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Chapter 236.1 - Sisters Who Try To Kill Each Other

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     [This guy’s mind is just filled with dirty thoughts and he’s blaming her for it.]

    Hearing the young lady’s playfully mocking words, Lou Jun Yao just could not help but took a nibble of her cheek. “That will not do. You’re already here on the same continent with me, how could I possibly bear to leave you all alone in this snakes’ nest? But since you are so determined to remain here, I must at least come see that you are safe and sound every night to set my heart at ease.”

    “But there is one thing you have got to promise me. You must not make any rash moves as that woman is a lunatic.” Lou Jun Yao reminded a little worriedly when that thought suddenly came to mind.

    Qing Yu’s lips pouted, and grumbled in a soft voice. “I know what to do. Why does it seem like whenever you’re around, I am thought to be a person that is completely helpless and does not know anything at all…..”

    “Ha, you little fox. You’re complaining that I am being concerned about you?” Lou Jun Yao shook his head. His gaze then turned deep before he continued: “About the communication crystal orb, are you unable to use it now?”

    “I was just about to ask you. Is there some array or something that isolates any signal or spirit powers from the world outside? I wanted to tell you that I have come to Cloud Heaven earlier but there wasn’t any reaction at all when I infused the crystal orb with spirit power.” Qing Yu asked him, a look of puzzlement on her face.

    “You have always been very smart, so it would not be surprising if you are able to guess it.” Lou Jun Yao reached a hand out to caress the young lady’s hair and continued to say slowly: “Within the divine temple grounds, not only is there an array that isolates them from the rest of the world, nobody is able to sense the people’s aura in here from outside as well, and most people are not able to set foot in here as well.”

    Without waiting for the young lady to open her mouth to ask further, he continued to explain: “The Bright Moon Temple flourished for a period of time thousands of years ago, and legend has it that it was where the gods lived, hence the air of divinity is extraordinarily thick and robust in here. I will assume you have already realized, just how intense and abundant, the spirit energy in here really is. But you could not possibly have known that many years ago, any mortal who stayed in the divine temple for a period would be able to extend their lifespans by several decades, as that was when the spirit energy in here was at its purest.”

    “Under the brilliant leadership of a wise god back then, the Divine Temple was the most unshakable power that stood in Cloud Heaven. It was only when the god departed from the world in an accident that the Divine Temple started to fall into decline, never to return to its old glory.”

    Listening up till that point, Qing Yu could not help asking: “This god….. How long did he live for?”

    “People in Cloud Heaven all lived past a hundred years and when one manages to make it through to a thousand years old, their cultivation would advance to a whole different level, their lifespan extended by another thousand years at least. But the god, on the very same year that he was to turn a thousand years old, was found….. dead in his room.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes widened. For some unknown reason, a terrifying thought rose up in her mind, and she said reflexively: “Is it possible that….. the god did not die in an accident, but was actually murdered?”