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Chapter 51

The Genius System Without Equal
     The sky was a clear blue unmarred by clouds; the mountains in the distance were an umber black and a warm, gentle breeze was in the air….

    “This is so comfortable, I’ve only just realized that the scenery of the hills behind our school is so amazing.”

    Chu Yue and Bai Ling felt extremely contented as they strolled on the hills that were like a golf course behind Huaye. The view was vast and the grass was green; in the middle was a lake surrounded by a dense grove of trees. When viewed from a distance, the surface of the lake was flat and smooth like a mirror; it was utterly spotless. Such a beautiful and picturesque scene greatly delighted them.

    “Yeah, this is so pretty and the air is fresh.”

    Bai Ling took a deep breath and looked around. She suddenly fixed her sight on a particular spot and exclaimed loudly, “Eh, Xiao Luo!”

    “Where is he?”

    Chu Yue beautiful face turned pale and she immediately looked in the direction Bai Ling was staring at. She did see a guy, but he was not Xiao Luo. She suddenly glared at Bai Yan and heaved with rage, “Damn you, Bai Ling, are you asking for a beating?”

    “You’re the one who’s being too nervous, you had it coming, hehe….”

    Bai Ling giggled with a gloating expression. She stared at fullness of Chu Yue’s chest before suddenly reaching out and grabbing a handful, then she immediately jumped away with a happy laugh.

    “Bai Ling you better watch out, how dare you make fun of me, stop running!”

    Chu Yue’s face turned red all of a sudden, and she chased Bai Ling through the vast back hills as they started to frolic. Soon, they ran into the woods. Fortunately, there were few people here, otherwise who knew how many boys would have become hypnotized by the scene of these two beautiful ladies frolicking about.

    “Ahem …”

    Just when the two women were chasing and play smacking each other as they amused themselves, a man holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand suddenly jumped out of the dense woods.

    He wore a blue hat and a casual sports suit. Although he was dressed in very youthful manner, he appeared to be very old. He had three distinct wrinkles on his forehead and his facial features were not particularly regular. The distance between his eyes was a little wider than that of the average person.

    “You are?” Chu Yue asked.

    The man’s expression was a little flustered, “My name is Ma Zhengfeng and I’m…. here to court you.”

    His eyes took in his surroundings uneasily, he had been lurking for three whole days, it was only now that this most oppotune moment had presented itself. Chu Yue’s two bodyguards who were always sticking to her were standing at the narrow entrance of the hills, which was quite a distance away from here. He was confident that he could capture Chu Yue before the bodyguards reacted. The only thing that worried him was the guy with terrifying skills from that night.

    Chu Yue looked Ma Zhengfeng up and down as she sized him up, then she said straightforwardly, “Sorry, you are not my type. You should court somebody else.”

    As the publicly selected campus beauty based on Huaye’s forum, she had so many sutors that if all of them were to form a line, it would extend from the main entrance of Huaye to its back door. No matter who was courting her, she would immediately refuse them. It was not that there weren’t any handsome and outstanding boys, but it was because she felt that being in a relationship while she was a university student was simply a waste of time and emotions. There wouldn’t be a happy ending.

    Bai Ling chucked rom the sidelines, “Yeah, Young Mistress Chu will not date while she’s in university, besides, it’s not trendy to give roses now, this is so old-fashioned.”

    “Heh heh heh…. Is that so? Then I’ll give you something else.”

    Ma Zhengfeng was about to make his move and knock the two girls out with a drug again, but a chilling cry rang out through the woods.

    “Ma Zhengfeng, you owe me money, it’s time to pay me back!”

    A silhouette dropped down from the murky tree tops like he had been waiting and gathering his energy for this moment. He put on a burst of speed and rushed towards Ma Zhengfeng. Xiao Luo’s left foot slammed onto the ground and using it as a pivot, he spun his body; using the support of the terrifying force of his onward rush, his right leg swept out, making a loud bang.

    “Bam ~”

    Ma Zhengfeng was caught off guard by the furious strike of Xiao Luo’s right leg, it struck him forcefully in his lower abdomen. The huge impact force made his body tremble violently and his face turned pale. His saliva, which was mixed with blood, sprayed out towards the sky. His tall body immediately flew backwards.

    “Xiao Luo!?”

    Bai Ling’s eyes were opened wide and she regarded Xiao Luo and his sudden appearance with incredulity.

    Chu Yue shivered, “Pretentious d*ck, how are you here? Are… are you really stalking me?”

    “Nobody’s stalking you, I’m here to collect my debt.”

    Xiao Luo turned his head back and said angrily. Then he immediately rushed towards Ma Zhengfeng, his hands turned into claws, the whistling of a strong wind brought with it layers of chill.

    Ma Zhengfeng was overwhlemed with shock and horror. He could not afford to think about anything else at this moment. Escape was of utmost importance. He twisted around and fled into the dense forest, making an all-out effort to run away. Xiao Luo followed closely behind, and his speed became increasingly faster with each step.

    “Miss, what happened?”

    Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian heard signs of activity and rushed over as quickly as possible.

    “Guys, quickly go and catch that pretentious d*ck. He has been stalking me. I suspect that he wants to hurt me.”

    Chu Yue could not help getting even more nervous. The unease that she felt these past few days, coupled with meeting Xiao Luo right at this moment, she was sure that Xiao Luo was stalking her.

    “Pretentious d*ck?”

    Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian looked at each other in dismay, they had no idea who Chu Yue was referring to.

    “It’s Xiao Luo from our class, the guy who just went chasing someone in the woods,” Chu Yue pointed at the forest in the distance.

    Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian had a sudden realization. There was no way they could lie that Xiao Luo intended to hurt Miss, but since Xiao Luo had made a move, it must mean that the “evil” Ma Zhengfeng had appeared again.

    “Protect Miss, I’ll go take a look in the woods!” Xiang Gaoyang made a decision instantly and yelled at Gaojian.

    Then he turned and ran into the woods.

    In the woods…..

    Ma Zhengfeng exerted his footwork to the extreme, he used both hands and feet as much as he could, twisting his body like he was doing a crazy dance. His speed was so rapid that he was like a ghost. However, no matter how he scuttled about in the dense forest, Xiao Luo never stopped nearing him from behind.


    Xiao Luo’s body sprung up abruptly and he pounced like a falcon hunting its prey. His feet were sharp as drill bits as he approached and he aimed straight at Ma Zhengfeng’s back.

    The roaring wind behind him made Ma Zhengfeng’s expression change drastically, his feet twisted wildly, and he spun his body hard. However, Xiao Luo was too fast and fierce. Although he tried his best to avoid it, Xiao Luo’s toes still fell on his shoulders.


    Along with the crisp sound of several breaking bones, Ma Zhengfeng’s body that was running forward suddenly went out of control. His body was nearly spinning in a circle as he was blasted out, he hit the ground more than ten times like a ball before his figure slowly stopped moving.

    “Ah ~”

    A loud scream came from beside Ma Zhengfeng. A petite and lovely girl was holding a paintbrush in her hand. She stood in front of an easel and was looking at the blood drenched Ma Zhengfeng with terror.

    Ma Zhengfeng sprang up with a malevolent expression, he held the girl’s throat and controlled her while he screamed at Xiao Luo, “Don’t come over, otherwise I’ll kill her!”

    The girl was totally stunned, she had not yet reacted to what had happened in a split second. She was just painting here; just what had happened? Who was this guy with blood on his face? Why was there such a person in school?

    She looked forward and stared, her body trembled violently, “Hero…. Hero Luo…..?”

    She saw Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo also saw her clearly at this moment, he frowned immediately as he felt a headache coming on. It was because this girl was not anybody else, it was An Huanhuan.

    His surprise did not affect his movements and his footsteps never stopped. The sharp claws whizzed as it slashed through the air.

    “Sorry, threats are unacceptable.”


    Ma Zhengfeng, who had been pressured to the point of anxiety, bellowed with a deep voice. He grabbed An Huanhuan’s arm and shoved her at Xiao Luo.