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Chapter 37

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 37: Let Us Search Your Body

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The Ka-drrum of red and black balls being potted into holes was like a giant drum beating on everyone’s soul.

    As the referee, the Fu Family’s butler re-spotted the colored balls and said, “He has already potted ten balls in a row!”

    Moreover, aside from the ten-consecutive pottings, all the balls potted after every red ball were black. Xiao Luo’s score was a staggering 40 points.

    Ka-drrum. Ka-drrum.

    Xiao Luo focused his attention on delivering his strikes at lightning speed. He didn’t need to aim at all, yet he potted the balls nearly every single time. Extraordinary!

    Ye Yingying’s eyes were as wide as a copper bell: She could no longer maintain her composure.

    Fang Shulan and Fu Jiawei were equally dumbfounded. Who knew that Xiao Luo’s snooker skills were at this level? His movements were elegant. His shots were decisive. His sense of rhythm was impeccable. Was this even the same guy who slipped up at the beginning? No way.

    Looking on from afar, Chu Yue and Bai Ling didn’t expect Xiao Luo to be this good.

    20 consecutive strikes.

    30 consecutive strikes.

    The number of billiards on the table decreased rapidly. Xiao Luo thrust his cue forcefully on the last black ball.


    It fell into the hole, marking the completion of his 32nd strike.

    He put down his cue.

    The table was cleared!

    He won without breaking a sweat.

    Total silence. Everyone stood staring in wonder at the table with only a white ball left. Were their eyes deceiving them? Had they just witnessed an illusion?

    Rubbing his eyes Fu Jiawei, said to Fang Shulan, his voice shaking, “A… all the balls are potted?”

    Fang Shulan nodded like a robot with a stiff face. “Yes, all of them!”

    Having confirmed the fact, Fu Jiawei looked at Xiao Luo. Xiao Luo bested Fang Shulan in street dancing and crushed Ye Yingying in snooker. How could this guy, from an ordinary family of farmers, be this tough to deal with? So competent? His performance defied credulity.

    “This is impossible. How is this possible? This can’t be possible.”

    Ye Yingying’s face turned ghostly pale. Until this moment, she did accept that she’d lost the match.

    She had only acquired two points. And Xiao Luo? A whopping 141 points, ending the game by clearing the table. She was proud of how she played. Even when she went against masters, she had never lost so miserably. How could this little nobody triumph over her?

    Her mind went blank, as all thoughts slipped away.

    And the guy who threatened to cut off his manhood if Xiao Luo cleared the table was flattened in disgrace. His face was as red as a baboon’s butt, and he felt like burying his head in the nearest hole.

    Xiao Luo unceremoniously held the two bank cards in his hands and waved to Ye Yingying, “Thanks, Ms. Ye!”

    Upon finishing, he turned around and prepared to leave the villa.

    Fu Jiawei’s heart was bleeding, because one of those cards was his. Seeing that Xiao Luo was about to leave, he immediately asked, “Xiao Luo, my brother, where are you going? The party hasn’t ended yet!”

    “Gonna do some transfers at the nearby ATM. I only feel secure after the money enters my account,” Xiao Luo said.


    Fu Jiawei wanted to curse so badly after hearing him. Losing money felt f*cking awful. It felt even worse when the guy who won his money gave him an innocuous smile. His blood was boiling. But still, he kept his composure.

    Fang Shulan, however, wasn’t so nice. Unable to bear Xiao Luo’s cynicism, she sneered, “Are you afraid of us reneging and freezing our accounts? Relax, we don’t have to do that. I regard this as chump change to shun off some beggar!”

    She was so angry she lost her mind for a moment and shed all pretenses of cordiality.

    When the crowd heard that, everyone frowned. Fang Shulan was embarrassing them, the children of privilege. She not only lost the competition but with that remark, she lost her character, too. On the surface, it might have seemed as if she was humiliating him, but in fact, she was lowering her standards and splashing dirty water on herself.

    Xiao Luo smiled faintly, “Ms. Fang, you were born into a family of wealth and privilege. You’ve never had to want for anything since the day you were born. I bet that what you spent on your branded clothes and luxury accessories was enough to open a shop. How fortunate you are. You may enjoy your privileges and creature comforts to your heart’s content, but that doesn’t mean you’re superior enough to look down on people born into an ordinary family. Life has its ups and downs. I mean, maybe, just maybe, when we meet next time, perhaps you will be the one looking up at me.”

    As absurd as it might seem, Xiao Luo’s words penetrated deep into the hearts of the guests. Their expressions ran the gamut: Some were full of contempt as they regarded his words as a joke, while others knitted their eyebrows and fell into contemplation.

    “Me? Looking up at you?”

    Fang Shulan laughed and scoffed, “You? Really? Whether in terms of resources and connections, everyone here has it better than you. Do you think that I’ll fare worse than you after I graduate?”

    “You can’t be sure about that. It all depends on what we do, right?” Xiao Luo said humbly.

    Upon finishing, he ignored Fang Shulan and headed outside the villa.

    Fang Shulan gritted her teeth and stomped her feet in rage.

    “Excuse me, sir!”

    At this moment, several security guards approached him and blocked Xiao Luo’s way.

    Frowning, Xiao Luo asked lightly, “How can I help you?”

    “This is the thing. Just not long ago, the young master lost a few valuable items,” said a security guard.


    Xiao Luo looked at Fu Jiawei, “You lost some things, Jiawei?”

    “Yeah, they are quite valuable. I must say,” Fu Jiawei nodded.

    The security guard continued, “It may be difficult for the young master to say this so we will speak for him. Except for you, everyone here is from prestigious backgrounds. Hence, your suspicion is most significant. Of course, this might very well be a misunderstanding. Would you kindly stand still and allow us to search your person to prove your innocence? Would you consent to that my good fellow?

    The security guard’s disdainful eyes were starring vertically at Xiao Luo.

    Bai Ling gulped as she turned her head and asked, “Young mistress Chu, is this your third plan?”

    Chu Yue nodded, “Yeah!”

    “This is beyond the pale. Now, you’re not making Xiao Luo look ugly. You’re humiliating him in front of a massive crowd,” said Bai Ling.

    “Relax, I know when to stop. If he gets angry, I’ll ask him out alone at some point and make an apology.”

    Chu Yue curled her lips, thinking that maybe she had gone overboard. But at this stage, she couldn’t halt the plan. If her ruse were exposed, she would be the embarrassed one.

    “The damage is already done. What’s the point of apologizing?”

    Bai Ling glanced at her indignantly. “I’m done for. I accidentally boarded your pirate ship. Xiao Luo will treat me as a bad person who humiliated him.”

    “Hey, why do you care so much what he thinks of you?”

    Chu Yue rolled her eyes. Suddenly, a thought flashed through her mind. She took a deep breath, pointed at Bai Ling in terror, and said accusingly, “Bai Ling, don’t tell me! Have you fallen for that poser?”

    “What are you talking about? I’ve only known him for less than two days. How could that be possible.”

    “Not possible, you say? You’re blushing. You even picked on me just now, so you’re the one who likes him.”

    “When I say no, it means no. Forget it. I’m not going to talk to you.”

    Bai Ling turned around angrily.