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Chapter 421 - Fang Qiu Cured My Broken Leg!

Medical Master
     So soon?

    Everyone present, both on and off the stage, was amazed.

    Judging from his answer when the host interviewed Fang Qiu just now, Fang Qiu should not choose his opponent actively but randomly. Why did he pick an opponent as soon as he came onto the stage?

    Puzzled, everyone looked in the direction Fang Qiu was pointing.

    As a result, what they saw made everyone’s face dramatically change.

    Because the person Fang Qiu pointing to was Zheng Chao, who confronted him in public yesterday, asking him to answer and explain!

    For a moment, the present staff, the host, and the judges all unkindly laughed.

    Director Li Huawen was even more excited.

    In his eyes, Fang Qiu was a topic-making genius!

    He was targeted yesterday, and he hit back today. He did have certain belligerence!


    Knowing that Fang Qiu wanted to challenge him, Zheng Chao who was dressed in a red hoodie gave a disdainful sneer, got up, and walked out of the answering area while taking off his hat to reveal his dark hair, a buzz cut, and a slightly swarthy face. “I don’t know who gives you the confidence to challenge me, but I can tell you clearly that you will stop here!” he said.

    “Don’t talk big, young man,” Fang Qiu responded with a nonchalant smile.

    He sounded like an old man.

    Somehow, his words made everyone feel a little odd but want to laugh.


    Zheng Chao snorted and came to the other side of the challenge stage. Then they stared at each other.

    “Introduce yourself first,” the host told Zheng Chao.

    “My name is Zheng Chao. I have no background. I’m good at the chiropractic.”

    Scanning the room, Zheng Chao smiled and said, “The three questions I gave are all about chiropractic. Do you know about it, Fang Qiu?”

    “I kinda know about it, a little,” Fang Qiu replied.


    Zheng Chao grinned and said, “Then you answer my questions!”

    “Host, set the questions.”

    After listening to his words, the host was stunned.

    He was the host of the stage and was generally in charge of the process. He had never expected that Zheng Chao, who just stood on the stage, actually drove him.


    The host didn’t think twice, but looked right at Fang Qiu and asked, “Are you ready?”


    Fang Qiu smiled with a nod.

    “Take the question bank!” called the host.

    Soon, another shelf was pushed onto the stage.

    There were 100 little transparent boxes on this shelf. At a glance, you could clearly see that there were several pieces of notes in each box.

    These notes were the questions given by the 100 people last night.

    Without any hesitation, the host went to the question bank.

    He opened the box with Zheng Chao’s name on it and took out the notes.

    “Listen to the first question, please.”

    The host looked at Fang Qiu and read, “Which of the following manipulation has the power of inducing resuscitation?

    “A, to pinch the radix nasi. B, to pinch the philtrum. C, to push the fontanelle. D, to pinch Shixuan acupoint. E, to pinch Laolong acupoint.”

    Fang Qiu paused at the question.

    Zheng Chao, who was opposite him, grinned.

    This question was his deliberate choice, which could be called a trap question.

    Because this was a multiple-choice question, and the five answers were all right.

    In his opinion, Fang Qiu should know some of them, but not all of them. And in general, not all the options of a multiple-choice question would be correct, so he set the trap.

    He was confident that Fang Qiu would get this one wrong!

    As the host finished reading the question, the whole question appeared on the big screen at the same time.

    The contestants on the stage took a look, and many of them frowned.

    “That sounds easy, but it’s a little hard to answer.”

    “It’s a multiple-choice question. To choose one more or one less will lead to a mistake. It’s not that easy to get it right.”

    “That’s the first question. It’s that hard.”

    Everyone was a little nervous.

    Many people couldn’t answer the first question.

    The 240 audiences off stage were even more surprised.

    They were not as good at medicine as the 100 people on the stage. Seeing this kind of question, they were all dumbfounded, wondering how to answer this question.

    Why did every answer seem to be right and to be wrong at the same time?

    For a while, there was a lot of discussion.

    All the people put out the knowledge that they knew to communicate with the people around, thinking and choosing the answer to this question.

    At the judges’ table on the stage, the highly-skilled doctor Huang Zhengren and Yang Juanyong, who were seated on either side of the table, both turned to look at Li Zhengtang, who was sitting in the middle.


    Looking at the question, Li Zhengtang couldn’t help laughing.

    His best skill was chiropractic.

    Naturally, he could see the difficulty of the question. He, too, looked curiously at Fang Qiu to see if he could answer correctly.

    “It’s difficult.”

    Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu nervously in the answering area.

    She couldn’t answer the question at all, so of course, she couldn’t help worrying about Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu could set bones, but he knew little of chiropractic. This question was so difficult. Could Fang Qiu answer it?

    For a moment, everyone’s attention was on Fang Qiu.

    “Answer the question, please,” the host said.

    “I choose…”

    Fang Qiu looked at the question, smiled, and replied, “ABCDE.”

    At his words, the people on the stage and the audience were shocked.

    He picked all the options?

    On the challenge stage, Zheng Chao looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

    “Are you sure?” he asked pointedly.

    “Won’t you change?”

    “Do you think I should?” Fang Qiu asked back.

    Zheng Chao stopped talking.


    The host announced, “Congratulations, that’s right!”

    The correct answer was displayed on the big screen at the same time, and the reason and explanation were marked under each option so that everyone could see with a glance.

    The crowd off stage cried in surprise.

    “He got it right!”

    “Zheng Chao gave such a question. This is a trap. Zheng Chao is really tough.”

    “Too bad he didn’t stump Fang Qiu.”


    In the answering area on the stage.

    “I didn’t expect Fang Qiu to be so good.”

    “He actually answered the question correctly.”

    “He is not as hypocritical and incompetent as I thought he was, given his reputation. He is capable.”


    In the judges’ seats.


    Li Zhengtang nodded and smiled.

    “Well, this young man is not bad.”

    The other two highly-skilled doctors also nodded in agreement.

    Beside the challenge stage, the host opened the second note.

    “Listen to the second question, please.”

    After taking a look, the host read, “In a high jump competition, I accidentally sprained my right lateral malleolus while taking off. Half a day later, I went to see the doctor. My ankle is red, swollen, and very painful, making it difficult for me to walk. It is diagnosed as the acute anterior talofibular ligament sprain of the right lateral malleolus by the doctor, and it needs detumescence and to relieve pain. How should it be treated?

    “A, to massage with the center of a single thumb in the area of pain. B, to massage with the whorl of a single thumb in the area of pain. C, to massage with the side of a single thumb around the area of pain. D, to massage by lightly rolling a single thumb around the area of pain. E, to massage with a bending thumb to push around the area of pain.”

    After reading the question, the host looked at Fang Qiu and said, “Answer the question, please.”

    Zheng Chao looked at Fang Qiu with a sneer.

    Although Fang Qiu’s ability to answer the first question correctly was beyond his expectation, he did not believe that Fang Qiu also knew the practical operation of chiropractic.

    In his opinion, Fang Qiu definitely didn’t know how to massage.

    Everyone in the answering area frowned again.

    Lots of them were a little solemn because these five answers were very confusing. If you were not careful, you would choose the wrong answer.

    However, when everyone thought that Fang Qiu could not answer the question correctly, Jiang Miaoyu smiled.

    She knew that Fang Qiu’s bone-setting skills were perfectly excellent, and Zheng Chao actually used chiropractic to embarrass Fang Qiu.

    He underestimated Fang Qiu.

    In the judges’ seats, Li Zhengtang smiled and shook his head.


    The host glanced over. When he noticed Li Zhengtang laughing, he suddenly asked in surprise, “Mr. Li, why are you laughing and shaking your head when you see this question?”


    Picking up the microphone, Li Zhengtang laughed and said, “I’m laughing because this question is really hard for other people, but for Fang Qiu, it’s not hard at all.”


    The confused host asked, “Why do you say that?”

    “Everybody, you see me in a wheelchair.”

    Li Zhengtang smiled and explained, “I broke my leg the other day. What you don’t know is that it was Fang Qiu who cured my leg.”

    His words shocked everyone present.

    Even the host was stunned.

    He had no idea that his random question would lead to such a big message.

    Of course, there was only one reason to shock everyone!

    Fang Qiu was so outstanding!

    He even cured a highly-skilled doctor?

    That was amazing!

    The director off stage was excited!

    That was an attractive point.

    Fang Qiu had actually treated one of the judges before the competition even started.

    Even the judge was impressed by Fang Qiu’s medical skills. How excellent was he?

    Of course, the director wasn’t worried that there was an inside story.

    He was Li Huawen, after all.

    It was conceivable that once this show was broadcast, this matter would certainly arouse a lot of attention and discussion on the Internet. A lot of people were bound to say that there was an inside story, speculating about Fang Qiu’s relationship with the judge since he knew him.

    Li Huawen could even imagine that someone would come up with some crazy proof that Fang Qiu and Li Zhengtang were distant relatives.

    But so what?

    In Li Huawen’s opinion, the more people who suspected there was an inside story, the better for the show.

    At least that was a topic, wasn’t it?

    The topic could stimulate heat and attention.

    It was much better than the attraction in the show.


    “The fact that Fang Qiu cured my leg is a testament to his strength in bonesetting, so it’s relatively easy for Fang Qiu,” Li Zhengtang explained in the judges’ seats.

    At his words, everyone looked at Fang Qiu at once.

    They all wanted to know if it was really easy for Fang Qiu.

    At that point, the host said to Fang Qiu, “Please tell me your answer.”

    “My answer is C,” Fang Qiu said with a smile.

    “Correct!” shouted the host.

    “You’ve got two questions right in a row so far. You are safe for the moment, but your chosen opponent still has one more question. Will you continue?”

    “Go ahead,” Fang Qiu said.

    Zheng Chao, facing him, looked very grim.

    To his surprise, Fang Qiu answered the question he had prepared so carefully!

    The most important thing was that he did not expect Fang Qiu’s practical operation to be so excellent. Judging from Fang Qiu’s performance so far, the third question he gave should not be difficult for Fang Qiu.