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Chapter 41

The Genius System Without Equal
     Wrong target?!

    Xiao Luo halted his attack. His hand that was like an eagle’s talon abruptly stopped a few centimeters from the face of the guy who was talking. Phew! That was a close call.

    The two of them were males in their thirties. Both had a bowl cut and were brawny. Despite not being very tall, their rippled muscles were beautifully defined.

    Now the two of them were standing there in shock, staring in awe at the Xiao Luo’s fists. They felt that they had taken a trip to and from the gates of hell and were happy they identified themselves before things turned nasty–and they got hurt.

    Thinking about this, the two subconsciously quivered as they thought, where did our boss find such a beast?

    Yes, a beast!

    That was their impression of Xiao Luo, though his appearance was at odds with his strength. With his good looks and slim body, he looked like a bookworm or a nerd, certainly not a brutal, outrageously intense fighter.

    “Xiang Gaoyang? Xiang Gaojian?”

    Xiao Luo retracted his hand and studied the two guys standing in front of him.

    Before Xiao Luo came to Huaye, Chu Yunxiong showed him pictures of these two bodyguards to prevent any accidents from friendly fire, as almost just happened.

    The more wiry guy quickly saluted and said respectfully, “Yes, that’s us!

    The other person also held his fists together and bowed, “Mr. Xiao, thanks for your swift intervention. Were it not for you, the young mistress might have been…”

    “No need for courtesy. Like you, I’m here to protect Ms. Chu.”

    Xiao Luo wasn’t used to people older than himself bowing to him. “Since you’re here, I’ll turn Ms. Chu and her friend over to you.”

    “All right.”

    “Oh, one thing, though. Just say that you saved them. Don’t expose me,” Xiao Luo exhorted.

    “All right, Mr. Xiao. We know what to say,” Xiang Gaoyang nodded.

    “Thank you.”

    Xiao Luo turned around and left, thinking about the 150,000 on the three credit cards he still hadn’t transferred to his bank account.


    The next day… inside the headquarters of the Chongshan House.

    Dressed in casual attire and a golf cap, Chu Yunxiong was hitting the white ball in front of a big screen that displayed a simulated golf course. Every time he swung the club, he could see the trajectory of the white ball that flew out. It felt just like a real golf course as it was exceptionally realistic.

    Leng You was standing at the side respectfully in a black suit.

    He was giving his boss a report at the moment, “The one who assaulted the young mistress last night was Hua Nation’s well-known hunter: the Specter. His real name is unknown because he regularly establishes a new identity every so often. Until recently, he went by Ma Zhengfeng.”

    “Hiring such a person to deal with me. It looks like Old Demon Jiang is desperate.”

    Chu Yunxiong forcefully swung the club. The golf ball flew out at high speed, and after making a beautiful arc, it landed around three meters from the hole.

    Leng You nodded, “Fortunately, Xiao Luo was there this time, or the young mistress would’ve been…”

    He didn’t finish his sentence, but what he was implying was very clear.

    “That two million is well worth it, is it not!” Chu Yunxiong faintly smiled.

    Leng You felt a little awkward because he had previously doubted Xiao Luo’s ability and even said so in front of Chu Yunxiong. He thought that Xiao Luo was only slightly better in fighting than he was and would not necessarily have the ability to protect someone else.

    “Gaoyang and Gaojian miscalculated this time. The enemy’s little tricks easily lured them away from Chu Yue. Tell them I never want to see that again.” Chu Yunxiong’s weary eyes flashed a wave of chilly anger.

    Leng Zuo and Leng You quickly answered with a nod, “Yes, sir!”

    At that moment, the door was pushed open, and Chu Yue, dressed in a snow-white outfit, came dashing in.


    She threw herself into Chu Yunxiong’s arms. Only in her father’s embrace could her heart be calmed.

    “It’s all right. It’s all right. Everything’s over now!”

    Chu Yunxiong put down the club and gently patted Chu Yue’s back lovingly.

    After Chu Yue calmed down a bit, she let go of Chu Yunxiong and questioned him loudly with sobbing eyes, “You old fox, why must you provoke so many people? I have to live in fear every day as your daughter. Can’t you turn it down a notch for my sake?”

    Leng Zuo’s and Leng You’s faces stiffened. Old fox? They had never seen a daughter call her father an old fox in their lives.

    “The field of business is like a battlefield. It’s either they die, or we die. Chu Yue, you can’t possibly expect me to abandon the Chongshan House and sit at home doing nothing all day every day, right?” Chu Yunxiong sighed.

    “So be it, lest you can’t sleep at night worrying about it. Look at yourself. You have dark circle’s under your eyes now,” Chu Yue said with her tiny lips pouted.

    Chu Yunxiong couldn’t help laugh, “If I abandon the Chongshan House, what would I eat and wear?”

    “Well, I can provide for you!”

    Chu Yue pursed up her lips, roused up her cheeks, and said confidently, “I can earn 20 to 30 thousand a month just streaming myself playing video games. Excluding my expenses, I have more than enough to provide for you. Besides, an old geezer like you doesn’t have to spend a lot. Won’t it be great for you just to sit back and enjoy your old age? You can play chess with the other geezers when you’re free or hook up with some of those aunties dancing in the square. Mom’s been gone for many years now. Even if you bring home some aunties, I won’t say a word. If you happen to like one, you can just marry her. I will be as respectful to her as I am to you.”

    Hooking up with aunties?!

    Leng Zuo and Leng You were struck by lightning! The young mistress was so brazen! How could she say something like that? Was their boss just some ordinary person who played chess and hooked up with aunties? No. He was a tycoon who single-handedly built a business empire from the ground up. He was a force in the world!

    No matter how calm Chu Yunxiong was earlier, he spoke up at this moment, “Chu Yue. I’ve spoiled you rotten. You feel you can say whatever pops into your mind. Hooking up with aunties? With your father’s charm, the aunties will be the ones who will come to hook up with me.”

    “Go on, keep on bullshitti*ng.” Chu Yue pouted as she held her head high.

    “Okay, that’s enough. You’ve diverted my attention from something important. I heard that you bullied your classmate last night.” Chu Yunxiong coughed and tried to change the subject.

    “What bully? He’s the one who bullied me! He pointed his fingers at me in front of so many people and made me feel so embarrassed. You can’t imagine what a jerk he is.” Chu Yue became infuriated at the sound of Xiao Luo’s name.

    “I heard everything from Gaoyang and the rest. You’re the one at fault. Remember, those who humiliate others will be perpetually humiliated in return. Don’t ever do that again…”

    “Fine, fine. Why must you lecture me when I don’t come here back to visit that often? Speaking of which, I want to ask you a question. Didn’t you promise not to give me bodyguards? Why did you go back on your promise?”

    For once, Chu Yunxiong felt his daughter was unreasonable. He made a stern face and said, “I can agree to anything else, but not this. You’re my precious daughter. Your safety is more important than anything else.”

    “You’re not only an old fox, but you are also thick-skinned!” Chu Yue was exasperated.

    “So be it.”

    Chu Yunxiong gave her a deadpan expression, “Oh yeah. You should stop playing those video games so often. Although you can make some quick cash, it’s not a proper job. If you have time for games, you should come to the office and do some managerial accounting. When I get old, the Chongshan House will be yours, sooner or later.”

    “I don’t want it. Give the company to whoever you like.”

    Chu Yue turned around and said, “I’m leaving for school. I still have two periods in the afternoon.”

    She ran out before Chu Yunxiong could respond.

    She stopped at the door, turned around, and said teasingly to Chu Yunxiong, “Hey, you old fox!”

    Chu Yunxiong lifted his head, “What’s the matter?”

    “Take care of yourself. You should go for a jog every day and train your body. Don’t just stay in your room all day. I want you to be like a tortoise that lives for thousands of years.”

    Feeling his heart swell, Chu Yunxiong smiled ruefully and replied, “Aye, aye!”

    Later on, he thought, if I were to live thousands of years like a tortoise, wouldn’t I become a cuckold? How could that girl to him like that?