Wei saw Cheng Xi drop two pills into one glass, and then call Fu Mingyi in.

    Upon seeing him, Shen Wei couldnt hold the enmity in her eyes back, and she started shrieking shrilly again. Cheng Xi hugged her tightly and said to Fu Mingyi, Shen Weis thirsty, and she wants you to feed her a glass of water.

    Fu Mingyi hesitantly looked at Shen Wei, and then picked up a glass of water.

    Wait. Cheng Xi stopped him. Shes afraid that youll poison her, so drink this glass of water first.

    An embarrassed expression emerged on Fu Mingyis face, but he didnt protest as he downed the glass of water in one gulp.

    And then, he collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

    He had fallen so suddenly that everyone was shocked, and Shen Weis two sisters-in-law even yelled out in fright for a brief moment. All of Fu Mingyis family members were standing by the door and were subsequently shocked upon seeing the situation. Fu Mingyis mother and aunt quickly ran forward as they desperately shouted, Fu Mingyi! Mingyi!

    Fu Mingyi didnt respond at all, almost as if he was dead.

    Cheng Xi didnt look at either of them, focusing solely on Shen Wei as she conspicuously spoke by her ear, That was a prohibited drug from our laboratory. Those who ingest it will fall into a deep coma. Not long after, hell start to have difficulty breathing and then his heart and lungs will collapse. The cause of death isnt very different from a sudden heart attack, and even forensic investigators will have a hard time identifying his true cause of death.

    She hugged Shen Wei as she asked, Isnt it better this way?