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Chapter 45

The Genius System Without Equal
     Seeing An Huanhuan looking at another guy longingly, Song Jianan couldn’t help but widened his eyes and asked, “Huanhuan, what is your relationship with this guy?”

    “He’s my future boyfriend!” An Huanhuan answered.

    Since Xiao Luo wasn’t afraid of Song Jianan, she naturally had nothing to worry about. Moreover, she was actually telling the truth. If one were to say that she was fooling around when he asked Xiao Luo to be her boyfriend earlier on, now, she was dead serious, not because of other reasons, but because Xiao Luo dared to provoke Song Jianan for her sake.

    Xiao Luo clouded up, knowing that he had gotten into big trouble after An Huanhuan said that.

    As he expected, blood veins disseminated across Song Jianan’s eyeballs. He was just like a raging bull, clenching his first and death staring at Xiao Luo.

    At this moment, the air seemingly froze!

    Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai at the side gasped in chills. In their minds, they have already imagined the bloody picture of themselves being smashed into mincemeat by Song Jianan.

    “A-hem a-hem… please behave yourselves in class. Don’t chatter among yourselves. Although you are already an adult, you are still a student in essence. Focus on learning and discipline yourselves in class, or else, leave the classroom. What I detest the most is students disturbing my class!” the English lecturer abruptly dry coughed a few times and said sternly facing Song Jianan’s direction.

    This remark was obviously directed at Song Jianan and his gang!

    Song Jianan who was about go ham on Xiao Luo gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and held back his impulse. No matter how arrogant he was, he was still scrupulous towards the lecturers at school. The school’s disciplinary actions would be written directly into his file which couldn’t be erased even with an entire lifetime. These were all vital for his future development.

    With a gloomy face, he gave Xiao Luo a big thumbs up, “You even have the guts to snatch my girl. Kudos to you!”

    “I need to mention just one thing. I have snatched no one’s girlfriend. Besides, I hate people who snatch other people’s girlfriends the most!”

    Xiao Luo said chilling, “I have to tell you another fact. I have both the nuts and the guts because I’m a man. Those with no guts are eunuchs.”

    “Hu-huh… nobody has ever talked to me like that in Huaye. Just wait for it. The time where you go boo-hoo will definitely come,” Song Jianan was simmering with rage at the moment.

    “You dogshit, just wait until Boss wrecks you!” Tang Yuze turned his head around and said smugly.

    Even a saint can get mad, not to mention Xiao Luo who was made of blood and flesh.

    Being called dogshit by this guy with a mouth full of shit really got him triggered this time.

    His pupils contracted as he stared at Tang Yuze, “I dare you to call me dogshit again.”

    Facing Xiao Luo’s gaze, Tang Yuze abruptly recalled the terror this guy gave him a few days ago at the dorm’s rooftop and subconsciously shivered. But as he thought of it again, his boss was just beside him, why should he be afraid?

    He looked at Xiao Luo viciously, “You dogshit. And? What can you do? Beat me up if you dare! Whack me in front of your teacher! Do you fucking dare to do so?”

    Xiao Luo smiled harmlessly. On the next second, his expression changed drastically as he stood up like a ferocious beast.


    The table in front of him was broken by the force of him standing up.

    Before Tang Yuze even had the time to react, the collar of his T-shirt was caught by Xiao Luo’s enormous hand. Subsequently, a barbaric force came propagating through Xiao Luo’s hand, making it difficult for him to resist. Firstly, his entire body was lifted, and then, he flew uncontrollably towards the aisle in the middle of the classroom.

    Hearing only a bang, he fell to the ground with four of his limbs facing the sky with his back coincidently landing on the 90-degree angle of the stone staircase. Tang Yuze screeched in pain like that of a pig being slaughtered.

    Like a feral tiger, Xiao Luo left his seat and leaped towards him. He bent over and used one hand to drag Tang Yuze on the ground out of the class with a force that he couldn’t resist like he was lugging a dead dog.

    Everything happened too suddenly. Not to mention that all the girls in the Professional English class were shocked, even Song Jianan himself was startled. Who would have expected Xiao Luo who was still smiling with a harmless face at the moment before to turn hostile immediately at the very next second and rough-up directly in the classroom?

    “Xiao Luo, what are you doing?”

    Wang Ruoran was the earliest to react as she stood up and asked loudly.

    The English lecturer also recovered from surprise after blinking his eyes a few times, “Xiao Luo, you… you…”

    He was utterly taken aback. He had been teaching for more than a decade and had never encountered such a bold student who actually dared to hit someone else before him. An absolute disregard of discipline and absurdly outrageous behavior.

    “Sir, this has nothing to do with me. He was the one that requested me to beat him. Such a request may seem absurd and wacky, but he really did come out with such a request. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai,” Xiao Luo said seriously.

    Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were completely stupefied. Their brains were entirely blank.

    Nevertheless, when Xiao Luo asked them to testify, they quickly stood up and said with a nod, “Sir, Brother Luo… Uhm, no, uhm, what Xiao Luo said is the truth.” He pointed at Tang Yuze, “He kept on calling Xiao Luo a dogshit just now and even threatened Xiao Luo to hit him if he has the guts. I heard him loud and clear.”

    “Me too. I heard him said that as well. He really did make such a request,” Ding Kai was quivering as he echoed.

    Tang Yuze was crying but with no tears as he quickly defended, “I didn’t! They are lying!”

    “You never made such a request?”

    Xiao Luo grabbed him, lifted him up, gave him a slap, and stared at him indifferently, “I will give you another chance. Have you asked me to hit you just now?”

    Tang Yuze was terrified as his face was all hot and in pain. He glanced at Song Jianan to calm himself down, converted all the humiliation into rage, and replied resolutely, “No!”

    “Really?” Xiao Luo sneered.


    With a swing at one foot, Tang Yuze who was defenseless slumped on the ground on his knees. The pain caused him to shriek in agony once again.

    “Speak. Have you asked me to hit you?” Xiao Luo questioned again with a stern face.


    Had a smile on his face, but merciless in conduct!

    Tang Yuze was horrified. His face was simply terrorizing, just like when a sheep sees a wolf. He turned his eyes to Song Jianan in seek of help as he replied sobbingly, “Yes…”

    Xiao Luo lifted his head in satisfaction. He looked at the lecturer and said with a smile, “Sir, you heard him. I already told you that he asked me to hit him.”

    The English lecturer was stunned.

    The girls in the Professional English class were stupefied as they gazed at Xiao Luo like he was an alien. Why does it look like someone confessing to false charges under torture? Besides, even if Tang Yuze requested for it, does that allow Xiao Luo to whack him like he was entitled to do so?

    “Xiao Luo, stop fooling around!”

    Huang Ruoran yelled at him, “Hurry up and let him go! Don’t let things go out of hand.”

    At this moment, Chu Yue stood up like she was a messenger of god and advised, “Hey poser, can you tune down yourself a little? Our class has never been quiet after you came.”

    “Yeah, Xiao Luo. Fighting in school is a serious violation of disciplinary acts. You will get informed and lectured if it isn’t serious, and if it is, you will get warned and punished. If it goes further beyond that, you may be forced to drop out of school. Please don’t do foolish things, Xiao Luo,” Bai Ling said with her black eyebrows knitted.