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Chapter 42

The Genius System Without Equal
     After transferring the money from Ye Yingying and the others’ cards into his account, Xiao Luo wondered what to do with the Omega watch. Although it retailed for around 50,000 dollars, luxury watches did not hold their value, and the Omega might not fetch a decent price if he tried to sell it. Nowadays, there were no pawnshops. If he couldn’t exchange it for money, what good was it?

    “Wow, an Omega watch. Its official price is tagged at 59,999. Brother Luo, where did you get it?”

    Zhu Xiaofei, who had a sharp eye for brands and quality, immediately recognized that the watch in Xiao Luo’s hand wasn’t some cheapo knockoff. It was a real Swiss Omega series watch. He rolled over like a meatball, almost knocking Xiao Luo to the ground, and gazed at the watch with glowing eyes.

    “Brother Luo must’ve bought it himself,” Ding Kai interrupted.

    Zhu Xiaofei instantly held Xiao Luo’s hand with an expression of adoration, “Sir, please be my sugar daddy!”

    Xiao Luo was quiet for a moment. “Don’t listen to Ding Kai’s bullsh*t. I won it in a bet yesterday. I didn’t buy it.”

    Won it in a bet?

    Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai looked at each other, shock registering on their faces.

    Xiao Luo told them about the previous night’s incident. But of course, he only mentioned the snooker match. He didn’t go into detail about all the other things that happened.

    “Holy cow. Brother Luo, you’re a living legend. Even at a dance party, you managed to win a 50,000 dollar watch. If you attend a bigger event, won’t you be winning yourself a pretty lady?” asked Zhu Xiaofei in surprise.

    Xiao Luo ignored him and turned to ask Ding Kai, “Kaizi, do you know where I can sell this watch?”

    “Well, it’s easy!”

    Ding Kai put down his book and sat on the bed, “Now, there are lots of second-hand trading platforms on the internet. You just have to register an account, make a post, and wait for the buyers to contact you.”

    Why, of course! Xiao Luo raised his brow, wondering why he didn’t think of that. Now that that internet was so developed, advertising online was, without a doubt, the most economical and efficient way to find a buyer. He immediately turned on his computer, selected a second-hand trading platform, and posted a description of the watch. He tagged it at 49,000 dollars.

    “English class starts in 15 minutes. Let’s get going, Brother Luo.” Ding Kai looked at the time and jumped off his bed.

    Xiao Luo wasn’t interested in attending class. “I’m not going today. Laozhu, please help me with the attendance.”

    When he was in university, he did this more often than not.

    When Zhu Xiaofei heard this, he gasped and held up three fingers.

    “Brother Luo, my good old Brother Luo. We’re the only guys in the class. How could I possibly help you with attendance? It’ll be so obvious if one of us isn’t there. The girls can skip, but as the only guys, we can’t.”

    Xiao Luo didn’t think of that. He chuckled and patted Zhu Xiaofei’s shoulders, “Don’t take it seriously. Why would I want to skip class?”

    He was, however, smiling bitterly on the inside. Of all the majors Chu Yue could have studied, she had to choose professional English, which had only three conspicuous dudes. Now he had to attend every single class.


    When they got to the classroom, the class monitor, Huang Ruoran, was already there. She glanced at the three of them and continued wiping down the podium and then the chalkboard. Although college lecturers mostly used multimedia for their lessons, they would sometimes use old-fashioned chalk to write and draw on the board at the side to convey their message better.

    As soon as Xiao Luo sat down, An Huanhuan, who arrived next, shamelessly ran over and sat down next to him.

    “Hero Luo, can I sit here?”

    After puckering her lips, An Huanhuan broke into a gleaming selfie smile, giving off a lovely and adorable aura.

    “I’d rather you sat slightly farther away, so we’ll each have more space,” Xiao Luo said with a smile.

    “Don’t be like that, Hero Luo. You’re my type of guy. I’m not messing with you.”

    An Huanhuan got closer and boldly gave Xiao Luo a sexy wink. Who could resist her velvety eyes and smoldering sultriness?

    Although he had dated Zhao Mengqi for four years, Xiao Luo kept his promise not to have relations with her since they weren’t married. Hence, his body was still unsocialized, meaning he was a virgin. But one whiff of An Huanhuan’s light fragrance was all it took to get the juices flowing. Xiao Luo gulped as he felt his pants getting tighter. He had to adjust how he was sitting and was afraid the others would notice his arousal. Her power to elicit a response from him was irritating in the extreme.

    What was An Huanhuan thinking?

    Xiao Luo quickly diverted his attention. It was said that even heroes had a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman. He didn’t believe it before, but now he couldn’t agree more. When an alluring temptress with enchanting charms gets close to you, what guy wouldn’t have a physiological reaction?

    “Hero Luo, are you all right? Why are you flushed? Are you ill?” asked An Huanhuan.

    A sly smile crossed her face as she reached out to touch his forehead with the back of her hand to see if he had a fever.

    Xiao Luo stood up and waved his hands, “Don’t touch me, An Huanhuan. I’m not boyfriend material for you.”

    He was unsure of what to do. All he knew is, he desperately needed to move to a different seat.

    Why desperately?

    Because he was embarrassed by his excitement, which wasn’t going away. He didn’t want to be walking around and have the girls in the class see his bulge.

    When Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai saw Xiao Luo switch seats in desperation, they broke into fits of laughter.

    “Brother Luo, nobody asked you to be so handsome. See? You can never get rid of your love luck,” gloated Zhu Xiaofei.

    “What’s wrong with being handsome? Laozhu, I think you’re jealous. Your heart is unbalanced because you’re ugly and nobody likes you,” Ding Kai said sarcastically.

    Zhu Xiaofei shot back instantly, “Excuse me? Why are you talking like you’re handsome and girls like you? We two are birds of a feather. Let’s not mock each other, okay?”

    “I will never be like you, no matter what. You’re fat as a pig.”

    “You’re a son of a whore! You wanna wrestle with me? Have I ever told you you’re as scrawny as a monkey?”

    “Monkeys are intelligent animals. I’m proud to be one!”

    “And so what if I’m a pig? A pig’s body is full of treasures. Its waist, ears, tail. Which one of them isn’t delicious.”


    Xiao Luo was watching them squabble. Aargh! Have they nothing better to do? How can people fight over something as stupid as this?

    At that moment, An Huanhuan approached him again. She sat down and gasped bewitchingly with a coquettish glance, “Hero Luo, I’m sitting in front of you. Any objections?”

    Xiao Luo was oblivious to what was going on in An Huanhuan’s head. Of all people, why did she have to fall for him?

    A few minutes later, in walked Chu Yue and Bai Ling.

    Although they were told that Xiang Gaoyang was the one who had rescued them from the kidnapper, they weren’t buying the story. Something didn’t feel right. The figure they saw before they passed out resembled Xiao Luo too much.

    “Bai Ling, tell me, is it the poser we saw last night?” Chu Yue kept staring at Xiao Luo with her beautiful face sheathed in doubt.

    Bai Ling shook her head, “I don’t know. Maybe we were mistaken. The lightning wasn’t that great, plus we were drugged at the time. We very likely mistook your bodyguard for Xiao Luo.”

    “That’s what I think. That poser was so angry at me he probably would have been happy if I’d been kidnapped. I can’t imagine him going out of his way to help or save me,” Chu Yue said confidently.