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Chapter 434 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 10

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 434: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 10)

    Outside the Other Shore Village, azure and white light were fleeting.

    In an instant, An Qiao Yu gritted his teeth as faint light shined on his right hand and he chased after them.

    They left a stunned Yu Ruo Shui behind.

    She silently vowed that she would become strong, she would pay back everyone who looked down on her and bullied her.

    There was a black colour that flashed in her eyes.

    The Bloodthirsty Power was exploding…..


    On the way, Luo Qing Chen and Di Luo Feng chatted about a few things.

    They talked about the long grudge between the north and south factions, as well as experts of the Imperial Beast Master world.

    “You became a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master an entire year before me.”  There was a deep look in Di Luo Feng’s eyes as he looked at Luo Qing Chen, “Before you became a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master, I thought that other than the two founders, I would be the first one to break through.”

    He never thought that a single girl would ruin his life plans.

    Moreover, it was a girl who was younger than him.

    He vaguely remembered the day she became a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master, the dark as ink night was instantly filled with light.

    Everyone in the Imperial Beast Master world was shocked and proud of her.

    Because she had created the first miracle in a thousand years.

    The next year, when he had become a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master, although everyone had been shocked, it couldn’t compare to when she broke through.

    After all, everyone would remember the first and not the second.

    Un, he was envious of her…...

    “So I became the stumbling block in your glorious life?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh as a faint smile appeared on her face.

    Suddenly she felt that this youth with powerful Imperial Beast skills was quite strong in certain aspects.

    “Un.”  He softly replied before looking down, “We’re here.”

    The Jade Wood County, the heaven for insect and bird spirit beasts.

    It was very silent around them, like everyone was asleep.

    Luo Qing Chen looked up a bit and said, “You’ve seen the Snow Silkworm before?”

    “I’ve never seen it.”  Di Luo Feng softly said, “After the Snow Phoenix ws tamed by you, it wouldn’t have disturbed the three great divine beasts.  But after that, someone opened the doors to the Dark Beast Pavilion and used an abnormal way to gain Bloodthirsty Energy.”

    “Un, I know.”  She nodded, this matter was in the previous host’s memories.

    “You know?”  Di Luo Feng’s eyes filled with confusion, “This matter was only known after my master personally went to the Beast Punishing Terrace and entered the Dark Beast Pavilion, how do you know about this?”

    Luo Qing Chen was stunned, feeling like she had been exposed.

    She innocently blinked as she said, “I have powerful prediction powers!”

    “......”  Di Luo Feng helplessly shook his head and said, “It really is hard to believe.”

    “You actually don’t believe me.”  She slightly knit her brows and said, “Not only do I know that someone has opened the Dark Beast Pavilion, I know who that person is.”Visit website our

    Di Luo Feng looked at her with a bit of surprise.

    Those determined eyes were clear and didn’t show a trace of impurities.

    Could it be that she really knew?

    For a while, the air was silent.

    Azure light flickered in Di Luo Feng’s hand as he looked at Luo Qing Chen and said, “I feel that the Snow Silkworm isn’t that simple.”

    “Of course!”  She gave a shrug, “Since it’s the number two divine beast, compared to creating dream realms…..”

    Saying this, she felt her face become a bit warm and she didn’t say anything else.