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Chapter 80 - Nothing Was Too Difficult For Her

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 80: Nothing Was Too Difficult For Her

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    Qianmo was unmoved by Zhao One’s wails.

    “Your encounters are indeed pitiful, but not all the people in your situation will harm others like you. You are just trying to warm yourself with others’ blood. At least, both my father and I wouldn’t have done what you did.”

    Qianmo’s words made Chen Baichuan calm down and erase his sympathy for Zhao One.

    If not for his daughter’s ability to uncover the truth, he wouldn’t have known who was the one that bankrupted his family’s fortune. Zhao One was still trying to weasel his way out when he was exposed by his daughter, only admitting his crime when he couldn’t deny it anymore.

    A person’s poor situation could always be attributed to one of his own faults.

    “I had no choice. I really had no choice…”

    “I can hand you over to the police right now and let you be judged by the law.”

    “No! I have a wife and child at home. Please don’t!” Zhao One knelt down and kowtowed to Qianmo.

    If this had happened in her previous life, Qianmo, who had not yet been through the trials of the jerk and prison at this age, would definitely relent in this situation.

    In fact, being kind-hearted was a trait that every optimistic and positive girl had.

    Not everyone was born evil and unsympathetic. What was cruel was the harshness of life that took away all the warmth a young girl had naturally, bit by bit. All that was left was the cold rationale.

    “You have a wife and child, and I don’t? No matter what, you couldn’t set me up like this. This child of mine is still studying at the University. You are too evil!” Qianmo nodded and agreed with Chen Baichuan’s words.

    Erm, her “nice guy” father had finally grown up Indeed, he was still teachable.

    “I beg you, please let me off for the sake of my wife!”

    “Please don’t try to guilt-trip us. If one day your wife suffers any misfortune because you were in jail, that will be solely on you committing a crime. It has nothing to do with my family and me,” Qianmo looked at Zhao One with a profound gaze and said slowly. She was totally unmoved by his piteous acts.

    A mistake was a mistake. There was no need for all these excuses. These people would always be living in their own warped theory that “everyone should forgive them unconditionally like their parents”.

    “Please help me. I beg you all!” Zhao One continued to kowtow.

    Qianmo was waiting for him to say that.

    “I can give you a chance to make amends. If you perform well, we can spare you the civilian lawsuit compensation. If you do exceptionally well, however, there will be a chance to reduce your sentence with the criminal suit. The best-case scenario will be probation.”

    This sabotage-of-operation crime’s sentencing standards had a lot to do with Chen Baichuan’s attitude toward the perpetrator. If he was willing to reconcile, the sentence would be much lighter.

    Qianmo obviously knew how to interact with this type of selfish and greedy person very well.

    If she had shown sympathy at the very beginning, the other party would definitely take advantage of them. He would have the belief, “why do I have to thank you for your forgiveness when I did this all by myself”.

    He would even hate Chen Baichuan and try to create more trouble whenever he had a chance.

    Qianmo hated incomplete eradication the most. If one gave their sympathy naively to the wrong person, they would be creating troubles for their own loved ones. Therefore, she preferred to do things more efficiently, weeding out the problem thoroughly.

    Send him to the lowest point of his life and make him beg before giving him a chance; it would ensure this person would never ever dare to do wrong again. The law of “the strongest rules” in the animal world was equally effective when applied to humans.

    “Please say it! I will agree to whatever you say!” Zhao One saw a glimmer of hope in his despair.

    Qianmo closed her eyes, raised her chin slightly, and said nonchalantly, “Who put you up to this? Tell me who the instigator is, and I’ll consider whether I should give you the easy way out.”

    “I also have no idea who it was. The other party called my cell phone directly and instructed me to do the deed. They transferred twenty thousand to me first and promised to give me another fifty thousand when the task is done.”

    Seventy thousand could indeed relieve some of the pressure on his unfortunate family. When Zhao One was required to choose between his interests and friendship, he made a choice that most philistine people would.

    “Tell me the card number.”

    Zhao One didn’t look like he was lying to Qianmo. His reactions were all real.

    This meant that someone was trying to stir up trouble and hurt her family behind their back.

    Chen Baichuan called the police, and they quickly came to arrest Zhao One. Mu Mianmian came in at this moment, and the three of them gathered together. The couple had a serious expression, while Qianmo was going through a list in her heart for the evil mastermind with her eyes closed.

    She had already remembered Zhao One’s card number. The police would use it to check on the money transfer record and see if they could flush out the one pulling the strings.

    But Qianmo had a hunch that they most likely would not.

    The mastermind had studied her family farm in detail, from their staff structure all the way to their management style. He even managed to identify Zhao One as the weak link and procure his card number. This meant the schemer was a powerful person who was also very resourceful.

    Someone like this wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave a trail for her to follow.

    Chen Baichuan was devastated. He couldn’t figure out when he had offended such an influential person. He was even more worried about the future of the farm now.

    They only got the henchman and still had no idea who the mastermind was. They were also not able to hand over their goods in time and come up with the payment for the baby sea cucumbers, meaning the cash flow chain was broken.

    “We will use the money we got back from Lin Xiang as compensation. However, the losses that will be incurred after the customer decides to stop buying from us will be huge. We will not be touching Momo’s house as that is her dowry in the future. Instead, I’ll sell my house, but Mianmian will have to suffer and stay with me in a rental room…”

    Chen Baichuan made his plans for the worst that could happen. He had been doing business for so many years, but he hadn’t expected that he would flop over such a small incident.

    “This is nothing serious. Do we really need to sell our house?”

    Qianmo had the eight hundred thousand that Black gave her for “treatment”. But now, since she wanted to be clear with him, their relationship was going to change. Thus, they couldn’t use that sum of money anymore.

    “If we don’t sell the house, consecutive losses will happen at the later stage, and we’ll be short on liquid funds.” The final solution that Chen Baichuan could think of was selling the house to support the factory.

    “If we manage to keep the main customer before the loss, all the problems that would have followed will cease to exist.”

    Qianmo’s crisis management capability was obviously more mature than her father’s.

    “Keep the customer… Then we will have to give them the goods. Where are we going to buy so many mature sea cucumbers for them?”

    This VIP customer was a foreign food enterprise. The westerners abided by the contract’s terms only. None of the drinking sessions or friendships would work on them.

    They would be sending an official notice immediately to stop any future collaborations if the Chens failed to submit their goods in time.

    The other sea cucumbers would take some time to mature. But the customer would definitely not be waiting for them.

    Chen Baichuan had just over one hundred thousand in cash, which Qianmo got back from Lin Xiang, with him. They were insufficient to buy mature sea cucumbers. Furthermore, where were they going to find so many of them at such short notice?

    Qianmo pointed toward the exterior.

    “We borrow from the Wangs next door?”