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Chapter 144 - Liu Yunfei’s Declaration

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 144: Liu Yunfei’s Declaration

    Liu Yunfei’s fingernails dug into the hollow of her palms. Still, she wore a saccharine smile on her face as she said, “Sure. If you help me take on Su Junqing, then I will help you find your sister. Now, how should we contact each other?”

    “I will approach you myself.” Although Ye Yu had cut a deal with Liu Yunfei, he still did not trust her.

    “But I won’t stay here long.” Liu Yunfei pouted.

    “Where are you planning to go?” Ye Yu asked.

    “I will travel to the Medicine Refinery Valley. A Pill Production Tournament will be held there in ten days. Let’s meet then!” Liu Yunfei beamed as if she was discussing the spot where she would meet her lover for a date.

    “Medicine Refinery Valley? Pill Production Tournament?” Ye Yu mulled over her words. Then, he questioned her for more information: “Why are you going there?”

    “Hehe. You will find out when the time comes. However, the next time we see each other, you will be mine.” Liu Yunfei’s figure gradually vanished into thin air, leaving the empty study with a declaration that seemed to hint at something.

    Ye Yu creased his brow, before meticulously searching the study.

    Other than the few bottles of human blood stored within the secret compartment, he did not uncover anything new. There was no trace of Liu Yunfei.

    Meanwhile, the confrontation between the two parties outside the study became more and more intense.

    Ye Yu worried that Wan Ziyang would cave to Su Junqing’s pressure, so he left the study reluctantly.

    Ye Jiuge had been keeping a close eye on the study. When she saw Ye Yu emerge, she imitated the warbling of a nightingale three times, which was the secret signal that she had earlier specified to Wan Ziyang.

    When Wan Ziyang received her secret signal, he knew that it was time to pull back. He told Su Junqing stiffly, “Since you refuse to allow us to investigate the Su Residence, we have to report this matter to the Emperor.”

    After he finished speaking, he gestured to his men with a wave and said, “Let’s retreat.”

    “Su Clan’s Eldest Son, you should think hard about how you will explain this to the Emperor!” Bai Songling swished his sleeves in an extremely pretentious manner before swaggering off with Wan Ziyang.

    Su Junqing stared at their backs as they walked away, shooting daggers at them.

    If his grandfather were present, then those b*strds would not have the audacity to act so rudely.

    When Su Junqing thought of his grandfather, who was still in a coma due to unknown reasons, he could not stop himself from sighing.

    After he completed the task that the Patriarch had assigned to him, he would plead for a reward in return. He wanted to ask the Patriarch to send someone over so that they could take a look at his grandfather to determine what was happening to him!

    However, these were issues that he had to consider in the future. Right now, he still needed to smooth things over with Liu Yunfei.

    Su Junqing reined his emotions before returning to the study.

    Liu Yunfei was propped up against a chair near the window. The moonlight gave her alluring face a faint gleam.

    She held a full glass of fresh blood in her pale hand. From time to time, she took a small sip. She seemed unusually content.

    “Senior, I apologize for the disturbance. But you can also see for yourself that I am in a tight spot now. I hope that you will lend me a helping hand.”

    Su Junqing eyed Liu Yunfei fervently. He wished that she could make a move immediately to defeat Wan Ziyang and his allies.

    “Just now, I heard a fascinating tidbit.”

    As Liu Yunfei fixed her gaze on the Spiritual Blood contained within the glass, she mentioned casually, “Someone told me that Junior Xu Hansen was not murdered by an unrelated individual but devoured by you to improve your skills. Is that true?”Read more chapter on

    “Absolutely not. Regardless of how bold I may be, I would not dare do such a thing!” Su Junqing was alarmed. Again and again, he insisted on his innocence.

    He worried that others would be suspicious of the growth in his cultivation. Therefore, when he acquired the Wicked Power from devouring Xu Hansen, he used all of it to boost his Mental Manipulation. As long as he did not use his Mental Manipulation, no one could see any difference in his capability.

    “I could care less about how Xu Hansen died. However, if someone is planning to play me for a sucker, he should reflect on whether he can make me his pawn.” Liu Yunfei flung her small hand toward him. The Spiritual Blood from the glass splattered on Su Junqing’s face.

    The wet, viscous blood smeared his face. But he did not dare move.

    “Brat, you are still too young to go against me.” Liu Yunfei walked to Su Junqing with a spring in her step. She tapped on his face with the glass. Smiling coldly, she said, “Tomorrow, I will make my way to the Medicine Refinery Valley. If there you slip-up even slightly in the task that the Patriarch has given you, you should just present your head on a platter!”

    “Noted.” Su Junqing bowed deeply. When Liu Yunfei’s pink dress swished past him, he hardly concealed the malevolence shining in the depths of his eyes.


    After Ye Jiuge met up with Ye Yu outside the Su Residence, they furtively went to Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling’s house.

    Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang were already waiting for them inside. As soon as they saw Ye Yu, Bai Songling asked him impatiently, “Ye Yu, you were in the study for quite some time. Did you manage to find anything?”

    “I encountered the sorceress. Her name is Liu Yunfei.” Ye Yu recounted his earlier conversation with Liu Yunfei.

    However, he kept quiet about his sister. He only told them that Liu Yunfei would meet him in the Medicine Refinery Valley.

    “It seems that they will target the Pill Production Tournament this time. Brother Wan, I think that you should send someone to comb the Medicine Refinery Valley thoroughly, especially the places where the Crown Prince is in charge.”

    When Ye Jiuge heard that the Crown Prince was in charge of organizing the Pill Production Tournament, she felt that something was fishy. Sure enough, she now knew that something shady was going on.

    “The Pill Production Tournament is the Lei Kingdom’s renowned annual event. Other than people from the Lei Kingdom, Alchemists from all over will travel here to participate. If the Crown Prince plans to stir up trouble in the Medicine Refinery Valley, isn’t he afraid that the Emperor will beat him to death?”

    Bai Songling felt that the Crown Prince would not be so foolish.

    “You can’t be too careful.” Ye Jiuge was also planning to bring Ye Ruyi with her so that she could participate in the tournament. She did not want anything untoward to happen.

    “Fine, I will check the place out tomorrow.” Wan Ziyang nodded. Then, he turned to Ye Yu and asked, “Do you want to come with me?”

    Since he had never seen the sorceress before, there was a possibility that would miss the mark if he attempted to identify her without Ye Yu’s help.

    Ye Yu was about to say yes when he felt a sharp pain in his back. It was as if something was gnawing at his skin.

    “Don’t move.” As quick as lightning, Ye Jiuge pinned down the thing wriggling around Ye Yu’s back.

    It was around the size of an index finger and squirming very fiercely.

    Wan Ziyang ripped Ye Yu’s clothes apart. To his surprise, he discovered a Poison Earthworm that was entirely black. It was currently struggling relentlessly beneath Ye Jiuge’s hand.

    “Isn’t this the Little Mute’s Poison Earthworm? How did it end up here?” Bai Songling looked at that black worm with revulsion.

    The Poison Earthworm looked extremely vicious.

    It had no eyes, only a large mouth crowded with white teeth. It had two thin wings on its back.

    As soon as Ye Jiuge released it from her grasp, it would escape into the blue.

    “Who is Little Mute?” Wan Ziyang furrowed his brows instantly.

    Lately, he had been so busy spending his time at the Justice Department. To thoroughly investigate the Black Magic activities, he left the residence early and returned late. He was completely unaware that a young, mute boy lived in a building at the back of their home.

    “Eldest Miss hired him to help us to raise insects.” Bai Songling explained about the Little Mute and his background in detail.

    “Can we trust this person?” Wan Ziyang’s face was taut as he watched the Poisonous Earthworm writhing non-stop beneath Ye Jiuge’s hand.

    This thing had crawled into the room without any warning while they were having a private discussion and attacked Ye Yu. No matter how he looked at it, it did not feel right.

    “If you cannot trust him, then we should meet him face to face and ask him for more information.” Ye Jiuge did not believe that the Little Mute would double-cross them.