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Chapter 79 - Only Heaven Knows

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 79: Only Heaven Knows

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    “You are still trying to argue? Who else could it be besides you!” Zhao One pointed at Zhao Three and said self-righteously.

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian were also extremely distressed. They had misjudged this person and placed such a dangerous element in the farm, resulting in this catastrophe!

    “Besides him, of course, it was you,” Qianmo said calmly.

    Zhao One hadn’t managed to digest her words, so he also nodded along and said, “Yes, besides him, of course, it was me… Me?!”

    His facial expression changed instantly as Qianmo nodded.

    “I will fire him as punishment for looting our sea cucumbers. I’ll also deduct his current month’s wages as compensation for the stolen goods. But, you… you are not going to get away that lightly. Let me remind you again, the money involved in this crime is a huge sum, so we will be prosecuting you with a criminal suit, in addition to a civilian lawsuit for reparations. You most probably are going to lose your house, and as for your wife, who is on dialysis, I am afraid…”

    Qianmo shook her head.

    Zhao One looked at Qianmo as if he had just seen a ghost. How did this girl know?!

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian looked at each other. They utterly couldn’t believe what they had heard.

    How could it be Zhao One?

    Although this person had been badmouthing Chen Baichuan behind his back recently for not lending him money, he had been working for him since the beginning of the farm. They had been through thick and thin all these years, patting each other’s back.

    They had toiled and strove together.

    He would never have expected an employee, who had spent decades on the farm, to betray it.

    Chen Baichuan suffered a substantial psychological impact. Honestly speaking, when his daughter said One was the culprit, the influence on him was double.

    He would rather believe Zhao Two or Zhao Three were the culprit than accept the fact that a person who had followed him for so many years would stab him in the back. This indicated that he had failed as a human being.

    “Do you have any proof, Momo?” Mu Mianmian was afraid to have accused the wrong person. After all, there was a seriously ill person in Zhao One’s family, and he himself was also a long-time employee of Chen Baichuan.Read more chapter on

    Zhao One also tried to argue his way out. He pointed at Qianmo and said confidently, “What evidence do you have? Do not accuse people when you have nothing. We have only been in here for a short while; how could you know who the culprit is? Are you even better than those super detectives on the TV?”

    Qianmo nodded confidently. “Excuse me, I’m afraid I really am better than the super detectives.”

    The TV shows had mostly exaggerated the technical aspects of her profession. They were, for the most part, untrue. In the country at present, there were no more than ten people who could use the techniques at her level of proficiency.

    Thus, she did have the confidence that she wouldn’t wrong an innocent person, and neither would she let the guilty escape.

    Qianmo let Mu Mianmian show Zhao Three out. Now, there were only her father, Zhao One, and her left in the office.

    Zhao One was almost going hysterical now. Chen Baichuan heightened his concentration, even starting to glance at the blade under the sofa…

    If this chap dared to harm his daughter in desperation, he would not hesitate to attack…

    Qianmo looked straight into the maddened guy’s eyes calmly. Zhao One was already defeated by her aura in that one round.

    What Chen Baichuan was worried about would never have happened.

    Zhao One didn’t dare to talk anymore, but he had also decided that he wouldn’t admit his crime no matter what they do. This missy couldn’t prove his crimes just by using her instincts.

    “You think that I don’t have any evidence, right?”

    Zhao One’s shocked look had proven once again that she had hit the mark.

    “Let me tell you first how I guessed it was you. When my father said one of the three of you had done something wrong, you raised your eyebrows and widened your eyes. This is the reaction of fear.

    “When I said it was the farm that had a problem, the drug addict who just left was relieved. He loosened his collar with his hands, meaning he was not afraid of that. But your reaction was…”

    Qianmo imitated Zhao One’s reaction in which he put his hands into his pockets and moved his legs inconspicuously toward the door.

    Chen Baichuan was looking so hard, he almost became cross-eyed, yet he still couldn’t see what was different.

    It was tough for ordinary people to deduce the subconscious that was hiding behind these microexpressions.

    “Do you know what this means? You were trying to escape. Hiding a part of your body and pointing your feet unconsciously toward the door meant you couldn’t bear to stay in the room anymore. You wanted to get out of here desperately.”

    Qianmo had spoken in an indifferent, calm, and quiet voice. However, it was this calm and emotionless tone that made Zhao One break out in a cold sweat. He started to wipe it off with his hands.

    “Whatever you have just said can’t be used as evidence. We, we are living in a society that abides by the law. We need to have evidence!”

    The night guard’s favorite television channel was the CCTV’s law channel. He had watched plenty of cases and could even say a few terms.

    Qianmo nodded. “You’re right. Microexpressions can’t be used as evidence, especially during the criminal proceedings. It is done internationally too.”

    Zhao One began to relax his facial expressions, but then he saw Qianmo smiling lightly.

    “Even though it can’t be used as evidence, it’s still a method to nail down the suspect. I have already locked in onto you, so all I need to do now is to check for fingerprints on the valve and the terminal surveillance equipment. The truth will be revealed easily.”

    Zhao One felt as if someone had sucked all his energy out of him. He couldn’t feel anything beyond his waist. This girl had broken his psychological barrier with her calm and collected reaction.

    Zhao One leaned against the wall weakly and stared into space, hoping to escape from reality.

    As Qianmo began to walk over to him, her father pointed his finger at Zhao One and asked agitatedly, “Old Zhao, did I ever mistreat you? Why would you attempt to destroy my family business so cruelly? You are not this kind of person usually. How could you, how could you…”

    Qianmo raised her hand, with her back facing her father. She looked straight at Zhao One.

    “Although there is a small group of people who commit crimes due to their inborn character, the majority have some reasons which they think were beyond their control. I believe he falls into the majority.”

    The words were not especially warm, but it had melted Zhao One’s heart.

    Zhao One covered his face and cried. “Boss, I had no choice… My wife needed the money, and my son had knocked down a person two days ago. I didn’t have enough money for the damages even after I sold my house. Besides, you couldn’t help me as you have many problems at home too. I simply…”

    Chen Baichuan felt a tinge of pity for the man crying in front of him. But Qianmo still maintained her stoic attitude. One could even say she was numb.

    She had seen too many of these criminals who cried and repented after they were caught.

    In fact, there were not many people like Qianmo who were clearly aware of what they had done, not having a single regret for their actions in prison.

    Most of them were like Zhao One. They felt lucky when they were not caught and tried their best to escape. If they failed, they would cry and regret their actions.

    However, only heaven knew whether they were regretting because they felt terrible toward the victims or not being careful enough to avoid capture.