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Chapter 78 - Someone Was Lying

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 78: Someone Was Lying

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    One and Three’s facial expressions changed one more time after Qianmo said it so explicitly. She knew who the culprit was in that instant.

    But she still had a mystery to solve.

    Both of them showed different reactions of fear and uneasiness simultaneously when Chen Baichuan tested them. This meant both of them had something to hide. But when Qianmo revealed the farm’s incident, one of them showed real fear and panic while the other was relieved.

    This meant the person beside the real culprit was also keeping a secret from them. And it had something to do with Chen Baichuan’s farm.

    Qianmo stood up and walked closer to the two men. Both of them began to sweat and clenched their fists together at the same time.

    Zhao One was already in his sixties and had been through plenty of sticky situations in life. However, at the moment, this little lass had him in the palm of her hand, causing him to turn jittery.

    Zhao Three was no better than him, though. Qianmo was younger than his son, and her expression was very calm. Yet, it was precisely this calm expression that caused him a lot of stress. That pair of beautiful yet distant eyes seemed to be aware of everything. It was an eerie feeling.

    Both of them couldn’t pluck up their courage to make a single move. Zhao Three didn’t dare to look at Qianmo’s eyes. He was constantly shifting his gaze left and right.

    “You have to have proof when you accuse people, Missy. We have never done anything against Boss all these years.”

    “Yes, yes, yes…” Zhao One nodded profusely.

    Qianmo walked to and fro in front of them arrogantly, as if she was the queen in mind-reading. She was going to expose all their lies.

    “What were you two doing from 10 pm to 12 am last night?”

    Zhao One touched his nose and said, “I had diarrhea, so I went to the toilet.”

    “You were in the toilet for 2 hours?”

    Zhao One looked at the ceiling as he said, “I went to lie down for a while because I was feeling awful, then I fell asleep… Missy, although I shouldn’t have slept during the working hours, you shouldn’t suspect that we would commit a crime just because of that.”

    Qianmo had a sparkle in her eyes. .

    Some people would have blood flowing to their noses when they lied, and they would touch them unknowingly.

    Qianmo turned and looked at Zhao Three. Her dad had believed that this honest man wouldn’t do something so devious, but his behavior now clearly suggested otherwise.

    “I was reading a novel…” he answered before Qianmo even asked.

    “What novel were you reading?”

    “Jin Yong’s. The book is still on my bed.”

    He sounded confident with his answers and no longer as nervous as he was when he first entered the office. But Qianmo’s gaze still made him feel uneasy.

    Why would a girl who was younger than his son had such a piercing gaze? He couldn’t even look directly into her eyes.

    Qianmo’s psychological age was way above 30 years old. Her ample life experiences from the prison and being a successful businesswoman gave her a commanding presence. Furthermore, she had studied Psychology under the tutelage of the best expert in the country. No ordinary people would be her match.

    She surveyed Zhao Three’s entire body and then fixed her gaze on his long-sleeved jacket.

    “I heard my father say that you always wear a long sleeve shirt no matter how hot the weather is. Besides, you look so pale. You must have been ill for a long time?”

    Zhao Three didn’t understand why she asked that, so he still tried to argue. “Boss knows about my condition. It doesn’t affect my work.”

    Qianmo nodded. “Hmm, my father is indeed kind-hearted. He’s always willing to employ people in need. Both of you belong to this category. However…”

    Qianmo suddenly reached out, grabbed Zhao Three’s sleeve, and pulled it up quickly before he could react.

    His arm was exposed, and everyone saw the cluster of needle puncture marks on the skin. It was already too late for Zhao Three to react.

    Mu Mianmian covered her mouth in shock and shouted, “Oh my gosh!”

    Zhao Three turned and attempted to escape when he realized he was exposed. Chen Baichuan pushed him in time, however, and he fell forward.

    “You foolish man!”

    Chen Baichuan said with a shaky voice after he saw those needle marks. He was more angry at himself than Zhao Three for letting himself down. He never expected that the honest guy he trusted was, in fact, a drug addict!

    “Boss, Boss, let me go! Please! I didn’t want to do it…” Zhao Three knelt down and cried after he failed to make his escape.

    “How did you get involved in this stuff?”

    Chen Baichuan began to feel afraid now.

    These drug addicts were very terrifying. They could even pose a danger to those around them when they were hallucinating. Although he had heard of these examples in the past, he always thought these people were far from his life.

    He never expected to have one around him!

    Zhao Three was howling in anguish and regret. He was led astray at the beginning of the year. At first, he only wanted to try for fun, but he didn’t expect it would be so hard to quit after he got addicted.

    His wife had already divorced him because of this. He was swinging in between the agony and the addiction helplessly and slowly heading deeper into the abyss of degeneration.

    It was actually not difficult for Qianmo to recognize these people.

    In her previous life, she was able to see the darkness in her surroundings that normal society had no chance to witness. There were many drug addicts there, and they had low moral thresholds. They were capable of doing anything once the craving acted up, and there was no way to dissuade them.

    After Qianmo was released from the prison in her previous life, she did meet some people who tried to introduce her to drugs. However, Qianmo got rid of them because she treasured herself. She would never touch that stuff, so now, she could easily recognize those who were involved in these dangerous activities.

    Zhao One heaved a big sigh of relief when he saw Zhao Three was caught. He stood behind Chen Baichuan and said to Zhao Three, who was still kneeling on the floor, “Boss has always treated you so well. How could you collude with outsiders to damage the interests of the farm? They say drug addicts are ruthless, and indeed, you’re worse than an animal.”

    Zhao Three continued to wail and grab onto Chen Baichuan’s leg. Chen Baichuan pushed him away disgustedly. He hated people who got involved with drugs.

    “Boss, although I am taking drugs and had also stolen the sea cucumbers from the farm to exchange for drugs before, I really didn’t drain the pond!”

    Last night, he had stolen some sea cucumbers and exchanged them for some “goods” to enjoy on the farm. He had been doing that secretly during this period. This was why he had a guilty conscience.

    But, he really didn’t drain the pond.