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Chapter 105: The Intrepid but Soft-hearted Dr. Cheng

Fortunately, I Met You
     Shen Wei completely quieted down, now looking at Cheng Xi dazedly. Cheng Xi smiled in response, and then said to Shen Weis equally dazed brother, Shen Weis thirsty. Get her some water to drink.

    When the water was brought over, Cheng Xi personally helped Shen Wei drink it. As Cheng Xi held the glass up, she said, Dont be afraid, and dont worry. Drink this and go to sleep. After you wake up, everything will be fine.

    Dont worry. If anything happens, Ill shoulder the blame with you.

    Perhaps it was because Fu Mingyis death had shocked her too much, or perhaps it was because Cheng Xis words had warmed her heart, but for whatever reason, Shen Wei actually cooperated and drank that glass of water.

    Not long later, amidst the sobs of the Fu family, she closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

    Only then did Cheng Xi lightly exhale, put down Shen Wei, and turn to address the distraught Fu family. They were all clustered around Fu Mingyi, hugging him, crying, and calling for help. Dont worry, hes not dead. He just ingested a few sleeping pills.

    Even though she had been whispering into Shen Weis ears, she hadnt done it very softly, so most people in the room had heard at least a little of that exchange. In this sort of situation, it was honestly already quite level-headed for them to only embrace Fu Mingyi instead of rushing up to Cheng Xi to beat her up.

    Nevertheless, when Cheng Xi spoke, despite her gentle tone, a cold indifference permeated her words.

    Fu Mingyis mother and aunt both choked at her callousness, and then his aunt criticized her. As a doctor, how can you frighten someone like that?

    Then, should I wake Shen Wei up and let her stab him? Her tone was practical and realistic as she continued, I do have to say, shes currently in a bad mental state. Even if she does stab him, it would be a waste.

    Fu Mingyis mother and aunt, who were familiar with Shen Weis crazy behavior, were rendered speechless.

    Luckily, Fu Mingyis father was reasonable, and he went up to talk to the two of them. In the end, the three of them lifted Fu Mingyi up and brought him out.

    Only then did Cheng Xi look at the Shen family. Right now, they were still a bit dazed, mainly because Cheng Xis behavior today was very different from normal. Before this, they had all thought that she was a pure and soft-hearted woman. Someone pretty with a good character, good temperament, and a kind, generous, and understanding heart.

    And only now did they even realize that the familiar woman they thought they knew had such a daring side to her.

    The intrepid but soft-hearted Cheng Xi then said, The way this place looks will negatively impact Shen Weis mood. Id like to take her back to my place.

    The hospital? Upon hearing Cheng Xis request, Shen Weis mothers voice started trembling.

    Cheng Xi didnt respond, and instead asked a few questions. When did she start having these abnormal feelings?

    Two days ago, when she found out that Fu Mingyi cheated before they got married. At that time, she was very angry, but just angry. She wasnt throwing things around or hitting people—she was just saying that she wanted to divorce Fu Mingyi. We all thought that she might have been acting a bit rash, so we advised her not to be so impetuous, to think it through carefully. However, this merely made her feel that none of us understood her and that we wanted to see her die.

    Aside from this, did she display any other unusual behavior?

    Yes. She said that Fu Mingyi wanted to kill her, and she said that he married her all to do that. But we thought that she was just spouting nonsense after being excessively angered. So we didnt place much importance on it.

    Cheng Xi nodded. Then what happened today?

    Today, the two families got together to see if we could persuade the two of them to reconcile……

    Cheng Xi interrupted her. Is it true that Fu Mingyi had an affair?

    Actually, she was hoping that it was false, and that it was all in Shen Weis imagination. But after a mild silence, Shen Weis brother said, Its true. When she made a fake account to test Fu Mingyis loyalty, he mistook it for another womans account and immediately warned her to stop harassing him, saying that they were over…… After Shen Wei led him on some more, she found out that, before they got married, Fu Mingyi had had multiple girlfriends besides her. One of them had gotten pregnant and threatened him, so Fu Mingyi had found someone to forcibly cause her to have an abortion before breaking off all connection with her……

    ……and you still want them to reconcile after this?

    What else can we do? Shen Weis mother interrupted through her tears. Shen Weis also pregnant now.


    When Shen Weis mother said this, everyones expressions revealed various levels of annoyance and exasperation. It wasnt just Cheng Xis; even Shen Weis father looked ashen.

    Cheng Xi was similarly at a loss for what to say. She remained silent for quite a while before asking, How long have you known?

    We only found out after it was all revealed. Shen Wei was so mad that she fainted, and we were afraid that something more serious had occurred, so we sent her to the hospital for an inspection. It was then that we found out that she was pregnant.


    A happy occasion that couldnt be considered joyful was preceded by tremendous anger and sorrow… No wonder the normally strong-willed Shen Wei would collapse like this. Cheng XI sighed and then asked, Then whats all this today?

    Were still not sure about the overall picture. Originally, the atmosphere was still manageable, and Shen Wei was willing to listen to reason for the sake of the baby. But then, out of nowhere, she received a phone call and suddenly went crazy. She started scratching and clawing at Fu Mingyi, and even grabbed up a knife while saying that she would kill him.

    Luckily, there were plenty of other people around today. Otherwise, something truly horrific might have actually happened.

    Shen Weis brothers were a bit scared as they recounted this, and one of her sisters-in-law quickly asked, Is Shen Wei… truly insane now?

    Everyone in the Shen family looked towards her indignantly, and Shen Weis father frowned. What nonsense are you spouting? Shen Weis just lost control of her rage! Are you going to believe that nonsense too? Shen Weis father had a severe demeanor, and he rarely talked, so everyone went silent at his sudden tirade.

    After a while, Cheng Xi asked, Do you know who called her?

    Everyone shook their heads. We asked Fu Mingyi, but he said that he didnt know. Shen Wei also smashed her phone, so we cant find out even if we wanted to.

    Cheng Xi stopped her questioning, and after thinking for a while, started muttering to herself. Finally, she stated, I feel like its in Shen Weis best interests to go to the hospital. She seemed to have a strong inclination towards death, and Im worried that something drastic might happen when she wakes up.

    When Cheng Xi saw Shen Weis family hesitate, she continued pushing them. We have to make a decision quickly. The medicine I gave her was a mental suppressant, and the only reason she fell asleep was because she was fatigued from all that struggling. Its better to have everything planned and ready to go before she wakes up.

    Shen Weis mother looked at Cheng Xi, tears still brimming in her eyes. Is Shen Wei doing that badly right now?

    At the moment, its not clear. We have to wait for her to wake up before we can ascertain her situation. However, staying here is evidently not suitable for her.

    Then well move her! Shen Weis father made a decisive statement. But not to the hospital. Well first go to our house. Well watch over her there, and she should be fine, right?

    This last question was directed at Cheng Xi.

    Shen Weis mother anxiously added, Shen Wei cares a lot for her appearance, and sending her to a place like that…… Im afraid that shed really ruin herself.

    Regular people were always somewhat fearful and held huge misconceptions towards mental asylums and mental illness…… Cheng Xi sighed, finally relenting. Alright, but she should come to my apartment. My home is closer to the hospital, so if anything happens, we can always resort to that. Additionally, I feel like its better for her to be as isolated from her past as she can right now. Perhaps itll aid in her recovery.

    This suggestion was approved by everyone from Shen Weis family; as for the Fu family—at this time, who would listen to their opinions?

    They were pests that had to be chased away!

    Finally, Shen Wei was sent to Cheng Xis apartment. Her parents accompanied her; they stayed in the guest room, Shen Wei the master bedroom, and Cheng Xi the living room.

    Everything was settled on the way there, but once they entered the house, Cheng Xi saw that her house was still full of flowers. She instantly remembered that she still hadnt dealt with these things, and felt a small impulse to make a 囧 face.

    Even though they were concerned with Shen Weis situation, the Shen family was still slightly shocked by this house full of flowers. Shen Weis elder sister-in-law even joked, Cheng Xi, are you… switching jobs to become a florist?

    Cheng Xi muddled through the question before instructing Shen Weis elder brother to carry her to Cheng Xis room. The reason why the flowers in the living room were shocking was because of their quantity, and also because of their artistic presentation. All the pink roses were grouped up by the balcony, and from them was a little road interlaced with ivy and orchids that extended to the living room. From afar, it seemed as if fresh flowers had overtaken the room.

    The fragrance of the flowers permeated everyones nose, and their pink color saturated their eyes, but otherwise, they didnt inhibit anybodys activities.

    Before Shen Wei woke up, the Shen family had already divided up the tasks that they had to accomplish. Her elder brother would go and fix Shen Weis phone to see if he could find out why she had gone crazy earlier. Her second brother and sister-in-law would go back and fetch some of her casual clothes. Finally, Shen Weis parents and elder sister-in-law would stay here so that they would have enough people to deal with Shen Wei if she went berserk again.

    Shen Wei didnt end up sleeping for very long, and she woke up almost right after they finished planning. Cheng Xi walked inside upon hearing her stir, and saw that she was already sitting upright.

    Shen Wei opened her eyes wide and looked right at Cheng Xi. Is Fu Mingyi dead?