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Chapter 133: Let Them All Go Crazy

Fortunately, I Met You
     Shen Wei smiled, walked to the front desk, borrowed Cheng Xis ID, and then forced Lawyer Du to help them out. Finally, she booked all the rooms by the Wangjiang exit, allegedly for a large group.

    This wasnt against the law; Shen Wei had merely requested the rooms closest to that exit.

    Fu Mingyi was either too unlucky or Shen Wei too lucky, but because it was just after the New Year, the hotels business wasnt doing so well. And since that area was specially designated as a luxury area, the prices were expensive, meaning that there were even fewer people in that area than the others.

    All in all, there were seven rooms remaining.

    Shen Wei booked all of them, and then left a room key by the front desk. Therell be someone looking for me later. Have them come over directly, please. Then, she took the other set of room keys and went inside with the hotel staff.

    Cheng Xi stood silently to one side as all this happened, looking on as Shen Wei made a few calls. Come over to Donglai Hotel for a moment, and get a room key from the front desk by using my name.

    Lawyer Dus mouth was still agape when he heard this. What happened to not making a fuss and just quietly taking a peek? Didnt Shen Weis actions seem to be calling a big group of people over? My goodness, I never knew anything about this. I just came here to help our future lady boss book a few rooms……

    Lawyer Du squinted his eyes, emphasized that he didnt know anything about this, and hurried back to his meeting.

    When Cheng Xi had come to this mysterious area of Donglai Hotel with Lu Chenzhou, she hadnt noticed the surroundings at all. This time… she still didnt notice them, as she was very worried about Shen Wei. The only thing Cheng Xi could think about the entire way over was what she could say to Shen Wei. But before Cheng Xi could speak, Shen Wei said, Yes, I know. Im not going to make a fuss, and the real reason Im calling people over is so that I wont have to deal with the aftermath.

    And Shen Wei really didnt make a fuss. Once she confirmed the locations of the seven rooms that she had booked, she calmly knocked on the remaining door, Fu Mingyis door.

    Gong Hengjin was the one who opened the door. She was dressed simply in a bathrobe and her hair was down, loose. But when she saw Shen Wei, she was so shocked that she couldnt even say anything, only able to stand there, dazed at the door.

    And then she subconsciously tried to close the door, but before she could, Shen Wei pushed her aside, grabbed her hand, and threw her onto the bed, causing Gong Hengjin to collapse in a heap with the equally shocked and dazed Fu Mingyi.

    Cheng Xi then noticed the projections on the walls. My goodness, it was actually the area outside Wangjiang, a real-time image complete with the sound of heavy traffic reverberating from every corner of the room.

    Cheng Xi felt somewhat unwell, as she didnt expect that these two people would have such a fetish!

    But Shen Wei didnt seem to have even noticed. She merely took out her phone, snapped a few pictures, and then, without saying anything, prepared to leave.

    Gong Hengjin, terrified and flustered, tried to hide behind Fu Mingyi, but Fu Mingyi pushed her away as he desperately called out, Weiwei, Shen Wei, listen to me……

    Shen Wei didnt even turn her head around. Fu Mingyi clambered out of bed, wanting to chase her, but then he remembered that he was still naked, so he hurriedly covered himself up again.

    Cheng Xi couldnt bear to look at these two sorry people, and she promptly left with Shen Wei.

    Back in the room, when Fu Mingyi realized that he wasnt going to be able to sway Shen Wei, he instead called out to Cheng Xi, Cheng Xi, please help me look after Shen Wei! Shes still pregnant.

    Upon hearing those words, Shen Wei hesitated for a moment, and Cheng Xi……

    Cheng Xi stopped moving. Unable to bear it any further, she rolled up her sleeves, rushed back inside, picked up a teapot from the desk, and threw it at the head of the bed without a second thought. The teapot shattered into a million little pieces, and the two were so scared that they started shrieking shrilly.

    Amidst their screams, Cheng Xi coldly yelled, Shut up!

    And then she left.

    When Cheng Xi came out, she saw that a huge group of people had congregated; it was everyone from the Shen and Fu families.

    Shen Wei stood in front of all of them, saying in a voice as cold as ice, Youre all here? Then go inside.

    She then moved away from the door, letting them enter. Cheng Xi stood by one side, supporting her.

    Everyone asked, Weiwei, whats going on?

    Youll find out once you go in, wont you?

    And so they did. When they saw what was going on inside, they didnt need to ask any more questions. A few furious and startled shouts emerged from inside. Fu Mingyi!

    And someone else exclaimed, Gong Hengjin? Do you have no sense of propriety?!

    Shen Wei apathetically stood there outside the room. When Cheng Xi tried to hold her hand, it dodged away. Come on, lets go over there.

    They went into the closest unoccupied room. Shen Wei went to wash her hands. She was in there for quite a while, slowly and methodically using the soap to rub each of her fingers. When she was done, she called out to Cheng Xi, You should wash your hands too.

    With how serious Shen Weis tone was, Cheng Xi didnt want to go against her will. She also went inside and washed her hands carefully.

    When she was done, Shen Wei said, Lets go. This time, she took the initiative to grab Cheng Xis hand.

    They passed by Fu Mingyis room on their way out. No one had remembered to close the door, so everyone could hear the big commotion inside. Shen Wei hesitated for a moment, and then asked Cheng Xi, Cheng Xi, can you help me bring my mom and the others out, please?

    Cheng Xi looked toward her questioningly. Shen Wei smiled. Ill wait right here for you. I promise I wont go anywhere.

    From start to end, Shen Wei had been so deathly calm that Cheng Xi was starting to become very worried. But in the end, she did enter to bring Shen Weis parents and brothers out.

    When Cheng Xi stepped inside the room, Shen Weis two brothers were fiercely kicking and punching the bed, whereas the Fu family was trying to stop them. Shen Weis parents stood to the side, shouting out at the two of them.

    It was absolute bedlam.

    Cheng Xi honestly didnt think that she would ever see such a scene in her life, and she had to sacrifice a teacup before she could grab Shen Weis familys attention to direct them out.

    Their faces were all as heavy as lead as they continued to shout and yell. However, when they came out and saw Shen Wei standing outside, they instantly fell silent.

    Shen Wei calmly opened her mouth. Do you think that I can keep going like this?

    Her second brother said, Even if youre going to get a divorce, you cant just let them go like that! Fu Mingyis actions are intolerable, and especially Gong Hengjin—what kind of person is she!?

    Both of Shen Weis parents had ugly expressions on their face, but they didnt say anything.

    Shen Wei unemotionally said, Then please help me talk to them about it. I dont want to see them for another second. Also, stop fighting. Dont get your hands dirty.

    Her family was shocked by her incisive words, as they expected her to be the most vocal out of all of them. Everyone looked at her.

    Shen Wei added, Im serious. With the way it is now, whats the point of hitting him? Lets talk about something more practical instead.

    And with that, she walked away as she pulled Cheng Xi along.

    Cheng Xi was pretending to be a wallflower, and she exhaled lightly once they exited.

    Shen Wei glanced at her. Are you scared?

    Cheng Xi shook her head. Im just worried about you.

    Im fine. But when Shen Wei saw that Cheng Xi hadnt taken her words to heart, Shen Wei leaned against Cheng Xis shoulder. Im serious. I already went crazy once, so now, its time to let the rest of them all go crazy for a little.

    At that moment, Cheng Xi didnt understand Shen Weis meaning; she thought Shen Wei was just referring to the big commotion earlier, but only later did she find out that Fu Mingyi had contracted AIDS, apparently from Gong Hengjin, and Gong Hengjin had supposedly slept with a man at a nightclub……

    Currently, Cheng Xi didnt know the events that had already transpired, so she just felt slightly discomfited by Shen Weis behavior. All she could do was do her best to clear up her mind. Shen Wei was also very obedient, even pulling her and saying, Lets all go eat some grilled fish. Call your Lu Chenzhou over too, and Rou, and Shuang…… She mentioned a few more names, both male and female. They were all her classmates from high school, with whom shed maintained good relationships.

    Cheng Xi was indifferent towards the classmates, but she said, Lets forget about Lu Chenzhou, shall we? Hes been quite busy lately.

    But as if he were trying to make her eat her words, Cheng Xis phone rang immediately after she finished speaking. Cheng Xi took it out, and the two of them looked at the three characters on the screen: Lu Chenzhou!

    Shen Wei looked at her with laughter spilling from her chest.