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Chapter 108: You’ll Scare the Little Children

Fortunately, I Met You
     After abruptly witnessing a public display of affection, Lu Chenzhous godbrothers eyes were about to go blind!

    This effect was especially magnified by the fact that Lu Chenzhou and Cheng Xi had behaved pretty coolly toward each other during the rest of the night. But just when the other two were beginning to suspect that they werent an actual couple, their eyes had been struck by an overwhelming glare of sappiness.

    My goodness! Who was it that said Lu Chenzhou didnt know how to pick up girls?!

    Even as all these thoughts raced through the two bystanders heads, Lu Chenzhou continued to hold Cheng Xis hand and look at her with a cool expression. It was as if all he had merely said was something like, Quickly play your cards. I cant wait.

    A crack had appeared on Cheng Xis detached veneer, but she was at least used to his antics by now, and could quickly adapt to his erratic behavior.

    At times, she could even act in concert with him and reply appropriately, like now. She firmly wrenched her hand out of Lu Chenzhous grasp and then warned him seriously, Next time, dont say it so suddenly. She looked at the other two. Youll scare the little children.

    The two little children were speechless.

    Lu Chenzhous godbrother slapped the table angrily. Keep playing, keep playing! Dont go easy on them!

    He was one of those people who turned very serious when playing games, so Cheng Xi naturally followed suit. The last two cards in her hand were enough to give her and Shen Wei a strong finish, allowing them to eke out an arduous and timely victory against Lu Chenzhou and his godbrother.

    Cheng Xi started to play more seriously, and the luck of the draw slowly started favoring her more and more. One full deck of cards lasted them the entire night; Cheng Xi and Shen Wei eventually ended up losing by two games, so they only had to pay up 100 yuan per person, which was about the cost of a round of drinks.

    Except for Lu Chenzhou, the other three were quite tired after the game, and even Shen Wei commented, Losing these 100 yuan was quite difficult.

    Lu Chenzhous godbrother gave her a supercilious look. Then you shouldve admitted defeat earlier.

    How could I do that? A defeat has to be glorious! With the way you do things, would you be excited even if you won? Shen Weis words seemed to have a hidden meaning. Cheng Xis eyelids twitched, and she looked towards her.

    But Shen Weis smile was casual, as if she were just discussing the game.

    As the two bantered back and forth, they all looked toward Lu Chenzhou, who was sorting the cards meticulously. He moved them one at a time, neatly and tidily, and even smoothed out the corners that had become somewhat creased during the game.

    The other three were somewhat impressed by his meticulousness, and for a moment, all conversation paused as everyone watched his thin and slender fingers pick out the cards one at a time. Only when he finished everything did they breathe out simultaneously.

    Lu Chenzhous godbrother said, Its already quite late, so were going to go back now. Brother, you…… are heading back?

    Lu Chenzhou nodded, put the sorted cards in the middle of the table, and stood up.

    Lu Chenzhous godbrother looked at Shen Wei, swallowed the words you could stay down, and then once again reiterated Lu Chenzhous grandmothers request. Ms. Cheng, if youre free, then you should come to our house and play some time. Then, with a frustrated look at Lu Chenzhou, he muttered to himself, Now that Ive broached the topic, why arent you inviting her and setting up a time?!

    All hed done today was tease her just now. And then… nothing?

    But Lu Chenzhou didnt even look at him. He was calmly putting on his shoes, and only when he finished did he stand up and look at Cheng Xi. His worrying godbrother thought that he was finally about to extend her an invitation. However, he simply leaned down slightly until his face was right in front of Cheng Xis, and then lightly licked her lips. Goodbye.

    And that was it. He left.

    The other three found them shocked speechless yet again.

    Even long after Lu Chenzhou and his friend had left, Shen Wei was still laughing.

    Although it was a good thing that Shen Wei could laugh after her hardships, this laugh had lasted far too long for Cheng Xi, and she was getting exasperated. Havent you laughed enough?

    Nope. She started laughing again, and even as she laughed, she said, I didnt expect Director Lu to be so interesting. She put her face in front of Cheng Xis. Why dont you like him?

    Shen Wei wasnt stupid, and she could see that while Cheng Xi treated Lu Chenzhou indulgingly and leniently, it was devoid of a womans romance when she interacted with her beloved.

    Of course, it was also possible that Cheng Xi was just hiding her affection, like what she had done towards Lin Fan. Who could have noticed that she had liked him that much?

    Cheng Xi pondered the question briefly. Perhaps I will, later.

    But right now, she couldnt and wouldnt dare to.

    A patient suffering from emotional detachment who had never developed feelings for anyone even at this age, who had just met someone whom he didnt detest… Cheng Xi felt that Lu Chenzhous feelings were very likely just a temporary flood of emotions.

    Shen Wei didnt know what was going through her mind, and was even under the impression that Cheng Xi was opening up to that possibility. She couldnt help but chuckle as she said, Yes, you definitely will in the future.

    Playing cards had been surprisingly taxing on the brain, and both of them were mentally exhausted. After exchanging a few more words, they went to clean themselves up before going to bed.

    Cheng Xi thought that Shen Wei would sleep more soundly that night, and didnt make her take any medicine to calm her emotions. What she didnt expect was that, in the middle of the night, Shen Wei suddenly told her, Cheng Xi, Im going back tomorrow.

    The shock instantly cleared her mind as Cheng Xi turned to face Shen Wei.

    Shen Wei had been sleeping by her side, but her eyes were currently wide open. Cheng Xi couldnt tell if she had just woken up or if she had never fallen asleep in the first place.

    She inspected Shen Wei for a brief moment. Whats the matter?

    I cant avoid this situation forever. She laughed emotionlessly as she continued, I want to deal with this matter as quickly as I can. If it drags on…… She then lightly caressed her stomach as her eyes drooped. It would be bad for the child, and for me too. Ive wasted enough of my time on a piece of garbage.

    Her words were logical, and even though Cheng Xi knew that her mental condition might not have fully recovered, Cheng Xi couldnt forcibly keep her here. Then get a daily check-up at the hospital, or at least call me daily, alright?

    Shen Wei smiled back. Youre this worried about me?


    Shen Wei smiled and obediently nodded.

    Shen Weis brothers and parents all came to fetch her the next morning. Cheng Xi told each of them about the doctors instructions; shed originally thought that, after Shen Weis nervous breakdown earlier, the Fu family would be scared of her and would accept a divorce, even if the pregnancy made things a little complicated.

    But Fu Mingyi was actually unwilling to accept a divorce.

    Not only was he unwilling, but he even called Cheng Xi in his desperation. Can you help me change Shen Weis mind? Shes the one I truly love, and ever since I married her, Ive never wanted a divorce.

    Cheng Xi couldnt even think of a proper response.

    Truth be told, Cheng Xi really wanted to look him in the face and say, Ive never seen a more shameless person! But as a professional, she had to maintain a certain level of propriety, so she couldnt reply so bluntly. Instead, she asked, Then, why did you have an affair?

    That was all before the marriage…

    Before the marriage… so, while you and Shen Wei were dating?

    Fu Mingyi then used the all-purpose phrase that every man used to push the blame away after sinning. She was the one who seduced me!

    She was the one who seduced me! and I was framed!

    To Cheng Xi, these words were even more loathsome and detestful than I made a mistake that all men make. Without a second thought, she immediately responded, Just because she seduced you, you fell for it? Are you a fish? Even fish know how to spit out bait after they realize their mistake! As for you, not only did you just bite down even more, but you even got the other party pregnant! Fu Mingyi, you-

    Considering that he was still married to Shen Wei, Cheng Xi felt that it wasnt quite appropriate to call him worse than livestock, and tried very hard to restrain herself.

    The most important things in life are work and love. In both these cases, people have to learn to master their own emotions in order to avoid hurting important people and making mistakes. There are two ground rules: they cant take money obtained through illicit means, and they cant take emotions that shouldnt have been offered to them. And since you took those illicit emotions, then you should deal with the resulting consequences. Rather than tormenting yourself with your tattered relationship, just break off ties with Shen Wei instead.

    Shen Wei isnt a weakling. The reason she was so mad that she went insane was not because she loved you that deeply, but rather that she hated herself. So youd better not come pining after her, or something that we cant even imagine might happen.

    As harsh as it sounded, Cheng Xi was giving Fu Mingyi her earnest advice. When Shen Wei left, she had seemed calm, but the emotions that were boiling right beneath the surface…… Cheng Xi was honestly scared of them.

    Unfortunately, Fu Mingyi didnt listen, and his fate was tragic.