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Chapter 148 - A Slap in the Face (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 148: A Slap in the Face (1)

    Zi Shang instinctively wanted to slaughter the old man for demanding such an exorbitant price. However, Ye Jiuge stopped him, “Don’t be foolish.”

    There were many people outside who had seen her enter the store. If the store owner were to die suddenly, everyone would know that she’d done it.

    “You humans are troublesome.” Zi Shang was in a bad mood. In the demonic race, they robbed or snatched anything that they wanted. Only hypocritical humanity preferred to go through such pains.

    “If you find it troublesome, then return my body to me,” Ye Jiuge bellowed. This problem, which could have been easily solved, had become so complicated because of him.

    “No way,” Zi Shang refused firmly.

    Ye Jiuge almost went mad. However, Zi Shang had suppressed her consciousness. She could not return to her body no matter what she did.

    Ye Ruyi did not notice Ye Jiuge’s anomaly. She rolled her eye at the old man and said peevishly, “You must have gone mad thinking about money.”

    “Eldest Sister, let’s go!” Having said so, she reached out to pull Ye Jiuge’s hand.

    Zi Shang could not bear to leave without obtaining the brick. He avoided Ye Ruyi’s hand and stared straight at the old man. In a low voice, he said, “Old man, it pays to be kind and honest. You are selling a brick for five thousand gold taels. Aren’t you scared of choking to death?”

    “That is none of your business,” the old man replied unhurriedly.

    To survive in the Medicine Refinery City, he had relied on his ruthlessness and lack of conscience.

    “Is that so?” Ye Jiuge’s eyes narrowed. Purple vertical lines appeared inside her black pupils and shone with a bewitching glow.

    After seeing the glow, the old man felt dizzy immediately, then he felt unfathomably guilty. He suddenly realized that even the Heavens could not tolerate the way he’d tried to cheat his customers. As such, he hurriedly stood up and said with fear and trepidation, “I understand my mistake now. I should not have opened my eyes so wide at the sight of profit. It is merely a piece of brick. If you want it, go ahead and take it!”

    “Then, I shall help myself.” The corners of Ye Jiuge’s lips curled into a smile, and her eyes became normal again.

    Ye Jiuge could finally control her body again. As she cursed Zi Shang for his tyranny, she reached out to grab the brick.

    At that moment, Ye Shanshan’s voice suddenly rang out from outside: “Captain Pan, what are you doing here?”

    “Greetings to you, Second Miss.” Captain Pan bowed respectfully to Ye Shanshan and said, “I am acting under orders to escort the Eldest Miss and the Fourth Miss.”

    “Eldest Sister, Fourth Sister, is it really you?” Ye Shanshan, who was wearing a long aqua blue dress, walked into the store.

    Behind her was a young lady wearing a gorgeous long gold dress. The young lady looked approximately eighteen or nineteen years old. Her skin was fair, and she was beautiful. However, she had a haughty expression as she looked toward Ye Jiuge unpleasantly. With a sneer, she said, “You’re Shanshan’s eldest sister?”

    “Who are you?” The corners of Ye Jiuge’s mouth twitched. She wasn’t happy being called “Shanshan’s eldest sister.”

    “Eldest Sister, this is the Gong Clan’s Third Miss,” Ye Shanshan introduced her with a hint of pride.

    “I see.” Ye Jiuge thought of the Gong Xifan, who had previously helped her, and she forced a smile at the Third Miss.

    However, the Gong Clan’s Third Miss harrumphed coldly. She turned her head back to Ye Shanshan and said, “Shanshan, is your eldest sister so poor that she can only afford to shop in such a shabby store?”

    Her eyes swept over the small store, as well as Ye Jiuge and Ye Ruyi, with disdain.

    “You are the one who’s poor!” Ye Ruyi immediately countered after realizing that her Eldest Sister, who she loved and respected, had just been insulted.

    “Fourth Sister, don’t be disrespectful,” Ye Shanshan reprimanded Ye Ruyi. Then, toward the young lady, she said apologetically, “Miss Gong, my Fourth Sister was conceived by a concubine, and she has not been taught manners. Please, don’t hold it against her.”

    Ye Ruyi scowled angrily when she heard this.

    Ye Jiuge kneaded her little hands and said calmly, “Fourth Sister, don’t be angry. A second wife conceived your Second Sister, so it can’t be helped that her manners are lacking.”

    Now, it was Ye Shanshan’s turn to have an unpleasant expression.

    “Ye Jiuge, you must have been raised poorly as the eldest sister if you vilify your younger sister.” The Third Miss of the Gong Clan raised her thin eyebrows. Her tone was filled with ridicule.

    “What does my disciplining of my younger sister have to do with you? Or does the Gong Clan teach you to be the dog that catches mice and meddles in other people’s business?” Seeing that the Gong Clan’s Third Miss was looking for trouble, Ye Jiuge did not feel the need to be kind to her.

    “You dare insult our Gong Clan?” The Gong Clan’s Third Miss’s face turned red, as though she had received a great humiliation.

    “Wrong. I am not insulting your Gong Clan. I am only insulting you.” Ye Jiuge’s wicked tongue was impossible to stop.

    “Eldest Sister, you are wrong. I feel that the Gong Clan’s Third Miss brought this humiliation on herself,” Ye Ruyi said, deadly earnest.

    “You little c*nt, you dare to insult me? I will kill you.” The Gong Clan’s Third Miss had never been humiliated like this before. She raised her palm and was about to slap Ye Ruyi’s face.

    Ye Jiuge raised her hand and gripped the Gong Clan’s Third Miss’s palm. She said coldly, “Out of respect for Spiritual Master Gong Xifan, I will forgive you, this time. If you dare mess around with me again, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

    “You think too highly of yourself to use the Gong Clan to pressure me.” A pale green light suddenly glowed from the Gong Clan’s Third Miss’s body, and it turned into a sharp wind blade that attacked Ye Jiuge.

    Good thing Ye Jiuge was prepared. She raised her foot and kicked the Gong Clan’s Third Miss’s abdomen.

    The Gong Clan’s Third Miss went flying with a yelp. She landed on the ground, tragically. The wind blade did not hit Ye Jiuge but sliced off one of the store’s beams. Almost half of the old roof collapsed immediately.

    Ye Jiuge grabbed Ye Ruyi with one hand and the old man in the other. Fortunately, they managed to rush out of the store before the entire building collapsed.

    “Eldest Miss, are you alright?” Hua Die and Yu Die immediately rushed up. Their faces had turned pale from fear.

    “I am fine.” Ye Jiuge shook her head.

    “Eldest Sister, you are too much. How can you treat the Gong Clan’s Third Miss like this?” Ye Shanshan rebuked Ye Jiuge angrily before she rushed with buttocks bouncing to support the Gong Clan’s Third Miss.

    The Gong Clan’s Third Miss stood up in a sorry state. She shook off Ye Shanshan’s hand forcefully and said viciously, “Ye Jiuge, our Gong Clan will not let you off easily for treating me like this.”

    “If you are capable, fight me one-on-one. Don’t involve your Gong Clan at the first opportunity.” Ye Jiuge was not scared by the Gong Clan’s Third Miss’s threat.

    No matter her status in the Gong Clan, she could not be as important as Gong Baiyu. If Ye Jiuge could find a way to treat Gong Baiyu’s eye disease, the Gong Clan would keep this Third Miss under control and apologize for her offense.

    “You.” The Gong Clan’s Third Miss’s eyes had turned red. Her hands glowed with a green light. She was about to retaliate.

    “Gong Clan’s Third Miss, you must not.” Ye Shanshan hurriedly rushed forward to stop her. She urged anxiously, “You cannot fight in the Medicine Refinery City. Your eligibility for the competition will be revoked!”

    Although Ye Shanshan wanted nothing more than to be the only participant in the Pill Production Tournament, the Crown Prince would not let her off easily if she could not control the Gong Clan’s Third Miss.

    “Get lost.” The Gong Clan’s Third Miss glared viciously at Ye Shanshan.

    Ye Shanshan’s expression turned sour.

    Although she wanted to curry favor with the Gong Clan, Ye Shanshan was indignant at being berated by the Gong Clan’s Third Miss over and over again. She did not wish to stop her anymore.

    Just as Gong Clan’s Third Miss was about to act, a familiar voice suddenly rang out: “Stop!”