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Chapter 47

The Genius System Without Equal
     As one hunter that posed a threat to Chu Yue had already made the scene, Xiao Luo was in a state of high tension these days. Whether in class or choir practice, he was exceptionally sensitive to every stranger who had shown up.

    With far-reaching influence and resources, Chu Yunxiong had got his hands on the hunter’s information.

    Hence, not only that Xiao Luo knew the hunter’s name and nickname, he even had his appearance etched in his mind.

    With his eyebrows knitted, he looked at the nearby forest and drifted off in contemplation: If I were him, when and where would I decide to act?

    When he was spacing out, an oval face appeared before him. A pair of glazed eyes were staring at him angrily. It was the class monitor, Huang Ruoran.

    “Anything?” Xiao Luo asked faintly.

    Huang Ruoran rebuked, “Everyone else is focusing on choir practice except you. You are always standing here absentminded. What in the world are you thinking?”

    “Everyone’s spare time is precious. Besides, we’ve already practiced for two hours today. My throat is going to burst after all the singing. This should be enough isn’t it?” Xiao Luo said firmly.

    When he was in university, he was equally not keen on his school conducting choir competitions. It had no significance whatsoever. It would be better if students could use the time for choir practice to do what they like to do.

    These remarks resonated with the girls in the Professional English major as they spoke out in succession.

    “Yeah Ruoran, let’s call it for today. Not to mention that my throat has become sore, even my legs have become wobbly after all the standing. I can’t even feel them.”

    “Two hours is long enough. We have another two weeks’ time anyway. Let’s continue practicing tomorrow!”

    “I want to rest so badly. If we continue practicing, our vocal cords will all be crippled.”

    Standing while practicing choir was indeed very exhausting. Everyone in the Professional English class felt like they were about to kick the bucket.

    “No, our placement in the choir competition will directly affect our course’s collective reputation. We can’t even sing ‘Yellow River’ properly now, how can we possibly go for the competition? We will definitely make ourselves look ugly on stage. Two weeks may seem long, but there’s not much time left for us to practice. We only have 28 hours at the very most. We must have a sense of crisis,” Huang Ruoran said sternly.

    “But even with all the ‘sense of crisis’, we still have to eat, right? It’s already 11:55. In five minutes, it will be the peak time for lunch. It will be a long queue for everything,” Xiao Luo said with a chuckle.

    All this poser would ever know is to eat!

    Chu Yue muttered in her heart. But she did feel that her stomach was a little empty.

    Huang Ruoran took out her phone, looked at the time, then loudly said, “Five more times and we call it a day!”

    What? Five more times?

    Oh lord, please help us!

    When the girls who were already tired and numb at their legs heard her, they immediately mourned in sorrow.

    Xiao Luo didn’t give a damn at all. He didn’t come to Huaye to get restricted, let alone participate in this damned choir. He was just a bodyguard in disguise, and it wasn’t necessary for him to be so competent in being a student.

    “Well, my apologies. You may proceed with the practice. I’m hungry, gonna go grab some food!” Xiao Luo dropped a word and left.

    “Brother Luo, wait for us!”

    Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai quickly tagged along. They had enough of the girl’s oppression. They felt that now was the time for the boys to mount a comeback, bulking up some manliness and become the masters.

    An Huanhuan pouted her lips as she muttered to herself, “Hero Luo is really going against Ruoran!”

    The three departed, blatantly challenging Huang Ruoran’s authority as the class monitor. Huang Ruoran ran after them and stretched her arms to block their path. With her teeth clenched and eyes that were about to spurt fire, like a raging leopardess, she said word by word, “I said, we will dismiss after another five times. Do you three hear me?”

    “Ruoran, we’re really hungry. See, even my chest is touching my back,” Zhu Xiaofei said while patting his chest.

    What he said was ineluctably hilarious. Affiliating his round physique with the phrase ‘chest touching his back’, he was really lying through his teeth.

    Ding Kai echoed, “I’m famished. Ruoran, please be merciful and let us go for lunch. If I faint due to low blood sugar, you will have to take full responsibility. When I go to the hospital, the registration fee, consultation fee, medical expense, nutrition expense… you need to reimburse me everything!”

    “Shut up!”

    Huang Ruoran was exasperated. With her fist clenched, he glared at Xiao Luo ragefully and commanded, “Get back, you may go anywhere you want after we finish the last five practices.”

    “We’ve been practicing for two hours. Even a two-period class should’ve ended by now.”

    Xiao Luo continued, “This isn’t how we should practice choir. When everyone doesn’t wish to continue practicing, not to mention five times, even fifty or a hundred times will yield no effect. You are only wasting time.”

    “Don’t make excuses for your laziness!” Huang Ruoran said indifferently.

    Xiao Luo shook his head, “I wasn’t finding an excuse. You are the class monitor. You gathered everyone during our free time to practice choir, and nobody said a thing. We put aside what we were doing and hurried to this pavilion to practice singing. You on the other hand, should you consider for all of us as well?

    He paused for a while and continued, “Now, we have been practicing for two hours non-stop. The fact that we are always standing aside, the singing is already a pain by itself. Since we can’t even sing ‘Yellow River’ properly even after practicing for so long, you should stop and think about whether this training method is wrong instead if insisting everyone to sing for another five times.”

    Although Xiao Luo was once again on the opposite side of Huang Ruoran, the girls in the Professional English major supported Xiao Luo’s statement. Even the girls who have always sided Huang Ruoran felt that Xiao Luo was being very logical this time. After all, it had almost been five days since they began training. Since they were still unable to sing ‘Yellow River’ properly, something must be wrong with the training method.

    “After so many days the poser came here, I think he’s right this time,” Chu Yue said while pouting

    Bai Ling nodded as she felt the same. Then, she shook her head again as she felt that everything that Xiao Luo said previously was also very reasonable.

    Huang Ruoran felt that she had managed the class well in an orderly manner. But after Xiao Luo came, everything changed. Her authority as the class monitor was under an unprecedented attack. Gritting her teeth, she asked Xiao Luo, “Xiao Luo, why are you always against me?”

    “You are thinking too much. I’m not against anyone. Believe it or not, I’ve forgone everything in the past, otherwise, I wouldn’t have hurried to this place at first time after receiving your message. But you may ask yourselves, is our practice time a little too long? Even if this choir competition is really that important, we should still take a break when we should. Am I right?” Xiao Luo said calmly.

    He had long forgone the unpleasant events during the last oral class. He wouldn’t hold a grudge with a girl for so long. This time, he went against Huang Ruoran only because he felt that she was being very unreasonable.