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Chapter 236.2 - Sisters Who Try To Kill Each Other

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “You’re right.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s face was a little grave as he nodded, his eyes gazing upon the young lady’s face in his arms. “That god had eleven daughters back then, and every one of those eleven goddesses possessed gift and beauty that moved the entire Cloud Heaven. Among them all, the eleventh and ninth princess were most outstanding, and they were the daughters that the god doted upon the most. It was then rumoured that the leadership of the divine temple would definitely be inherited by one of those two princesses.”

    “But one day, strange misfortune struck the divine temple. The eleven goddesses came down with a strange illness one after another. Even the Sect Leader of the Divine Healers did not know what to do, and they ended up departing from the world one by one, until only the two candidates, the ninth princess and the eleventh princess, who were the most probable candidates of inheriting the Divine Temple were left.”

    “From then on, the god naturally came to pamper and dote on the two of them even more, not letting anyone have any chance of hurting those two last daughters of his.”

    “Sometime later, the god came to discover the real cause of his daughters’ death. It wasn’t merely due to accidental misfortune, but it was because someone had secretly learnt the forbidden arts.”

    “The divine temple was a place that was the closest to the gods and anyone who practised evil forbidden arts that harmed people would see punishment meted onto that person’s closest kin. The deeper the person cultivated the forbidden arts, the greater the number of people who will be killed.”

    “Investigations finally revealed that the person who practised the forbidden arts was the eleventh princess, the daughter that god doted on the most. In a fit of rage, the god almost beat the eleventh princess to her death, and severed their father and daughter ties before kicking her out of the Divine Temple.”

    “Naturally, the Divine Temple could only be passed down to the ninth princess, the one and only child who was left.”

    “The person who practised the forbidden arts….. Was actually not the eleventh princess but the ninth princess right?” Qing Yu was already able to guess the answer after hearing everything that Lou Jun Yao said.

    “That’s right.” Lou Jun Yao lowered his head to gaze at the young lady’s face before he continued: “And the current Temple Lord of the Divine Temple now is the very same ninth princess from back then.”

    “And if I am not wrong…..” Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, wiping away all emotion in her eyes before she said: “The eleventh princess is my mother.”

    Lou Jun Yao sighed softly. “Yes. Aunt Lan was the eleventh princess who was thrown out of the Divine Temple.”

    Qing Yu’s fingers clenched tightly into fists, her words coming out haltingly with a pause between each word: “Aren’t the two of them sisters? Why would siblings be seeking to kill each other! ?”

    “Among the eleven goddesses, the ninth princess and the eleventh princess were actually the closest to each other as the two of them grew up together with each other and they shared everything they had with the other, never having quarrelled. But in the end, their relationship slowly changed, as suspicion and animosity festered and grew.”