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Chapter 236.4 - Sisters Who Try To Kill Each Other

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     "We have not had the chance to compare before, so I do not know." Lou Jun Yao said with an eyebrow raised, his eyes shining with a strange glint. "But this woman has sent proposal letters to the Dark Lands several times before, and I rejected all of them."

    "Proposal letters?"

    "Mm. In front of many people, this woman once proclaimed….." The man's voice halted in hesitation, suddenly sounding a little coy.

    "Hmm?" Qing Yu hummed questioningly, waiting for the man to continue.

    Lou Jun Yao coughed softly a couple of times. "She said….. That I was the type of men she likes….."

    Qing Yu almost choked on her own saliva when she heard that. Her shoulders then shook as she tried her hardest to control her mirth and said: "And what was your reply to that?"

    The gloating expression on her face could not be any more obvious.

    Lou Jun Yao glanced scathingly out of the corner of his eyes at the young lady. "What did you expect me to say? Of course I rejected her! That woman is at least five hundred years old or more, and she could very well be my mother! Moreover, a woman with such a vicious heart, I will have to say I might not be fortunate enough to live through such a kind of blessing."

    "Oh." Qing Yu nodded her head with a serious face. She then blinked her eyes innocently at him and asked: "But I heard that this Temple Lord is known to be the greatest beauty in Cloud Heaven, aren't you moved in the slightest at all?"

    "Tsk! What greatest beauty! ? She's a far cry compared to Aunt Lan. Who knows how hideously ugly she might turn out to be when she sheds off that beautiful mask on her face that is maintained by evil and dastardly techniques?" Lou Jun Yao scoffed in disgusted contempt.

    Qing Yu merely smiled but did not say anything.

    Time trickled slowly past, and the dark night was slowly about to welcome the arrival of dawn. Qing Yu felt a slight bit sleepy and the man could not bear to leave so quickly, so he just sat there upon the bed of clouds for a little rest, with the young lady in his arms.

    But that heartwarming scene did not last for long.

    "Yu Qing, Temple Lord….. Who are you? !"

    Qing Yu had just fallen asleep for a little while and her mind was still groggy with sleep when she suddenly heard that angry shout.

    She was shocked wide awake and she immediately saw Yue Fen's angry eyes staring ferociously, his clean and good looking countenance looking malevolent and terrifying. A black sword materialized in his hand in an instant, and he swung it maliciously towards the purple robed man beside her.

    Lou Jun Yao had his eyes closed all this while, and he had only slightly lifted his eyelids indifferently when he heard the commotion, thinking nothing of the strike that was quickly flying towards him. Carrying the young lady in his arms, he suddenly disappeared from sight in that instant.

    By the time that Yue Fen could react, he suddenly felt the back of his head crawl, sensing impending danger. Before he could do anything, he suddenly saw everything before him go black, losing consciousness.