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Chapter 235.4 - Little Demoness, Really Want To Eat You Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Lou Jun Yao raised his eyebrow up questioningly. “Why? This is not a fun place to be in and you want to remain here?”

    Qing Yu curled her lips up in a smile and squirmed out from his embrace. “Do you know something? I met the Temple Lord of the Bright Moon Temple today.”


    “She had initially wanted to get rid of me who has been disrespectful to her. But when she saw my face, she actually changed her mind and got her people to take good care of me, decided not to kill me, but also not paying any attention to me.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed. “What are you trying to say?”

    Qing Yu’s eyes curved up into crescents, shining clear and bright. “I must really look very much like my mother right?”

    The expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face creased up a little. “What?”

    “You do not need to hide it from me. When I came to this place, I was already able to sense something.”

    Qing Yu’s lips curved up in a smile and said: “I think this Temple Lord must be old friends with mother!”

    Lou Jun Yao sighed in helplessness as his large was placed on her head and ruffled the young lady’s hair. “Why are you so smart? I had originally not wanted you to know that so soon.”

    “It’s alright. You do not have to tell me. I will find it out for myself.” Qing Yu replied.

    “Anyway….. that woman isn’t as harmless as she looks on the surface. If you continue to remain here, I cannot help but be worried.” Lou Jun Yao said with furrowed brows, not agreeing with her decision.

    The expression on that handsome face was stiff and tight, looking highly displeased.

    Qing Yu smiled and raised herself up on her toes to kiss the man’s perfect jawline before blinking her eyes to say mischievously: “If you’re really so worried, I wouldn’t mind having you come sneaking in here every night.”

    It was clearly just a normal suggestion but it was clear it had changed in meaning in Lou Jun Yao’s ears. The look on his face became a little strange as he suddenly lowered his head to bite the young lady on the tip on her pointed perky nose in frustration. “You’re really such a naughty little one.”

    Qing Yu widened her eyes in surprise, and her face looked stunned as she held her reddened nose that had just been bitten.

    [What did she say? In what way has she been naughty? ?]

    But very soon, the man understood her puzzlement.

    “If you are going to make me come here every night for a little while like this, I will surely be driven mad by you sooner or later.” Lou Jun Yao said as he pulled the slender young lady into a tight embrace, and his voice then sounded through tightly clenched jaws: “Do you know, I’ve lived for over two hundred years…..”

    “I know that!” Qing Yu nodded her head.

    She had known that a long time ago and she had never despised him for that. So what was this fella trying to tell her?

    “You are the first woman I have ever loved so much. I care a lot about you, and I like having you close to me.”

    “Even just embracing you like this, I am finding it hard to hold myself back.”

    “Everytime I kiss you, I am always thinking. Might as well just eat up this tormenting little vixen as you’ll be mine sooner or later anyway…..”

    “…..” Qing Yu felt her face burn, and her heart raced, a feeling she rarely ever felt.

    [This guy, just who is the seductive vixen here?]

    [He’s always the one whispering sweet nothings endlessly. If not for her strong willpower, most other girls would not be able to withstand it. Moreover, this demon here has such an exceptionally mesmerizing flesh shell, where even she has been inextricably hooked.]

    Qing Yu bit her lip, suddenly wanting to win back a round. “Then you’d better not come look for me…..”