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Chapter 31

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 31: Shocking the Audience

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    She revealed a devilish grin.

    Bai Ling’s body quivered. She crossed her hands in front of her chest, feigned a delicate and charming look, and said sweetly, “Young Mistress Chu, I’ve accidentally spoken out of turn. I beg your forgiveness, for I’ve displayed much sincerity.” Then, she quickly diverted Chu Yue’s attention. “Look, Xiao Luo’s going to dance.”

    The diversion was a great success. Chu Yue triumphantly shifted her eyes to the dance floor, her delight evident to all.

    At that moment, Xiao Luo could hardly retain his composure. Recollecting some of Fang Shulan’s simple movements, he slowly began to sway and shuffle his body. But his stiff limbs made his movements all the more ridiculous. He looked like such a dork!

    “What dance is that? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

    “This is called cluttered dancing, which means screwing around.”

    “Ye-yeah, cluttered dancing it is, hahaha….”

    Everyone was laughing at Xiao Luo with malicious enjoyment.

    The grin on Fu Jiawei’s face was even more exaggerated. Contempt and disdain were flickering in his eyes. Sure enough, for him, such an uncool and unrefined person was unworthy of being called a friend!

    Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying looked at each other, grinning and squinting like an emoji face. In their eyes, Xiao Luo, who to them was nothing more than a yokel, was there to amuse them with his bumpkin ways. They were so mean.

    At this moment, Xiao Luo’s movements halted, and he transitioned into a robot dance. It was Michael Jackson’s signature move, the moonwalk. It seemed as if he was walking in space with his body freed from the clutches of earth’s gravity. His movements were like moving clouds and water, smooth and mind stirring!

    “Huh? What’s going on here?”

    Everyone’s mouth was agape. Xiao Luo, who was swaying around in his nonsensical dance moves, abruptly performed a turn-around right at the next moment with some impeccable footwork.

    The smile on Fu Jiawei’s, Fang Shulan’s, and Ye Yingying’s faces froze.

    From far away, Chu Yue and Bai Ling stood there wide-eyed. They couldn’t believe Xiao Luo would have something like that up at his sleeve.

    Xiao Luo became more and more comfortable in his movements, performing various unnameable one-handed flips and two-handed backflips. He didn’t look like a human moving his body, but a spirit who was possessed.

    “What the heck? Does he practice the Lightness Skill?”

    A guy who was preparing to feast on some desserts was shocked by Xiao Luo, who was randomly performing flips, body waves, and a series of movements that defy human anatomy. He wasn’t even aware he had dropped the cake in his hands! Whoa!

    Xiao Luo’s body flipped rapidly, performing a few jaw-dropping actions mid-air, as he went in the direction of the gourmet table.

    Just when everyone thought he was about to topple the table, Xiao Luo forcefully propelled his body, giving people the illusion that he had stopped in mid-air. Then, he tapped both his feet at the corner of the table, did a 360-degree backflip, and landed firmly on the ground.


    After letting out a long breath, Xiao Luo grabbed a glass of red wine from the gourmet table and guzzled it down with his head raised.

    The entire ballroom plunged into a deathly silence.

    They were gaping at Xiao Luo as they stood in place, motionless. In their minds, it was still the out-of-the-world robot dance Xiao Luo had performed earlier.

    “Clap… clap clap clap…”

    A guy slowly began applauding for Xiao Luo. That single clap struck a chord in everyone as thunderous applause and cheering sounded the very next moment. These guests used their actions to express their approval toward Xiao Luo’s dance moves.

    Fang Shulan, on the other hand, felt a tingling feeling in her heart. From a professional point of view, Xiao Luo’s dancing was impressive. Whether his moonwalk or his various body flips–his movements were on point and hugely satisfying to watch. His dancing wasn’t just a little bit better than hers.

    “Young Mistress Chu, your plan has failed miserably. Far from embarrassing himself, Xiao Luo earned everyone’s praise,” Bai Ling said gleefully.

    Chu Yue fluttered her apricot-shaped eyes as if she had just recovered from the shock. She said while unconsciously gritting her teeth, “This is an accident. This performance is purely an accident. How could someone like him know how to dance so well!”

    “I think you should forget about it. I already told you that guy’s your nemesis. You will never win against him,” exclaimed Bai Ling.

    “No. I must and I will take him down. Otherwise, he’ll think that I’m a pushover,” Chu Yue clenched her fist and said with utter determination.

    Bai Ling sighed, “Your plan has failed. What else do you plan to do?”

    “Well, I have more than one plan. I prepared three plans,” Chu Yue said proudly.

    “Three plans?”

    Bai Ling was startled. Subsequently, she shook her head and said helplessly, “Young Mistress Chu, just how much do you detest Xiao Luo! And why?”

    She felt terrible for Xiao Luo. Didn’t he just unintentionally talk back to the young mistress several times? Must she take things to the extreme?

    Xiao Luo glimpsed at Fang Shulan and said playfully, “Ms. Fang, my dance moves aren’t bad, right?”

    “Yeah, they’re great. Impressive, truth be told!”

    Fang Shulan told him this but was cursing him on the inside. That jerk is mocking at me, he thought to himself.

    Xiao Luo snorted faintly but didn’t speak again. He was beginning to feel that he had a target painted on his back. Why else would the sons and daughters of the wealthy come forward and offer him dance lessons? So that was it. He was on to them now.

    As he kept pondering his situation, he thought about Chu Yue.

    He turned to look at Chu Yue. He sighed in his heart, “That young mistress is hard to serve. Two million dollars ain’t easy money!”

    At this moment, Fu Jiawei approached him from behind and held his shoulders as if they were good brothers, “You’re a low-key person, my brother. You can dance so well, but you said you couldn’t, and I ended up calling Shulan over to teach you. From what I see, you should be the one teaching Shulan.”

    “Well, sometimes it’s better to be a low-key person,” Xiao Luo said with a smile.

    As this sentence had a deep meaning, Fu Jiawei went blank for a moment. His expression was becoming unnatural. Later, he once again put on a friendly smile, “Yes, of course, you’re right, my brother. By the way, do you play snooker perchance?”