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Chapter 237.1 - You Suddenly Fainted

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The tall and well built purple robed figure with a devilishly handsome countenance was carrying the young lady who was still groggy from being awoken from sleep. He looked on with an indifferent gaze at the man lying on the ground in an unmoving heap, the murder in his eyes undisguised.

    His long slender fingers raised up slightly, but were suddenly held down by a smooth and fair skinned hand.

    One of Lou Jun Yao's eyebrows raised up, casting an enquiring look her way.

    Qing Yu then opened her mouth to say: "This person can still be of some use to me alive, and his personality isn't as inflexible as all the other people here. I might be able to gather some useful information out of him as well."

    "Is that really the case?" Lou Jun Yao's eyes narrowed. "Isn't it because this fella….. Is rather good looking and you can't bear to have him killed by me?"

    When Qing Yu heard that, she almost could not hold herself back and would have burst out laughing.

    Seeing the huffed up expression on the man's face, Qing Yu reached her hand out with a smile to pinch that handsome face and said teasingly: "Are you jealous? Hmm?"

    "No." Lou Jun Yao said defensively.

    "Give me a smile then." Qing Yu said as she blinked her eyes, which just earned her a scathingly cold glare as expected.

    Qing Yu lowered her head to laugh quietly as she reached a hand up to poke the man's face with a finger. "Do you think that you're not as good looking as that fella lying there on the ground?"

    "Tsk! Me losing out to him! ?" Lou Jun Yao scoffed disdainfully, his tone of voice filled with incomparable confidence. As he spoke, his foot even seemed to unconsciously kick Yue Fen once in his back.

    From that unconscious man who was in a coma, a faint groan came to escape through his lips.

    Qing Yu could not help feeling a twitch tug at a corner of her mouth. "….."

    [How hard could he have kicked the guy to cause a person who had lost consciousness to actually feel pain while in a comatose state…..]

    [How petty can he be?]

    "Alright already. You'd better go as dawn is almost breaking. If anyone were to come here, it will be troublesome for you." Qing Yu coaxed in a gentle voice, before she planted a light reassuring peck on the corner of the man's stiffened lips.

    It must be said that that trick works rather well on Lou Jun Yao. He tightened the grip of his arms around her to hug the young lady in his arms and said: "I'll come over again tonight. You must remember to be careful in everything you do as there isn't a single kindly soul in the entire divine temple. Especially with that woman, you must remember that you must not offend her rashly."

    "Mm. I know." Qing Yu nodded her head meekly.

    "As for this man….." Lou Jun Yao's violet eyes narrowed as he glanced over at the person on the ground and he said in a low deep voice: "Keep your distance from him and do not interact with him too much. Otherwise, I will not show him any mercy."